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Dan Capaldi Sea Level "Fire Like This" // Part II On Location

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On location with Dan Capaldi, SEA LEVEL at his Hawkes Plaza studio recorded live (partially improv) one of the tunes soon to be released on the new self titled Sea Level album "Fire Like This" (featuring a rad sample of The Fogcutters Big Band). Video by Foo Crew.
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DancingCrow127 (3 years ago)
hey, what happened to the video that was parts 1 and 2? I tried to watch it and it said that it's a private video...
Foo Crew (2 years ago)
+DancingCrow127 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHRBykEGbNg
DancingCrow127 (2 years ago)
+Joshua Gates Thanks!
Joshua Gates (2 years ago)
+DancingCrow127 Huh that's weird... I'll look into it. Sorry about that!
DancingCrow127 (3 years ago)
Love Dan! He kicks ass!
Foo Crew (4 years ago)
Dan Capaldi Sea Level "Fire Like This" // Part II On Location 

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