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A short film about Pattaya beer bars. The real night outs expat experience. Some never published footage that i cut out because of the small length or the unimportant of the clip. A real pattaya vlog about bargirls in Pattaya. Cheap drinks, dual prizes and loneliness in Thailand. I filmed in the marque bar in soi buakhoa, with some nostalgic 60-ties themes. Noody's bar in soi new plaza, where a lot of expats hanging around. Cheap drinks and free pool. The live music was recorded in Jony bar where i filmed earlier: Tina Turner - Nut bush city limits / Deep purple - Soldier of fortune playing pool. expat living in Thailand. Here is a link to my new Power Director Tutorial channel for youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzxmLXpYvtHn78da1NuURyw You can subscribe to my channel to see more videos about Thailand and pattaya in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below. keep it friendly and accurate. Thanks.
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Pradeep Pandey (24 days ago)
nice song in bi ground
watch it for the second time after two years, and it's nice to see it again
areyouexp4 (3 months ago)
im a big purple fan and u really know ur purple to know this song
Steff's Thailand Travel (3 months ago)
Yeah, They play it in Jony bar soi buakhao. 👍
jeffincabo (1 year ago)
Well, she sucks at pool, maybe she is better at other things ! :)
jeffincabo (1 year ago)
Steff, can't wait to meet you !
Paul Scott (1 year ago)
Hi. Great video. I love those beer bars!! Relaxing & so much fun. Always beaten by the girls at any game!!!'
Jean bracken (1 year ago)
Kee nok translates to bird shit foreigner in Thai pal. She is a bird shit Thai in my eyes
francis kocher (2 years ago)
Salut Steff..5555..Kinok or kiniao? Bonne soirée.
Sindre Flostrand (2 years ago)
Sindre Flostrand (2 years ago)
What song They play after happy birthday singing in the first bar?
I can't remember. There is a DJ that plays for the whole complex. That's mostly copyright music i can not put in my video. But i had to edit another live song over that. Tina Turner- Nutbush city limits.
Fred Brice (2 years ago)
Ah beer bars, my favorite go to spots in Pattaya. I'm sure there are more elsewhere, I'm going to have check them out. ANY suggestions?
Fred Brice (2 years ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel I was referring more to like places in Bangkok, Chiang mai and phuket. pretty knowledgeable around pattaya as I normally frequent ones on soi 7,8, soi buakhow and places in between. heard there's a newish place out near dolphin roundabout
Yes, many beer bar complexes. made in Thailand, drinking street, action street, soi new plaza, But you can also visit normal beerbars in soi 7, 8, soi buakhao and bars along 2nd road
Amir Ben-Meir (2 years ago)
Is Ryan boundless your friend?
He is a colleague vlogger yes.
goede vidio clip steff,,,volgende keer als je in walkingstreet komt,kun je dan eens wat filmen in de bar van de tante van mijn vrouw,,,,,,,abbes bar,,186 M 10 WALKINGSTREET south pattaya,,,,recht over soi bj.
Steff's Thailand Travel ,Thx Steff.
in the about section of the channel: [email protected]
Steff's Thailand Travel ,,,,,,hoe kan ik uw email hebben om mijn mail te sturen
Ja, Geen probleem. Als ik een uitnodiging krijg :) Je kan een email schrijven. Ik ga dat nooit zo vinden. :)
Han Willemsen (2 years ago)
A few seconds of "Nong Beer Bar", my late night hangout because i always stay at Areca Lodge.
Many nice and relaxed bars there, indeed.
Michael Angel (2 years ago)
It's pretty dead in Pattaya. Time to move on to Vietnam.
PeterFreitag (2 years ago)
good video!! music to slow for pattaya nightlive!
haha, Just a nostalgic moment
Pique Dard (2 years ago)
hi Steve, i've been on the move in some parts of our world  where access to internet isn't obvious. so ..i've missed many of your vlogs...anyway, i couldn't help  laughing when i saw that girl dancing(1:36)! she must have been wondering like the few patrons scattering around  what she was doing there! cheap charlie! i heard that the first time in  in bbk (soy cowbow) in the eighties because i'd never offer a "lady drink"
hey Piqued. it was a quiet evening there in Soi Diana. Only the bar with the HB party was full. Sometimes you need to be a little cheap charley :) If you keep spending thousand on lady drinks every night, everybody will end up broke soon. Good for a few weeks holiday a year.
Kevin 1981 (2 years ago)
It would have been so funny to watch if that girl with your camera would have just started running away with it...When you turn your back to get your food...lol You could have name the video Bar girl steals my stuff...lolol Cheer's nice work:)
:) I have several of those videos. The video from the bar in Jomtien: https://youtu.be/GmDCQ0zk6Yk?t=4m53s And somewhere i have some footage from soi 6 where a girl took my cam and walked into the street and put my cam in her panties. That's perhaps for next Wednesday :)
John Doe (2 years ago)
Thanks Steff.
Cheers :)
Pete T (2 years ago)
Well done Steff. All of your videos are interesting and presented well and I really like your quiet, laid-back style. In the past few months you have been to quite a few entertaining beer bar complexes and I would be keen to know which are your favourite venues and the ones you would recommend. I'll be in Pattaya from early December until early February, my first visit for 2 years and would value your opinion of particular places that are worth a visit.
Hey, Thanks you like my videos. It's a difficult question. I don't really have favorite bars. it changes all so quickly. 6 months ago i came regular to barbies bar. But that's almost finished there if not gone already. I have some bars where i meet some friends and expats in soi new plaza here (this video) The soi diana beerbar complex i visit sometimes. But not always the same bar. Soi7 and 8 is a little touristy for me. However luckystar bar has some live music. And sailor bar is ok also. Good food there. In soi 6 i hang around sometimes, to see some friends (farangs). Who own bars or have the same visitors daily. I kinda hate walking street but sometimes i spend my all evening there in some places i never visited before :) And probably never will visit again. It's best to discover it by yourself. I like to discover also. Cheers.
Martin Hatter (2 years ago)
steff you was in soi new plaza which as you know is really called soi cheap charlie thats why its full of expats who have no money at all to really spend so they go there just to get out of there 24sq room
Yes, That's true. Lot of expats coming there. Drinks are cheap there. Poor and rich i see there. The expats with enough money like their drinks also cheap :)
GooseHunter (2 years ago)
good video steff sorry if i am late watching it but i have been having internet drop outs for 3 days now still trying to catch up to everybodys videos, the girl was mean i think you gave her food and drink and she called you a cheap charlie but she gave you nothing, a very rude girl, not your friend i think, + Ryan is a little strange i don't watch his videos, i like up beat people like you and kiv and some others that i watch, hope your doing well at your home, take care:):)
Thanks GH. yes i was already thinking why you not comment yet :) Ryan is ok, i guess. I only met him a few times. Watch his latest vid where he explains all about the ladyboys.
The Eyes of Owen (2 years ago)
Hi Steff the girls wasn`t calling you stingy kee neeow She was saying that you have white skin kee noke.... lol  Get on the beach more haha
I knew the meaning of kee-neaow. So i asked a thai friend what Ki-nook means: Kee-neaow means a person don't want to spent money even if he is rich or have the money. so more like scrooged. Ki-nook means that the person don't have money or is poor.
The Eyes of Owen (2 years ago)
Kee noke is slang it means something along the lines of white skin like chicken shit lol. I used to chat with a Thai girl all the time and that is how she explained it haha
Hey, You making me doubt also now :) But as far as i know white skin is something like Phiw khao or khun see khao. Or she must be talking about the falang fruit :)
Alan Bodell (2 years ago)
Superb, the song Soldier of Fortune really rang my bell as a young lad working in Manila i saw a PI band perform this in a shopping centre and was blown away, checked out the song Richie Blackmore and it sounds even better done by a local band in Thailand or the PI, love Thailand and love this song, thankyou.
Glad you liked it this much. It was a Thai band in Jony bar where i recorded this song. Cheers !
jack clifford (2 years ago)
KI_NOOK didn't know that means cheap Charlie ,cheeky bastards they think all falang are loaded,  really fucking  annoying  when were not
jack clifford (2 years ago)
good thinking batman
haha :) Maybe sometimes it's better they think we are Ki-nook. So they will not overprice us later :)
Joseph Hardwick (2 years ago)
another top vlog mate. i go to pattaya every year and love the place! though the ungrateful bar girls do piss me off.. thats why i only ever buy them beers and if they say that they only drink lady drinks i say bye bye 👍 call me cheap charlie but a free drink is a free drink.
David Eddolls (2 years ago)
Hi steff yes I enjoy visiting the beer bars and enjoy the banter with the bar girls and a game of connect 4 or jackpot, seems like we share good music taste with deep purple etc. I don't know enough thai so I don't worry for me about getting insulted. but im proud to be a cheap charley it allows me to stay longer in land of smiles I also enjoy to eat street food or hole in the wall on soi buakhow with the tin mugs of iced water. Thanks steff
David Eddolls (2 years ago)
Totally agree steff
There is nothing wrong to be a cheap Charley! There is a difference between a 2 weeks holiday tourist and a regular visitor to Thailand. Not that i consider myself as a Ki-nook. But i have some nice expat friends here. Some are very rich and some live pretty cheap. I don't care. As long as they are Jay-dee. Have a good heart.
Hans Brun (2 years ago)
Thank you Steff. Great video with a lot of good atmosphere.
That was the intention, Hans. Thanks for noticing.
Original Space (2 years ago)
I'm guessing that "woman" in the beginning, who our boy Ry was chatting with, is the ladyboy he can't get off his mind......:-)
Watch his latest video where he explains it all :)
Original Space (2 years ago)
busted, Ryan......:-)
That was her yes :)
francis kocher (2 years ago)
Hi Steff..Nice vlog..I love Pattaya..I'm going there for 17 years now...Have a nice day...The soup looked aroi maak.
Thanks. 17 years is a long time :)
John T. (2 years ago)
Hi Steff, thanks for posting.Good idea to show the old footage and behind the scenes, It can be quite interesting.
Yeah, I thought also. Some more coming up in on Wednesdays. The 'normal' vids on Sunday
BaldD (2 years ago)
Good tip Steff. Test the girls experience by playing pool. You learn something new everyday;)
welsh wyns (2 years ago)
I remember at some of the parties with balloons they would inflate them with the exhaust of a bike not to nice to be around when they popped them.
I can imagine that :) Would not surprise me.
Daniel K. (2 years ago)
I love when they talk shit right in front of me. I allways pretend like i'm stupid and don't understand any thai. Then when she asks for a drink I go "only if you stop dor lae (speak bullshit)" and they allways open their mouths like they seen a ghost :D But I wouldn't recommend doing that as they will only get angry with you.
Daniel K. (2 years ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel Yeah, well I guess it's like that everywhere, and not only in Thailand. I saw some pretty nasty tourists in Mexico once, they were drunk of their minds and insulting every girl asking if they could stick their burrito in their taco :) Some people just don't have any respect.
I guess we got or fair chair of insults back :) Nothing compared with what some drunk farangs say to the girls.
Bear Eats World (2 years ago)
Does Ryan own a different outfit?
Yes, he has at least 1 other t-shirt
userwl2850 (2 years ago)
at 6.26 I'm almost sure that means you know Thailand very well as you live like they do... a sort of compliment. cheap Charlie is "kee.nee.ow"
Kee-nee-ow is kind of the same expression indeed.
Stephen Watson (2 years ago)
Wait tell she meets some genuine cheap charlies , a drink and an offer of food , fair exchange for a game of pool , considering how proud the Thais are of their cuisine strange attitude to your choice of food , even for a new girl . Maybe Bill Gates is a regular .
haha. I could only laugh with it when i found out later in editing. They can be more rude behind your back :)
good stuff
Fun4Emily in Thailand (2 years ago)
Good morning Steff, you old cheap charley ;-) lol. Just kidding. Like that clip. Have a good day. Greetings from Phuket
Fun4Emily in Thailand (2 years ago)
Yes you got me, so sorry ;-) it will never happen again, lol
good morning here also 4 AM :) You woke up late in Phuket :)
iooi (2 years ago)
I prefer videos like these with captions so I can watch it in mute while listen to my own music.
iooi (2 years ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel I appreciate your effort in making these videos but only enjoy watching these sceneries with my own music to set my own mood and the captions are a great help as well as your narration in telling what's what. Any music played in bars are just background noise to me. Keep uploading and I shall keep on enjoying watching.
That would be a pity if you ignore great songs from Deep purple and Tina Turner. Not sure why you placed this comment. Enlighten us please.
Base99 TT (2 years ago)
nice video steff. thanks.
glad you liked it brummie. bedankt maat!
Hey guys and girls. I'll hope you like this video. Somewhat different as usual :) Some old footage from May, June and August i've never published. Some real nightlife experience from expats in the beer bars of pattaya. Still interesting i think. Not sure if the title is dignified but give me a good suggestion below.
Gary Sharples (2 years ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel Top job🎥keep up the good work 💯👍🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏🎬

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