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C05: Practical Statistics for User Experience Part I

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Instructor(s): Jeff Sauro -- Measuring Usability LLC & Oracle, Denver, Colorado, USA James Lewis -- IBM, Boca Raton, Florida, USA Program Description: Benefits: If you don't measure it you can't manage it. Usability analysis and user-research is about more than rules of thumb, good design and intuition: it's about making better decisions with data. Is Product A faster than Product B? Will more users complete tasks on the new design? Learn how to conduct and interpret appropriate statistical tests on small and large sample usability data then communicate your results in easy to understand terms to stakeholders. Origins: This course was given at CHI 2012 and CHI 2011 and Usability Professionals' Association 2012. It is based on material from Measuringusability.com and a number of papers published by the presenters including the recent book: Quantifying the User Experience: Practical Statistics for User Research published by Morgan Kaufmann. Features Get a visual introduction or refresher to the most important statistical concepts for applied use. Be able to compare two interfaces or versions (A/B Testing) by showing statistical significance (e.g. Product A takes 20% less time to complete a task than Product B). Clearly understand both the limits and data available from small sample usability data through use of confidence intervals. Audience: Open to anyone who's interested in quantitative usability tests. Participants should be familiar with the process of conducting usability tests as well as basic descriptive statistics such as the mean, median and standard deviation and have access to Microsoft Excel. Presentation: The presentation will be a mix of enthusiastic instruction, with movie-clips, pictures, demonstrations and interactive exercises all aimed at helping make the abstract topic of statistics concrete, memorable and actionable.
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