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When To Wear French Cuff Dress Shirts - Man's Guide Wearing French Cuffs - French Cuffs Appropriate

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Cumeo Bommi (6 months ago)
Hi sir, i wonder about Brioni dress shirt, they are very expensive, are those shirt good? because i take a look and it's very simple look
Commodor Potato (1 year ago)
Gentleman hack go to tailor tell him to make you attachable French cuffs ask to be a little thick to feel and look high quality
Jahnny Acosta (1 year ago)
Anthonio...I love the French cuff style but is so hard to find some nice shirts but the Donald Trump collection. any suggestion about where to buy some with more styles where I don't look like him? lol!
Brandon Kennedy (10 months ago)
Jahnny Acosta if you can afford it, Brooks Brothers and Robert Talbott make some amazing french cuff shirts!
john dyer (1 year ago)
Love the video. Does anyone know the mockneck sweater he's wearing in this video?
Rich Johnson (1 year ago)
Just my opinion, most of my shirts are french cuff, I wear a suit every day, and leave my sleeve below my jacket, just long enough to show my cuff-links, i wouldn't feel completely dressed with out, I also always wear a pocket square, and a pocket watch.lots of room to experiment with my look.I'm 65. and get many comments about my appearance, for me, that's what its all about..................Richard.
bimmerTEK (1 year ago)
I will say never unless you are the big boss.
Huymy Nguyen (1 year ago)
Can you wear cuff links without wearing a tie?
T. K. (1 year ago)
Huymy Nguyen absolutely.
MrJimmy3459 (1 year ago)
Our newest elected President Donald Trump always wears French cuff shirts
aKirill (1 year ago)
There were some photos of Trump on the phone with Putin wearing a shirt with standard cuffs
Thomas Brennan (1 year ago)
My 2 cents: I don't wear French cuffs to M-F work. Parties, celebrations, weddings, funerals, networking events, work-related dinners or cocktail events, yes, French cuffs. Daily office work, barrel cuffs.
Matt Evesson (1 year ago)
is a french cuff the only style you would use with cuff links?
gmendiburu (1 year ago)
i heard you cant use french cuffs without a tie..
Michael Ryan (1 year ago)
gmendiburu I think they are about as formal as a tie, so a tie goes hand in hand, but no secret rule that says you have to or should wear a tie with them. if anything I think they can excuse the use of a tie and still look formally dressed. penguin in the tv series Gotham wears a crossover bowtie with his French cuffs.
Josiah Lincoln (2 years ago)
Hey Antonio! I just wanted to ask you a question pertaining specifically about french cuff dress shirts. Would it be acceptable to wear a french cuff dress shirt with suspenders? And speaking of suspenders, could you wear suspenders with a french cuff shirt? +Real Men Real Style
Daniel Hopkins (2 years ago)
what you don't have cufflinks and you just want wear a french cuff shirt?
overTIMe (2 years ago)
+Daniel Hopkins Well, you gotta button up the opening of the arm somehow. Usually, shirts with french cuffs come with those little knots you can use as cufflinks. Aside from that, there are literally 10$ cufflinks you can buy. Also don't forget to check ebay.
knottykid (2 years ago)
wow you even addressed this topic , Im glad I sub to your channel
Real Men Real Style (2 years ago)
+knottykid Glad it helped :)
Frank (2 years ago)
Hi, where can I get a decent custom suit in NYC?
Frank (2 years ago)
+Real Men Real Style Thanks!
Real Men Real Style (2 years ago)
+Frank Boasorte Try Mr Ned - http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/10-recommended-mens-tailor/
Jonathan Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Where can I purchase french cuff shirts for a reasonable price?
Franny Liburd (3 years ago)
Charles Tyrwhitt
Ninh Ly (3 years ago)
I completely agree with your point of wearing the French cuff "whenever you want". It's an expression of a gentleman's personality and unique style of himself. Another excellent video! :)
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Ninh Ly Thank you!
ah goor (3 years ago)
great answer..except it's wrong, I believe..In business circles ,they have a certain protocol and it should be followed so as not to look,  wrong, silly,etc.. just my thought,,.as i'm old and retired.I go with what you say..  best wishes  Bill
TheyRiseBand (3 years ago)
Another thing to consider: French cuff is actually the most versatile; you can wear it in either traditional kissing-cuff or barrel-cuff. Either looks great and, the best part, no need to have separate French and barrel cuffed shirts.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+TheyRiseBand Interesting!
TheyRiseBand (3 years ago)
I only wear French cuff, except if the situation is very informal and I know I'll be rolling up my sleeves. Like tonight, I wore barrel cuff, as I was working with my hands for most of the day.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+TheyRiseBand Cool!
Xozzen (4 years ago)
I feel I want to get a shirt to wear cuffs with, but I don't have either of the two
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
*When is it suitable to wear French Cuffs?* What are the rules on wearing French Cuff dress shirts? Watch this video to learn more: http://youtu.be/2Mq3FqRLYMw #FrenchCuffs #menswear
Ron Telleysh (4 years ago)
mant casual  shirts are coming with french cuff with cool leather cuff links and not formal
TheWatchernator (4 years ago)
"I have many clients who all of the dress shirts I make them are french cuffs. So they're basically wearing them every day". Eh no. It only means that they wear cuff-links any time they wear a shirt that you made for them. Maybe they go out wearing a T-shirt.
John Carpenter (4 years ago)
His implication--as any one who doesn't thirst for pissing contests understood--was that these clients order dress shirts for business and certain social occassions and they exclusively where French cuff shirts without being slaves to any arbitrary fashion rules.
800mEric (4 years ago)
You might then need to get a shirt made for you then (Bespoke), Nordstorm I think starts at 99$, but maybe a good shirt maker near by you, or in your area can also do one for you.
TR-80R (5 years ago)
I have 3 pairs of antique cuff links but I can't find a shirt with French cuffs that fit :(
WhopBobbaLuBop (5 years ago)
Why do you think it's demanding that you use profanity (the f-word)?
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Thanks for your comment!
William Wright (5 years ago)
I have worn French Cuffs since 6th grade (believe it or not!). Van Heusen back then produced a high quality boys dress shirt and when I was in school, it was required that you wear slacks as well as a dress shirt. Ties (in my case-bows) were optional but you could wear them. The French Cuff has remained my choice of cuff for a long time. When I could not them in colors, I went with tux shirts so dressing well always came together nicely. French Cuffs and bow ties? Killer look!
SaiBorg (5 years ago)
I think Hugo Boss makes some quality cufflinks, They're quite expensive, but worth it.
hb song (5 years ago)
denison boston makes nice cufflinks
M.D.B. Johnson Sr. (5 years ago)
Yeah, Freanch cuffs all the time : )
lexyota (5 years ago)
french cuffs at a bar... who woulda figured?
Smoked Robot Pâté (5 years ago)
This dude should have more happiness!
Kale Austin (5 years ago)
Hi I just have a quick question, can you wear a French cuff shirt without or without cuff links with a sweater? I just want hear what someone else thinks about this maybe before I try or dont try this... Thanks- Kale
Mokalad Alhajyaseen (5 years ago)
thank you Antonio......... that was helpful
soggytom (5 years ago)
All my dress shirts are french cuff, and I have no problem with rolling the sleeves. In fact, they form a more defined "ring" of material near my elbow. Then again, the shirts I buy have cuffs that are the same depth as a barrel cuff. I also use Antonio's style of a suit or sportcoat w/french cuff shirt, but no tie, first button undone. If the shirt has enough starch (and good collar stays), the collar will stay standing without sliding under the jacket. Professional, but not too formal.
Austin carter (5 years ago)
You, sir, are fantastic! I'm just leaving high school and am looking to start dressing up more often. This is exactly the type of thing I need. Thank you!
Mansor Manson (5 years ago)
it sounds like roman style when he says it
Noel (5 years ago)
nice sweater you are wearing. who made it?
Halftroll (5 years ago)
I disagree with the idea that French cuffs aren't good for rolling up... I only own one French cuffed shirt, but because of the way it's fashioned, a rolled up French cuff presents an extremely crisp and good-looking line.
AnomalyTea (5 years ago)
I agree. I forgot to differentiate traditional vs modern in before I hit "Post". I also agree that 21st century style is sad. I once got asked what I was dressed up for when I was in a t-shirt and well-fitting dark blue jeans =\
AnomalyTea (5 years ago)
Formality all depends on context. Where I live, suit and tie is FORMAL, and black/white tie is costume. California's definition of a "formal evening wedding" still apparently includes the option for khakis and a short sleeve button-up shirt. "Casual weddings" will get some jeans-and-tshirt people. Personally I wear slacks and a dress shirt to a casual wedding, but I'm already a bit out of place dressing that nicely.
showdhan (5 years ago)
I can wear it whenever I want.
Antonio Centeno (5 years ago)
Ages - wow - I need to get going on getting these vids out quicker!
Antonio Centeno (5 years ago)
EXCELLENT point sir!
Antonio Centeno (5 years ago)
Well thank you for the contribution to the site sir - and since it's Halloween here in the USA maybe I should wear a costume when I film today:)
Keith McKee (5 years ago)
First of all, a man should wear a French Cuff shirt when making a video for French Cuff shirts. :) I wear French Cuffs everyday. I own only one button cutf. As for swearters, roll the sweater back to accentuate the link. As for rolling up cuffs, if one must do this, undo one link and roll them up. And thank you for quoting me.
TheDemoleez (5 years ago)
wow! i've been waiting for this vid for ages!!
Dhruv Kakkar (5 years ago)
Yeah you are right ! i wear french cuffs all the time. i think one can express himself and experiment with the cuff links. and actually these cuff links can be dressed up and dressed down. ALSO A GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER ! ;)
geracigm (5 years ago)
I love my french cuff shirts, me and few other colleagues at work wear them. They add a bit of flair to the everyday wardrobe. Only caveat I've experienced is that If you do a lot of drawing/handwriting on a desk, sometimes the cuff gets in the way, but its not often.
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Yes, you can wear them when you are only wearing a shirt - guess I should have been more clear. A tie is not a requirement - the only restriction is function (such as wearing it with a full sweater or in an environment where you might want to roll your sleeves - then no.
Leo Rose (6 months ago)
Real Men Real Style Thanks for the video. Would you wear them with smart jeans and would you ever pair a white French cuff shirt with smart jeans?
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Good to hear!
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Nope - you got it!
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Thanks for the solid explanation!
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Gentleman's Gazette
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Timberland - I guess I'll have to make a video about this:)
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
I did this on purpose to mess with your mind!
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
Sounds like a plan.
ngshinong (5 years ago)
I'm wearing it every single time and is getting rid all my button cuff shirts.
Jonathon Reed (5 years ago)
I believe he's referring to black tie and white tie occasions which are fairly formal, white being the most formal. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Jonathon Reed (5 years ago)
The real question is, Antonio, where did you get that sweet pull-over? Is that another one-of-a-kind custom? Looks good!
mrfreakyogi (5 years ago)
what the person he talking about the talk about black ties and white ties?
1codcod (5 years ago)
now that's those are images that help your vids
vrdesk (5 years ago)
I totally agree! When are cuffs appropriate?
Stupid Flanders (5 years ago)
I guess the question demanding some more helpful answers would be "with what are French cuffs appropriate?" I would assume suits and sport jackets are a given, but what about times when the shirt is all you're wearing? Is a tie in any way a requirement for French cuffs?

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