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Style by Taylor Swift acoustic guitar instrumental cover karaoke with lyrics

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Full Version Download http://avg-iq.com/2014/12/style-taylor-swift.html More instrumentals http://avg-iq.com/p/more-songs_28.html Style by Taylor Swift acoustic guitar instrumental cover with onscreen lyrics karaoke backing track Singing Tips http://bit.ly/avgiQsingingtips Guitar Lesson http://bit.ly/avgiQguitarlesson Piano Lesson http://bit.ly/avgiQpianolesson . We want to make you an exclusive guitar instrumental of your favorite song or any song you want. Please email [email protected] . Request a Song http://avg-iq.com/p/request-song.html
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Text Comments (14)
Elnaz FP (2 years ago)
I was this close to singing "Please Support Us by downloading..." !!!!! LOL great cover btw :)
avg iQ (2 years ago)
+Elnaz FP Thanks friend.
Veronica Sagyaman (3 years ago)
Hey may I please use these instrumentals as covers on my facebook? If that is okay ?
CiGiDancer (3 years ago)
Hello AVG iQ, first and foremost, thank you for ALL of your instrumentals!  I love singing along!  I have a quick question, I have downloaded from you before and had no problem, but I just purchased this song and it is coming as a .wmv and I was expecting an .mp3.  None of my music players will open it.  Is there another link I could be sent to download an .mp3?  THANKS IN ADVANCE!
avg iQ (3 years ago)
+CiGiDancer Thank you for your purchase my friend. We already send the download links to the email address you use in the payment process page. Thanks a lot!
Its A Ukulele Thing (3 years ago)
I know these comments get super annoying, but it would mean the WORLD to me if anyone could check out my cover of this and tell me what you think.  No pressure though, thanks anyway xx
Punk Rock Factory (3 years ago)
We got together in the studio and went and did a pop punk cover of Taylor Swift - Blank Space! It came out pretty good too! Check it and let us know if you love/hate it/dont care! #SAUSAGES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwFsDrZ8Sek - PRF
avg iQ (3 years ago)
+Punk Rock Factory Awesome!
april m (3 years ago)
I purchased 2 songs on my iphone, how do I download those to my iphone and is there a way to re access those downloads after the initial purchase?
avg iQ (3 years ago)
+april m We already send the download links to your email address my friend and you may re access it anytime. Thanks so much!
Taylor Schandler (3 years ago)
Really enjoyed this! Checkout my cover?:p Xx
avg iQ (3 years ago)
+Taylor Schandler Love your channel. Great work!
avg iQ (3 years ago)
+Taylor Schandler Thanks friend!
Rajavi Patel (3 years ago)
I did a cover using this instrumental, it's on my channel!

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