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What I purchased during Big Billion Sale? | Fila Isonzo Motorsports Unboxing | Rev It Up

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Amazon Link Fila Men's Ivanzo Yellow, Black and White Sneakers - http://amzn.to/2sVVf08 Fila Men Isonzo Sneakers http://amzn.to/2tuM1JT What I purchased during Big Billion Sale? | Fila Isonzo Motorsports Unboxing | Rev It Up I wanted to buy the Riding shoes but they are pretty expensive so here is a alternate option Fila Isonzo Motorsports Shoes. I upload 3 new videos every week watch other videos too. Ride Safe.
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Text Comments (37)
Anup Kumar (1 month ago)
Mere paas bhi hai ye red me pr copy lgra h mujko ye
vk Nayak (1 month ago)
Bro kesaa rahaa shoeee mns experience
SportsView💻tv (3 months ago)
Fila shoes are lightweight
Rohin Prem (4 months ago)
Myntra this shoe is not there can send the link in reply
Vinay Pawar (7 months ago)
Sir Can i use this shoes or any Fila Motosports shoes for Regular College purpose? And I am not Biker just want to use for College. Plz Reply Sir.
Kushal Verma (4 months ago)
u can
Tha Outlaw (11 months ago)
"pewma" 😂
ProVish (11 months ago)
Don't buy it Only for normal use too poor
travelkaka (1 year ago)
bro majya kade pan same ahe.
Arjun Gole (1 year ago)
hey can we use this shoes for playing basketball
Anup Simha (1 year ago)
Got these babies recently for the purpose as my touring shoes...!!!!!
Rev It Up (1 year ago)
ashutosh diwan (1 year ago)
i had them too last year...eye catcher i must say.
Rev It Up (1 year ago)
the new version looks even better
Shubham Singh (2 years ago)
Great pair of shoes🙌 i liked the intro track of the video
jPs TorsMacRidin (2 years ago)
you are better off buying orazo riding boots much better protection than these could provide ...
jPs TorsMacRidin (2 years ago)
i read that but orazo boots are around 5k......
Rev It Up (2 years ago)
+mjPux I said it in the beginning it self riding boots are pretty expensive that's why I bought these Fila Motorsport Shoes. ☺ Ride Safe.
Aashish Kirdat (2 years ago)
Add projector lamps to bike..... And make video about it.... Cost, problems faced, Labour etc
Rev It Up (2 years ago)
+Aashish Kirdat projector cost vary between 1200 to 1800, Canon lights are cheap 1k for pair, got pulled over by cops many a times due to that, fitting charges 150-250 depending upon the mechanic. I bought one 2 years ago and sold within a month the white light looks good only on highways, if you are riding on roads with pothole you might put your bike in one as no shadow stays with the road due to bright white light. Ride Safe.
SHOWS BOOKING (2 years ago)
Which editing software you used
Riyuto Abelita (1 year ago)
SHOWS BOOKING Wondershare Filmora
Salman Khan (2 years ago)
Bro I hv same shoe in Red/white 😃
azeep ahamed (7 months ago)
Bro is thz waterproof .. is it really comfort for ridings ...
Rev It Up (2 years ago)
+Salman khan they are pretty comfortable but puma rebound are better than isonzo. Ride Safe.
Pranav Poojary (2 years ago)
which mobile editor do u use
chirag rathod (2 years ago)
which editing software do uh use..?
chirag rathod (2 years ago)
ohk ty bro..
Rev It Up (2 years ago)
+chirag rathod I don't use a single video editor sometimes Adobe, sometimes Sony Vegas sometimes Filmora, sometimes even mobile editor. Ride Safe Brother. Oh yeah and audacity for audio.
Shubham (2 years ago)
i purchased a 10000mah power bank for travels... my phone battery always use to run out due to GPS and all. 😁👌
tarun makker (2 months ago)
Shubham (2 years ago)
devashish chauhan thanks for suggestion bro.. I am searching for a good one.. I will surely put it on my bike soon. 😁👌
devashish chauhan (2 years ago)
Shubham put a handlebar mobile charger.. vry hlpful whn uhv your phone mounted as well
Shubham (2 years ago)
Rev It Up yup bro... I got it for 799 only as it cost 1899/- the ambrane one... 😁👌
Rev It Up (2 years ago)
+Shubham 😀 sounds like you got a great deal. Ride Safe Brother.
Vikas Sarang (2 years ago)
nice video
Rev It Up (2 years ago)
+vikas sarang ☺ Ride Safe Brother.

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