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Sea Level - Full Concert - 02/11/77 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

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Sea Level - Full Concert Recorded Live: 2/11/1977 - Capitol Theatre (Passaic, NJ) More Sea Level at Music Vault: http://www.musicvault.com Subscribe to Music Vault: http://goo.gl/DUzpUF Setlist: 0:00:00 - Tidal Wave 0:06:25 - Rain In Spain 0:13:28 - Shake A Leg 0:18:04 - Hideaway 0:21:43 - Scarborough Fair 0:27:34 - Hot 'Lanta 0:34:58 - Lawman 0:39:10 - Grand Larceny 0:45:19 - Tuning 0:47:01 - Country Fool 0:50:45 - Statesboro Blues (incomplete) 0:54:31 - Encore Break 0:56:04 - I'm Ready Personnel: Chuck Leavell: keyboards, lead vocals Jimmy Nalls: guitars, vocals Lamar Williams: bass, vocals Jai Johanny Johanson: drums, percussion Summary: This is good quality and a very rare video of the original quartet. Its also surprisingly in color, making it one of the earliest (if not the earliest) Passaic concerts shot in color.
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Text Comments (108)
theeasybeats (11 days ago)
Sounds a lot like Focus, some of the stuff anyway
Patricia MR (15 days ago)
Kenneth Johnson (20 days ago)
We were a bar with 304 people maximum capacity. It's sad that we got response that our customers would have rather seen a local bank that did more covers with a fee originals than see Sea Level. I had seen "The Original Alman Brother's Band" the spring of 1971 at " Jubilee" with Kung Floyd and the 10 Pen's"as their front bank at Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC; a free 3 day non stop of band's like J. Giles, Mountain, Spirit and others as it's been said, " If you remember the '70's, you weren't there." I remember" Sea Level." and 79% of the '70's and the night we booked them in 78/79 and had they played like this....we would have had to place "our usuals in a waiting line. Long story make short.....sometimes, drugs, alcohol, beautiful women and "ego" mixed with true Fame can destroy that one thing that our "Higher Power" GAVE" us freely along with "self will". Finising, "We climb to the top,, screw it up. Repeat and reapply and rise and back to the top until that day when no matter what we do; We've lost the last who had heart, the Connection with the one in control, the Key to the Highway and our circle of friends that made our music so mighty. BACK to the music....Sea Level missed all the above that cold night in February, '78 and Jubilee in Chapel Hill, NC the Spring of '71 serves to remind me.....Watch Out for the Pits in my path. I think it is the right time to get back on the stage and reclaim my crown and set the cheering one's back up and sing, sing, sing...no longer tied to the whipping post. 😉
Phatback Beat (26 days ago)
Nall’s is very underrated !
Johnny Soul (1 month ago)
Great band! First Rate tasteful musicianship with lots of soul. Butch trucks during this era also had a great Fusion band! I caught them several times down in Jacksonville, Circa mid-to-late 70s. They were called Trucks. It consisted of Jimmy Graves on guitar,Ron Chiabarrassi on keys, Buzzy Meekins on bass, and Jimmy Charles and Butch Trucks on drums and percussion. They were first-rate! I even sat in with them one time on guitar, or at least everyone but Butch.
Matthew L. Lewis (1 month ago)
CHUCK LEAVELL: Vocals, Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Keyboards JIMMY NALL: Vocals, Lead & Slide Guitar LAMAR WILLIAMS: Backing Vocals & Bass Guitar JAIMOE: Drums Introduction by BILL GRAHAM
BobHunter1977 (1 month ago)
Damn, this is one talented band! I have never seen Jaimoe playing on his own, always as a dual drummer with Butch Trucks. Man he is fantastic! He totally holds it down AND drives the band. I remember that Jaimoe was the first guy Duane connected with when putting together the Allman Brothers Band. And then Berry on bass. The three of them jammed together and toyed with the idea of forming a power trio. Can you imagine how fucking awesome THAT would have been? Too bad there isn't any tape of those sessions! Chuck Leavell is just an incredible musician. I saw him and Lamar on the ABB first tour with them ( I never saw the Brothers with Duane and Berry, sad to say ) and they were great. Wish I had seen Sea Level!
makokan nakokam (1 month ago)
not to be confused with Sea Train...JJ Johnson on drums..didnt he end up in the allman bros?
Eric Dent (2 months ago)
Park rangers
Allen Jones (4 months ago)
We play as well as recordings, put some dollars in the hat!
Peak Bagger (8 months ago)
Phish and Sea Level definitely share similarities
Blues-Rock Vault (8 months ago)
Can't say enough good things about this group. All top-shelf musicians. Rip Lamar Williams and Jimmy Nalls.
HerdingDogRescuer (9 months ago)
A half cup of Steely Dan. A quarter cup of the Allman Brothers. A pinch of the Dead. Funk to taste. Nice recipe.
Ed Brown (9 months ago)
Very tight musicians. Their keyboard heavy sound reminds me a lot of Steely Dan and the great players that Becker and Fagin always brought with them in concert.
Steve Mills (9 months ago)
This is a fantastic concert - thanks for uploading it!!!! Does anyone know if a CD of this performance is available? The sound quality is excellent!!
Patricia MR (19 days ago)
Download this concert from YouTube in mp3 format, very easy 👍
Steve Mills (9 months ago)
Just asking once more; does anyone know if a CD of this performance is available?
Ed White (9 months ago)
Lamar Williams was a tremendous and mostly overlooked talent....RIP
Ron T (10 months ago)
In the late '70's we had entire blocks of students that would stop by my house because I was an audiophile and listen to their records at UC Santa Cruz. These guys were so ahead of their time, the first instance of jazz fusion combined with that southern Allman Bros. influence. Right after Sea Level, Jeff Lorber Fusion sprang on the scene. Everyone who heard these guys just loved them. This band was built around Chuck Leavell and the dude had chops like no other. Just what a great era of good music! No wonder the Rolling Stones picked him up.
Anthony V. (1 year ago)
Where's jaimo-the drummer?
Daniel Isenstein (1 year ago)
thanks for the share....never got to see them but love their LPs
Rob Jeffrey (1 year ago)
The only time I saw them they opened for The Outlaws @ The Leroy Theater in Pawtucket, RI. They were Amazing! I then bought several of their albums! Love the sound that is SEALEVEL!
Karl MacRae (1 year ago)
Saw them in London with Dickie Betts probably around '79 or so. Thank you so much for posting. For those of us who witnessed this greatness it's nice to have a record of it to look back on.
Mike W (1 year ago)
Saw them on this tour with the Outlaws in Boston. It was weird going from Jazz/Fusion to Southern Rock but it was a great night of music.
g mat (1 year ago)
Rest In Peace, Jimmy Nalls.
Marcelo B (1 year ago)
Great show from one of the most underrated Fusion bands!
brikkes (1 year ago)
I think I saw them in Terre Haute with the Outlaws... but it's been 40 yrs? .... Holy cow..
Wax Will (1 year ago)
Wow- Jaimoe is awesome in this band ! He's great with the AB, just mostly in the pocket with them though.
Liz R (1 year ago)
Whaooa, so easy to slip back into my 70's consciousness . . . love it. Mahavishnu Orchestra, Mclaughlin and his crew - what a way to grow some pretty awesome musician kids.
john316fun (1 year ago)
I saw these guys in either '78 or '79 at Wake Forest University, where I was a student. I remember Joey English was drumming for them at that time. They were fantastic, and surely outplayed the crap out of the band they opened for, Nantucket, a Carolina act that had a radio hit "Heartbreaker." The talent level difference between Sea Level and them was so obvious. Chuck Leavell and the boys were so good.
Brian C. (1 year ago)
RIP to the great Jimmy Nalls
Joe Sokohl (1 year ago)
RIP, Jimmy. :(
steve pope (1 year ago)
I saw this lineup a few months earlier than this at William and Mary college opening for Starship. They blew them off the stage, Starship was almost comical after hearing Sea Level.
2003Cpayne (1 year ago)
Sea Level are underrated! Great band!
Fred Clark (1 year ago)
Incredible band. Great to see them again!
Ford Brackin (1 year ago)
Massively underrated group! The best of the best. I regret that I never got to see them live.
FFOA NEWS NETWORK (1 year ago)
Saw them at the Warehouse in New Orleans in 1976.
J Dubbiyou (1 year ago)
Love it! Youtube rocks. Wore their first album out back when. Thx for posting!
Brad Thomson (2 years ago)
I was all set to see this band at the el Mocombo in Toronto, but they did not make it across the boarder into Canada and the show was cancelled at the last minute. Great to see this now!!
Brillantes músicos los integrantes de esta banda, tengo un disco de ellos que grabaron en el año 1977. (Temuco, Chile)
Dan L (2 years ago)
Absolutely one of the brief miraculous moments in music history. Totally soulful and tight for the short time they performed....What a creative palate of notes and rhythm....personally I feel blessed to have had the chance to hear these guys...even if only thru recording. If you can't dig this...you are on a myopic, musical trip ! Fabulous vibes ! ! Thanks Sea Level ! ! !
Dan McNamara (2 years ago)
Pretty sure I was at this show with Jeff Neidig and John Florance. They were just fantastic. Jimmy Nalls never gets talked about but he is so good with beautiful tone. I think they opened for the Outlaws.
anthony correia (2 years ago)
A forgotten band , but great music
ruud van montfoort (2 years ago)
thanks a lot
Richard Ballard (2 years ago)
Chuck Leavell has long been one of my keyboard heroes !!! Was disappointed he join the Rolling Stones but I know it's a good paycheck and a great gig for him. Still disappointed though.
PATUZI (1 year ago)
HA HA HA Thats a good one Jazz.
JazzKeyboardist1 (2 years ago)
good one.. sorry if I said this before ,,but I am still disappointed Ringo joined the Beatles and kicked out Pete Best
Richard Ballard (2 years ago)
I'm also a big fan of Gregg Rolie, David Sancious, and McCoy Tyner. My band SmoothStreet does a great cover of One Way Out. My guitar player is an excellent slide player. Makes you think Duane Allman is in the house. If your on Facebook, go to our SmoothStreet band page. We have a bunch of videos on there so you'll have to scroll down the page a ways. If you hit "band profile" you can check out some of our original tunes.
Lloyd Stout (2 years ago)
Richard Ballard 10 4 on that, he's been w/them 4 30 years now, & very talented & missed n the Allman camp.
Peter Stone (2 years ago)
Incredible!! Grand Larceny - one of the very best of any era...........
REGULATOR99 (2 years ago)
Shake a lag! mu*fua Shake a lag!! I had about forgotten this band it's been so long since iv heard them. One of my pals had this on vinyl and I remember burning a few and consuming mass quantities of beer while we got in to the tunes. Thanks for posting it..memories flood in!!
Hersh Johnson (2 years ago)
THANK YOU for posting this.... I have never been without this band in my ride through the 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's and now the 2010's. These guys ROCK when good music was real!!!
Paul Parks (2 years ago)
What the fuck happened that today's music is LIP SYNCED TO NARCISSISTIC UNTALENTED BAFOONS ? Glad I grew up in the 70's when the music was real...seems like after the 80's new wave bullshit and rap it has just gone down the tubes albeit for the random rarity that pops up. Thank god for recordings~
Larrymh07 (1 year ago)
I agree. Somewhere along the line people decided that machines make better music than people do. Me personally, I'd rather see a musician developing his or her talent than a computer aided glam hack.
biblioman (2 years ago)
Still have all their LP's on vinyl. Thank you!
Andy Weaks (1 year ago)
Unfortunately that's about the only way you can here them anymore. All I could find was the greatest hits on CD.
Randy Clark (2 years ago)
Yep me too.
dondondoodle (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting! To this ole Georgia Boy this is as good as it gets! The talent is the best, Macon Georgia, Capricorn Records, late 70's it was a damn good time for Georgia music! The stuff is pure magic!
Rhonda Webb (2 years ago)
WOW....39 years ago music was magical. Today, not so much unfortunately. There were so, so many talented groups that never got the recognition they deserved. Only true music fanatics appreciated these obscure, non-commercialized artists!
Rhonda Webb (2 years ago)
Will certainly check them out....Thanks!
Barco Blanton (2 years ago)
think you would like stillwater
solomon faber (2 years ago)
Had one of their vinyls once. Wonderful band. Wish I saw them live.
Michael Gurley (2 years ago)
Just love these guys. Saw them a couple of times in Charlotte, my hometown and saw them at college, I think. I remember giving a ride to Chuck and Randall I think after the show.
S Jacobs (2 years ago)
Saw the band with the additions of Randall and Davis and Joe English several times when I was in college. Nothing to equal these guys. Still remember Jimmy smoking up a storm on stage at Hancher in Iowa City in Nov. '79, not just his guitar playing.
Seventysounds (2 years ago)
By the way, your channel is very, very good and already copied to me many concerts. Sea level (the band, not the concert) I knew, as well as many other and love as Sons Of Champlin, Cold Blood ..... but some bands you posted I never knew of existence. Again, thank you.
Seventysounds (2 years ago)
Love it. I copied for me this concert last year, but I forgot to thank you for sharing it. Thank you very very much! From Brazil!
Randy Peeples (3 years ago)
this is so fu*** amazing!!!!! simple enough!
JazzKeyboardist1 (3 years ago)
how many trees does chuck have?
JazzKeyboardist1 (3 years ago)
enough to gather moss?
cooley pope (3 years ago)
sweet band
moskii 1958 (3 years ago)
anyone know the details on Jimmy's Strat?  year, mods (if any) and the rest of his rig (amp, effects)
Tom Howland (3 years ago)
One of the great unknown Bands of the 70's. If you you were a musician, then you might know them. Monster player. Seen the 3 or 4 times they always killed it live.
Kevin Horton (3 years ago)
seen them twice in one week.what apleasure!!
REGULATOR99 (2 years ago)
that's cool man! I seen Blackfoot twice in one nite in a little theater in Elkhorn City, Ky mid 70's. they had sold so many tickets that they had to have two shows about an hour apart to accomadate all the people in such a small venue
Donald Duckham (3 years ago)
What a great video! And even better memories!! Saw these guys twice at the The Tower in Upper Darby Pa, this tour and the one that followed. They blew the place away both times. I saw Chuck and Jaimo after they rejoined the ABB a couple years later and it seemed like a letdown in comparison. And I love the ABB, but Sea Level was special. Thanks for sharing
richard oliver (3 years ago)
saw the original line-up 5 times, then saw them another 8 times w Randall & David, way ahead of their time !
Gary A. Wells (3 years ago)
I would love some kind of Sea Level reunion. With Jimmy Herring on one of the guitars.
Dan Daugherty (3 years ago)
Thank you for finding and posting this!
Barry Oneal (3 years ago)
These guys are so good, I wish I could have seen them play live, missed many chances when I lived in Alabama. Excellent musicians. Love the tribute to the Allman Brother's Band at around minute 26:30
joe (3 years ago)
I guess this was before Cats on the Coast-?  Would have loved to heard some of that live (or if a year later, On the Edge stuff) - still a real treat to hear and flash back - damn I miss the 70s bad
sigh kick (2 years ago)
70s are so good, they are still rocking my world!
Scott White (3 years ago)
I saw Sea Level many, many times live.  I loved their sound.  They were always good, always consistent, and it did not surprise me that every major act that they warmed up for, would usually invite Jimmy and Chuck to jam with them on the second set.  Thanks for being such great entertainers, guys.  As life went on, I still kept your sound running with me.  Godspeed!
Dave Callton (2 months ago)
Yea, Scott. Used to see em in the Rookery from time to time. I'm from Perry and we'd go up, have a few beers and enjoy downtown. Chuck even kept in touch with me during a particularly tough time. He's a sincerely good and decent cat. I'll forever be grateful to him.
Gary Iden (1 year ago)
Not sure this is going to happen. Sadly it will be without Jim Nalls who passed away several months ago. RIP Jim.
the happy flygon (1 year ago)
Scott White , Did you hear that they have reunited and have 3 or 4 shows scheduled! I'm not sure where you are located but look it up. I am so excited to get a chance to see them live at least one more time!
stevensrvfan (1 year ago)
Saw them many times also here in NYC, STILL one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE BANDS.
samuel stukes (1 year ago)
Chuck Leavell is the best.
SuperSaione (3 years ago)
Surprisingly great!
Kenneth Johnson (20 days ago)
Howard Citron (3 years ago)
This is awesome! I don't think Chuck even knows about this. I'll forward the link to him and also post it on his website, IROCKU. Great find.
12groney (3 years ago)
Great post! Jaimoe was skinny back then.
79steelymatt (3 years ago)
This band fucking smokes-what an amazing group of musicians!!And then they add Randall Bramblett and Davis Causey the next year man I would love to see a version of that group live- Randall ,Causey,Nalls with Chuck, Lamar, and Jai that has to be one of the best group of musicians ever put together-this is one of the best posts in You Tube history right here my fellow Levelers!!Awesome is the only way to describe this video-thanks a million for this!!Neil Larsen's"Grand Larceny" is the highlight to me just unreal!!
79steelymatt (3 years ago)
Jimmy Nalls is absolutely incredible
Ross Rowley (1 month ago)
So agreed!
Dr Wayland Roberts PhD (3 years ago)
Yes, as being mentioned, Thanks! Sea Level broke my mold. I was solid rock n' roll. Saw Allmans, Stones, Mountain, Cream, Beatles, with opening acts like ZZ Tops,  Ted Nugent, even Alice Cooper. Sea Level soon turned to awareness of another genre that was just as pleasing as arena rock. 
PATUZI (1 year ago)
please leave nugents name off. You know he crapped his pants don't ya. But long live SEA LEVEL, GREAT BAND.
ulric rainard (3 years ago)
Wonderful_ Thanks for sharing Doctor. I'm 66 so I know what you know about the music. Richmond, Virginia.    Almost 'If not!_ Yes! for me 'Return To Forever' levels.           I believe it is All that. Everything. All about that jazz
Mike Burton (3 years ago)
Fantastic upload.  One of my favourite bands of all time.  have all their records but have never seen them 'live'.  Brilliant.  Thanks so much!
Gary Acquaro (3 years ago)
I went to this show !!! Can't Believe this is on You Tube
gregc9596 (1 month ago)
so they were warming up for the Outlaws ? wow thats a hard act to follow !!!
Dave Callton (2 months ago)
I was there too. It's great after all the years and changes! What a band.
HighlySelassie420 (3 years ago)
thank you thank you thank you. Like the other commenters I gave up finding any juicy C Leavell .  Plus Im a long-time NY'er.. I might have been at that show! 'Preciate ya.  JT
Mike (4 years ago)
Wow! Sea Level!!! I never dreamed I would actually see a Sea Level concert, much less almost 38 years after the performance. Awesome band, keep on posting!!
Stefan Yang (2 months ago)
cant say that better, same here :)
Bruce E Marshall (1 year ago)
same here, this pure gold.
freefancy763 (4 years ago)
Wow I cant you found this, Ive been waiting 30+ years to find the original lineup or close to it on film or video. Look for more. I was looking for concerts with Midnight Pass or songs from "Cats on the Coast or On the Edge albums
freefancy763 (4 years ago)
I meant I can't believe you found or still have this. Wow!

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