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What Is Your Brand Message | Video Marketing and Video Content

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The Content Creator James SP talks about brand messaging. So my question to you as a business owner what is your message for next year or the year that’s coming? What is the message for you? What is it that you want to convey to your customers, your clients? What’s going on everybody I am James S P a content creator, we are officially in SPMODE. Today I want to talk to you all about Brand Messaging. So we’re getting ready to end 2017 and go on to 2018. So the question becomes to me; what is your brand message? What message do you want to convey next year? What is the culture of your company? And is that culture infused with your brand message the brand title, your logo I don’t know. For example I have a client of mine Century 21. Every month I film with Rett Harmon, and so during the middle of our shoot we had a quick session of brainstorming and the question or the topic I should say came up about culture and brand messaging. So we began to talk about that because we brand the tagline the Novus Way but we’ve never fully identified with the Novus Way was in then begin to build the culture around that which is the way that it should be done. So as we began to talk about it we were like you know what? We’ve finally locked down the meaning in terms of putting it in words so that we can convey to the customer to the client or the agents, all those who are watching videos that we’re creating. Rett Harmon and I came up with the relentless pursuit of excellence, right? The relentless pursuit of excellence! So now the question becomes, how do we convey that message to you all and we began to think about it and we came up with some ideas check these two commercials out. How is you marketing? Are you the community expert? Do you love the marketing your office provides for you? Does the culture at your office fit your personality or is it kind of sail and boring. May be you are due for an upgrade. We’re about Careers. We’re about work hard play hard. We’re about Education. We’re about creative marketing. Join us! You see, so without shoving the message down your throat we came up with a video that would that would convey what we’re trying to explain softly without definitely putting it out there and repeating those words. So my question to you as a business owner, what is your message for next year or for this year that’s coming? What is the message for you? What is it that you want to convey to your customers, your clients? You know what I mean? So, for me, SPMODE! Right, the infinite realm of one’s creativity. Does that make sense? It may not, but as time goes on you’ll fully understand or the more that you keep watching the videos that I create you get a better understand of exactly what SPMODE is. But, when you’re in a zone and you’ve got this infinite realm of energy and creative ideas coming and you figuring out how to make things happen; you’re in SPMODE! You get it?! So anyways, so that’s my question to you all, what is your brand message? Now I do want to point this out, a videographer wouldn’t help you figure that out. But a content Creator who understands marketing, brand strategy and things of that nature would. So with that said, find yourself a content creator that you believe would fit your needs and would fit and understand the message, the culture of your company and what it is that you want to convey, the message that you want to convey. If you think the Schiller Productions is it for you, then you can go to our website you should see the website right here then click on Contact us and someone from my team will reach out to you if it’s not me. Alright guys, I’m out! It’s James SP your content creator; chat next time in peace. Need Video Content or Video Marketing? Visit www.SchillerProductions.com
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