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Beastie Boys. Girls!

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This is a sick Music video i made from girls by the beastie boys. Its awsome. watch and tell me what you think.
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Text Comments (85)
khan konner (1 year ago)
Yo it’s me Griffin (2 years ago)
This guy who made it is jerking off its just a lot of iteits dancing
The1997Hman (3 years ago)
This is awesome
Yan liang (3 years ago)
watch a 2:55 long video of retards dancing
KOMANDERCHAOS (3 years ago)
God they suck
betoski (4 years ago)
looks like fun XD
hamilton721 (4 years ago)
sorry, one rung lower than She's On It and that isn't exactly a compliment
Ashrak Caprica (4 years ago)
oh mann wahren dat noch zeiten ! danke you tupe !
heidi himmelberg (5 years ago)
my crush (who also likes me) was singing this the other day!!! it was rreally akward!!!
Esme Pineda (5 years ago)
i agree with pat cyr
bob ette (5 years ago)
Pat Cyr (6 years ago)
the girl playing the trombone is doing it right :P
Krazyassassin 17 (6 years ago)
this is a cool viedo but i relly like it
sparkyramones123 (6 years ago)
pretty funny
luis avila (6 years ago)
I love you MOLOTOV...
TheCrazycody31 (6 years ago)
awesome video XD
ziggyplayguitar (6 years ago)
i alwayd though it was "two" not "to" since he sings "two at a time i want girls!"
Kafei15 (6 years ago)
lol gotta love tuba guy
Scott Hasenbuhler (6 years ago)
Thats the lyrics to the song homie...
Ed Potor (6 years ago)
yeah good luck with that one bud, try it out and tel us how it works, go back to the 40's.
chrispy113 (6 years ago)
gay as in happy -.-
kopul8029 (6 years ago)
shit thats only i can say..about video..sounds great!!!
d faze (6 years ago)
some times when i am at home alone a hang on a tree and act like a banna
Josiah Mejia (6 years ago)
whitelightning003 (7 years ago)
Band Kids by and chance?
Tayler Anderson (7 years ago)
i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
skulls96 (7 years ago)
funny as hell
Maggie Ramirez (7 years ago)
....band creeps -.- :D
kguthrie5518 (7 years ago)
@restricted2blunts YOU FUCKER!!!
kguthrie5518 (7 years ago)
@marcotmv Washingotn
Stephania Rodriguez (7 years ago)
haha it remindd me of a night at roxbury nice vid.(:
morgan hall (7 years ago)
i loved it that was so good
Joseph Harding (7 years ago)
I disliked it cuz of what you sed in the subscription
Partofme (7 years ago)
that was sick! nice work
doveston1 (7 years ago)
shit ! no girls only gays!
john (7 years ago)
Thats pretty good!
La la LA (7 years ago)
That was a freaking miraphone!
Sage Lin (7 years ago)
weird but cool and funny
Pilar Pantoja (7 years ago)
Was Reeaally Good : )
palermo121 (7 years ago)
Very Creative, it was entertaining. especially the Girls
@marcotmv This was in a Washington state lol
Koukigreen (7 years ago)
lol this shit was funny good camera work...LOL the trambon player in red was halarious towards the end solo dancing
Martianhammock (7 years ago)
grocket16 (7 years ago)
they're like rapists! lol!
damian kutbach (7 years ago)
pretty cool!!! i liked how the girls jumped out of the way!!!!
gabe2234 (7 years ago)
kimberly finley (7 years ago)
this was sum funny shyt lol good job props for everyone in it lol i love that song its my favorite song lol
Nani Ruiz (7 years ago)
its so funny : P
PACMovies (7 years ago)
Dat trombone player
Sasquatch Models (7 years ago)
you said it was awesome....i watched the entire thing waiting for the awesome part......WHACK
chaplain327 (7 years ago)
funny how the black guy dances the worst
The Rarest Pepe (7 years ago)
2:6 to2:9 the guy in the green shirt LOL :)
Nikki Reisinger (7 years ago)
Very cute!
brittanyg (7 years ago)
i like 0:17 ;D The guy with the white shirt....yeaaahh(:!
Jay Miles (7 years ago)
um ok
DarthTofu2 (7 years ago)
Pretty fly.
IrOnKeN333 (7 years ago)
this is like sexual harassment x1000 but works for the music :)
Tyler N (8 years ago)
this is good enough to be an offical music video great job!
Brandon J-Smalls (8 years ago)
0:16-0:20 is major gay but the rest is ok
Malcolm Sievers (8 years ago)
hold it hold it hold it. black people in a beastie boys video? when did that happen?
Tara Ann (8 years ago)
This is my 10yr old sons favorite song! lmao
Devyn Parker (8 years ago)
Pretty decent! Nice work
Shaylee Simmons (8 years ago)
I thought it was going to suck, but I ended up loving it and sharing it with my friends *-* hehehe
Captain Tenacious (8 years ago)
Oh god
Kyler C (8 years ago)
the tuba kids amazing
fillipinodude (8 years ago)
too much stupid dance add more original creative stuff to it
The Fucking Eagles (8 years ago)
How is this funny? Idk if i have seen a gayer video...
dhag72 (8 years ago)
haha that was pretty funny good job!
The Fucking Eagles (8 years ago)
very gay
Darky3334 (8 years ago)
thats what u think but no1 eles thinks that
GraceAnn (8 years ago)
i love this
Misterprickly (8 years ago)
I was in grade 6 when that came out! Fun to watch then... fun to watch now!
Tanner Shroyer (1 year ago)
Edubbplate (8 years ago)
those chicks are hot! Good job boys.
InnerFrei (8 years ago)
ahahahahahahhahaha funny!!! ^^ 5 stars from italy!
gustavodioni (8 years ago)
jajaja,,,, exelente!! saludos!! de argentina!!
thelrgwashere (9 years ago)
Great job! Very creative.
Andy Drew (9 years ago)
hahaha the part where there running across the street from behing the cars was classic! XD this vid made me rofl
natalie lopez (9 years ago)
pause at 00:14 and look at the guy in the green shirt hilarious!!! XD
shantayy0713 (9 years ago)
lmfao i love itt :D
bosynurek (9 years ago)
i have heard it for the first time, looking for it long and fint now that is beastie boys stuff really cool
TheWeeman007 (9 years ago)
cool vid
Darrion Harris (9 years ago)
ryan stop hatin those girls were freakin sexy as hell damn i wish all those lived on my block haha we have the block rokin!!!! and the bed
Ryan Unbedacht (9 years ago)
this video sucks. who ever filmed it is a horrible person. worst video on youtube. song sucks, actors suck, actresses suck, musicians suck, set sucks, filmer sucks, EVERYTHING SUCKS.
Ryusei X (9 years ago)
It's so fun xD!!

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