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Judging Men as Success Objects - Interviewing Beach Girls

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See Uncut footage from these interviews - https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews Make a one time donation: https://www.paypal.me/RedPillInterviews Download my book Red Pill Galaxy: https://payhip.com/b/wvGe In today's age, a lot of men are made to feel superficial and shallow because they judge a woman based on her appearance rather than her personality. The Red Pill community claims this is hypocritical because while men might superficially judge a woman as a sex object, woman are just as likely to superficially judge a man as a success object, glossing over his personality and assigning him value based on his wealth and status. Thoughts? 1) Do you think it is ok to judge a man based on his wealth and status? 2) Are you attracted to wealthy, high status men? What about your friends/other women? 3) What is appealing about a high status male with lots of money? 4) Why is women's preference for a successful man not publicly acknowledged and discussed? 5) Why is there so much social stigma for men being superficial for liking a beautiful woman but not for women liking successful men? 6) How would you feel if you were no longer judged by your appearance but your success? 7) Have you thought about how it feels as a man to be judged, not based on your personality but by your success? Can you empathise? 8) Why do you think men don't judge woman based on their wealth and status? 9) Why do women frequently give advice to 'just be yourself' and 'its whats on the inside that counts' instead of advising men to increase their fame, wealth and status?
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Alexander Grace (1 year ago)
Click here to read my personal thoughts on the girls I interview and their answers: https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews
Rose BPOS (6 months ago)
Dizmop Guys are attracted to a girl based on a girl being pretty and nice, that is all, that is the easiest thing in the world.
Rose BPOS (6 months ago)
Red Pill Interviews So what do we do with these thots? Just totally avoid them and/or never contract with them?
Lampëão (7 months ago)
Red Pill Interviews *1° girl* was _'resilent'_ to you . . .
Dizmop (8 months ago)
Could ask the guys in the comments how they would feel if they were judged purely on how they look, not character, or personality just physical appearance ?
Jeffrey Russell Jr (8 months ago)
You asked the wrong queation, you should have asked if they were attracted to his wallet rather then the man.
DeadDollKada (12 days ago)
I wonder... is this their first time being asked how they'd feel if they were judged the way men are judged?
Dj K-Oz (21 days ago)
Funny how all the women say they don't find high value men attractive yet then immediately explain why they find high value men attractive.
Black dragon story (24 days ago)
well good job I came only for the boobs.
Evil Evan (1 month ago)
Funny how every girl says "yeah most girls are like that, but not me."
Thomas Hobbes (1 month ago)
The Hell with 'em, we're MGTOW 4 a reason !
Hank Hill (1 month ago)
They're all so full of shit, have a girl interview them so we can get some real answers not some glossed over bs
Grimmdul (1 month ago)
That's the reason why I wear my old worn out clothes all the times while having enough cash bunked in my bank account 😂
Enforcer1975 (1 month ago)
In the end all of them are material girls. They say no but it's 'always a big plus'. :P
Myint Mo 佳明 (1 month ago)
I feel like that Asian girl would be fuckingly crazy in bed with her stupid ass laugh every 5 seconds. Though she would be annoying to be around with :/
Wilfredo Alvarez Jr. (2 months ago)
is it me or they laugh often when answering questions
Stef DD (2 months ago)
i live in australia for the past year. I cant for the life of me comprehend why Aussie men are so submissive to women. They are manly but so scared and submissive towards women. damn. man up
xbloodblade (2 months ago)
Lol much better. Most were cute and most had a decent head on their shoulders. Good video
Emanuel Herrerias (2 months ago)
SlashinLA (2 months ago)
I like beach girls interviews
Jānis Prūgers (2 months ago)
Such Bull... Wen they say not intrsted in Rich Men lafing my ass of 😂 beniffit 4 them to live of spending other's $$$ & not work 4 it them self's so u gett crusty pus.. & here problem's If u nott Rich Oh and nagging mody ecc u now the tipe of anymal's i ment 😂😂 Reality is this R u pretty u hawe Big 🍆 & How much $$$ u hawe will decide...They say 1 thing in public but in mind somthing lot diffrent
Big Droz (2 months ago)
remember, a big dick trumps everything else.
Hugo Lindum (2 months ago)
"Are you attracted to wealthy guys" All said No. All lied.
Ankit kataria (2 months ago)
Matthew Martn (2 months ago)
You realize that women are master deceivers.. almost anything they tell you the opposite is true. Soooo........righttttttt......
Andy Davis (3 months ago)
Have you ever seen and ugly guy with no money married to an attractive woman. No because it has never happened...
Ryu Zawaii (3 months ago)
Pump and dump, thats all what they a wort for.
Anton TheManton (3 months ago)
In damn near everyone of Alexander Grace's videos the women are all like "Well yea, that is every other girl.... but not me. I'm different" LOLOLOL!
Anton TheManton (3 months ago)
That asian THOT is like..... "Yep this is me all the way".
Steven Babb (3 months ago)
wow these women actually sort of admit reality! excellent question phrasing or you had to cut out 95% of your interviews?
Dranzer Jetli (3 months ago)
Yeah they don't like high status healthy men but high status wealthy men are appealing to them huh no shit women are hypocrite
fusion772 (3 months ago)
"A good life" "security"
fusion772 (3 months ago)
fusion772 (3 months ago)
or, at least, half-truths. lol
Deegan don (3 months ago)
That mixed chick is SEXY!!!! YUMMY
Ibnziyad Tariq (4 months ago)
she talks about the need for security as if she is living in Syria xD
Ibnziyad Tariq (4 months ago)
yea ok so bitch don't go complaining about men looking at you as a sex toy.
Cristian Moya Romero (4 months ago)
Wooooooooow, the first girl...! would anybody get offended if I say that she has awesome breasts?
TonySoprano55 (4 months ago)
My god the girl in the white swimsuit, Roarrrrrrr
Jun Gleno (4 months ago)
Every female from childhood on is waiting for that"Prince Charming" (rich good looking man) to come sweep her off her feet. Then she can live happily ever after. It's every girl's fantasy.
Takashi (4 months ago)
The Filipino-Australian girl is the only hot one.... ^^
Mythical Vigilante (5 months ago)
The asian girl is smokin hot.
ljf3 (5 months ago)
"Go after a man for his things and money? Oh I'd never do that." That's on par with "virgin woman" in terms of lies
zadose (5 months ago)
Using men for atms and women for sex toys is no good, but a woman wanting a man that makes good money instead of being broke ass, isn't a bad thing, it's called having standards.
chemicalsweet13 (5 months ago)
What kind of stupid question is this? Of course a woman is going to look for a successful male. As they should. What do you think, they're going to look for a loser intentionally? To avoid hurting your little feelings? Success is the result of a confluence of positive characteristics. There are exceptions to this rule as there are to all general rules, such as loser men who have inherited money. However in most cases, success means that a man possesses the character traits that yield success. Strong relationship building skills, intelligence, dedication, consistency, determination, forsight and decision making skills all lead to success. Of course a woman will want a man with those traits among others. A smart woman will pick for herself a successful man because she has to choose not only for herself, but for her future children. She has to make a big decision when picking a man to mate with. Will he provide many long years of service to her and her offspring? Will he impart positive traits and characteristics to her offspring? Will he set a positive example for progeny that will aid them in finding their own success? All of these are very serious questions for a thinking woman; not only for herself, not only for her children but for the future of society at large. Now don't assume that i'm referring explicitly to monetary success here. There are many kinds of success and all are important. Monetary success can sometimes be misleading and if a woman makes too shallow an inquest into a mans success she may find herself at the mercy of a dangerous personality. A man who sustained some injury at the hands of a city bus and sued, thus becoming wealthy should not be considered successful. A loser man who descended from a wealthy family but does not grow the family's wealth, instead frivolously expending it without return should also not be considered successful. A woman must discriminate carefully between real success and "fake" success.
r00t hkr (5 months ago)
"Are you attracted to really wealthy men?" "No" --> [translation] --> "Yes, but that would be admitting to a double standard. Which means, if I admit to it, I can't use it as an excuse when I do exactly what I said I don't do."
Hardy Boy (6 months ago)
Which is more of a legit standard in which to choose a relationship from? Attractiveness or their income? "Attractiveness" shows Hey I am genuinely into you you because I am attracted to you" as apposed to "Income" Hey how much money do you earn per year. Notice all, but two women, in this interview wanted to be judged by their income potential.
Keith Smith (6 months ago)
Fish taco- 4:00
OU812 i4got (6 months ago)
So? Women are a hypocrites.....and that's ok!!
Suistamo Karjalainen (6 months ago)
Drop the "beautiful" word in the videos, its pretty common folk there, its not that they are all future models. Some i would say are far from beautiful.
apope06 (6 months ago)
Women call the judging "having his shit together " or "security " or "stable". They have code words they use with each other.
Alan Yuan (6 months ago)
Interviewing beach girls... That's like going up to guys at a strip club and asking if they objectify women
Machi Soup (6 months ago)
Lying ass mfs lmao
puttputt524 (6 months ago)
Famous guy = desirable Famous girl = high maintanence
Brandon Mather (7 months ago)
So much confirmation bias in your comment sections.
AriesMale88 (7 months ago)
Wait your saying if I wear a wife beater I’m as hot as the guy who is rich and has better grooming?
Falcon x (7 months ago)
Absolutely great video...
Tubecreeper (7 months ago)
Just kill me now
Parker Dolan (7 months ago)
“Are you attracted to rich high status men” The woman: right away, no no shaking their heads Bc that’s an easy question to lie about on the spot! Need a trickier question or contradicting one
TheHvk (7 months ago)
This channel is awesome. Really glad I found it.
Fotis Michael (7 months ago)
A lot of comments below from dudes who've seemingly never known decent women. Kind of sad. My advice to you: get over yourselves, better yourselves, and cultivate the ability to detect nuance. The signs are always there distinguishing vapid, superficial succubi from serious, good-natured women. The question is: which ones on the continuum are you deserving of?
matt smith (7 months ago)
At least the women were honest this is their biology they cannot help it.
Jesus Colon (7 months ago)
Awesome fucking work.
nightmareTomek (7 months ago)
My mother has treated me like a success object all my life. This might explain why I'm this cold-hearted red pill, who even rejected girls he was in love with.
Well, they are ashamed to let out that money is their goal in men. They have to lie,or others would judge them as whores.
Alfred Pasly (7 months ago)
That,s all they see $$, when it comes to men.All women dream about that wealthy hedgefund manager, ceo, shareholder driving that expensive car and the Armani suit and that great big house on beach front in any warm weather state or country.
jonathan bacon (7 months ago)
There is little hope of finding happiness with a Western woman today. Woman are just deaply dishonest about what they want.
M (7 months ago)
"Are you attarcted to a successful man?" "No" I wish the camera were off
D_simic (7 months ago)
They might be wealthy but they are ugly and chubby ..and drive ferrari:)
In current society if you have not money... you get not sex... simply as that...
great info (8 months ago)
19 wimps that are offended!
Ben (8 months ago)
That comment from that one woman about not having met any successful men was interesting. It could a part of why these women refuse to claim that they are personally attracted to rich men because they're insecure about not being able to get one. A bit of denial protects them from the self-awareness of their own value. Though there's some hotties here, you'd think they'd get a rich dude
Any Rebel (8 months ago)
the difference is that there's a whole lot of men out there who aren't very picky and alone. I also think it's a bit of a myth that men have high standards. I think a lot of men appreciate or are able to be attracted to anything remotely feminine in nature
The Way (8 months ago)
Yet another Asian I would inseminate....
Psyche Artis (8 months ago)
To all the blue pilled "its in their nature" apologists: It's in my nature to go up to a girl, smack her in the face, and proceed to buttfuck her while screaming "OOGA BOOGA". Should i do that? Being apologetic of someones action because its "in their nature" is asinine. Why is it that we apply morality to the actions of men but when women do immoral actions "oh its alright its in their nature to seek out wealthy men, be whores and be emotional rollercoasters whilst acting like children." It's just letting them get off easy with behaviours that are childish and not appropriate in a 21st century setting. A wealthy man who usually has skills,talents and great ideas (which is how he got there) deserves a woman of EQUAL status, of EQUAL intelligence/creativity, and of EQUAL personality/morality. These girls all have the belief they will some day strike a rich guy and stay with him "just because they have a vagina". I'm not saying "it is the current year", but when we constantly barrage women with the ideas of western degenerate fashion, kim kardashian type-shows, that money is everything, idiotic mainstream music and that only wealthy men are worth pursuing we create a sort of culture that is anti-male. The blue collared man is not appreciated and seen as vermin. It is high time we have surpassed the concept of "its natural" as nature sometimes is destructive, research, understanding and development of ideas that fits our current times, as technology and science progresses is NEEDED to keep an equilibrium between the sexes. Feminists have no right to demand that men act as white knights for them whilst providing NOTHING.
Mrs Victoria (8 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with being attracted to wealthy high status men What they mean is that's not all that's important to them . Some women will only care about money just like some men will ONLY care about looks. However most people want a partner that they find attractive, get on well with and who's not on the dole. I wouldn't have dated a man who didn't work, most men I think wouldn't want a woman who doesn't work. Obviously once children come that may change. All of the wine I know chose men for good reasons and vice versa.
Daniel Kelly (8 months ago)
These are really cool videos but there are factors like the guy who's interviewing, how he asks the questions, being on camera, thinking about who's watching, what they're wearing ect ect which will all influence their answers in the moment.
Caesar Goldean (8 months ago)
women are such liars. they would all kiss my feet if I were wealthy and respected
IAm TheBlurr (8 months ago)
These are addictive interviews, and very well constructed and they seem very well balanced.
A.J. Ello (8 months ago)
These women seem to operate on purely autonomous evolutionary behaviors while also having a thin facade that suggests self-awareness.
Karl Quetzacoatl (8 months ago)
I'm only here for the tits and asses. Disappointed.
Johnnie Tokyo (8 months ago)
Girls and women moisten up and spread 'em for any man they perceive to be wealthy. If the man is camouflaging his high status smart, sexy, experienced women simply switch over to assessing his level of confidence. It's a female skill. Big pipe rates a close second. (Girth) A rich guy with a fat cock has to beat them off with a shitty stick. Ad good manners and a sense of humour and even paired up women will find a half an hour to slip him a phone number or "as long as she feels safe" give him a quickie Bet on it
Assoluto Cosmico (8 months ago)
Its a numbers game. Men have to keep the numbers in their bankstament up while women need to keep those numbers on the weight scale low.
Joe Blow (8 months ago)
What the hell, why are Asian girls in Australia so ugly?!? Wtf Australian women have the worst accent in the world all nasal and annoying asf. Margot Robbie would sound like shit talking like that thank god she doesn't.
Deeper Vision (8 months ago)
Get paid, get laid... As simple as that... Women are wired to seek resources its just how the fuck it is... Women have no depth at all and they shouldn't. And its great cuz what man would want to go through a 5 hour intellectual exchange before getting laid while flashing the lambo keys does the trick? Just get out there and kick ass and make as much money as you can. Trust me everything will just fall into place.
Martin Christian (8 months ago)
i don't blame them girls for pretending but all my 3 sisters went for rich guys. Having said that as long as they happy whos wrong lol
Genius Patriot (8 months ago)
4:06 "that would be sad.."..........Ha ha ha ha ha .... i am like WTF
Coin Howto (8 months ago)
Women love money, so just buy them.
MrAbiel1 (8 months ago)
Well they are kinda young so they are probably in the bad boy phase.. after becoming a single mother they will go into the beta provider phase..
Ben Tj (8 months ago)
Just go back to how nature works and it will all makes sense. A successful man is a good potential provider. That's what females are looking for. A Male to provide for their offspring. And PS: Marriage is NOT a natural thing.
Doug Spencer (8 months ago)
It is dependant on the hotness of the girl. Hot girls KNOW they are hot so are always looking for something better because they perceive themselves as being able to acquire it and thus have that thought sub consciously banked. It all backfires when the bum sags, the thigh gap is lost, the bingo wings develop and the tits droop.
general mayhem (8 months ago)
hey ladies, i'm a self made multi millionaire. never married no kids. want some? ha fuck off. been mgtow all my life and haven't given a woman the time of day for 20 years. life is awesome
Andrew Think (8 months ago)
they sound very reasonable and if you dont think so you are suffering from cognitive dissonance
Samuel Hall (8 months ago)
Contrary to popular belief, women have pretty much no empathy.
Samuel Hall (8 months ago)
When girls know that you as a man are actively unemployed, are they attracted to you? No.
Samuel Hall (8 months ago)
Some real truth in there!
hpqz (8 months ago)
I guess if people were sufficiently self aware and honest to declare their motivations at the time ( the present moment ) there would be less resort to litigation in the untangling process. If a woman is a hypergamous bitch just looking to be screwed in the short term by a " fill in " ( no pun intended ) state  as much and make an arrangement. Same for guys.
luke 1234 (8 months ago)
Ugh....gold diggers🖕
Dave Jones NPC #7388299 (8 months ago)
Human lice.
Saucepan Man (8 months ago)
K. John (8 months ago)
Well that's not proving anything other than the fact that *human beings* judge one another based on superficial factors. This is not a gender exclusive attribute. *That bias comes from education but also personal achievements* that create or destroy relationships through our lives. While many do not want to admit it, the reality of the fact is that *people want to climb the social ladder by some kinds of means and this is nature.* An animal with a broken leg would be found less attractive than one being fully fit, able to provide for that family. No good thinking person would associate themselves with a person that would not pull them to the top. Yes, you have bills to pay and life is not just about partying, sex and music. However, there's sometimes *a distortion between what is perceived and the reality.* That's where deception comes into place and people's stubbornness to pursue the same path despite experience also happens to be true. But, that's another story. It happens that some people are less superficial than others. *Everyone has a degree of superficiality.* *Superficiality does not just include money.* A guy interested in nature and saving the world will superficially underrate a girl who would not be educated in that department. A geek whose life is coding will superficially rate a typical blond girl as idiotic, uneducated or useless. Certainly, that latter guy would feel more empowered by a girl whose purpose is also parametric equations or mechanical science. It just so happens. *The whole purpose is to mitigate that level of bias in case we don't miss out on great people.*
MGTOWSIUS (8 months ago)
You should be doing these interviews with more than one person to protect you from false accusations. I hope you have witnesses that will back you up as your work is quite risky.
MGTOWSIUS (8 months ago)
Ladies...... It's okay to admit you are attracted to resources and wealth. It is part of human evolution and part of your biology to want a man who can provide. Being attracted to a man who cannot provide (resources and money) who go against evolution and would complicate your ability to provide for your children. Just remember when all men know the truth, they will mostly likely believe that you are not worthy of the access to a mans wealth and resources....... And judging by the current game that is rigged against men..... The men are right.
Dorian Thomas (8 months ago)
women only love their children unconditionally, and their man conditionally. Resources +fucking her ass to sleep will be the only way you keep her. If you care too
deletethischannel (8 months ago)
Alexander Grace, you are sexy
bullls eye (8 months ago)
1:36 are you personally attracted to high status men... no, no, no, ??? - talk about blatant lies.. can't admit the truth to us !!! further in the video... you can see they have not even paid any thought at all to how guys feel being judged on their status instead of their personalities...

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