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France: Fashion capital of the world?

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Text Comments (6)
Choco Gaming (16 days ago)
I know a parisian which always stylish cloths 😲
Giggo Galac (5 months ago)
*For me the Milanese are better dressed than the Parisians. 8 of the top 10 most luxurious brands are from Milan. Paris is by far France's "best" but it's better known as the City of Love. Anyway, the Milanese flaunt it by not flaunting it too much.*
solari kayden solari (6 months ago)
Giggo Galac im living in france and im agree with you.. french people are disgusting...they're dressing...but stinking under the dress....they don't take shower every day .....
Le Visionarium (2 years ago)
Parisians are always so well dressed. It's quite noticeable.
Dark Shinigami (6 months ago)
Not only Parisians ;)
Rabbit (2 years ago)

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