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Dollar - You Give Me Some Kinda Magic (TOTP 1982)

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Dollar - You Give Me Some Kinda Magic (Top Of The Pops 1982) Full track, redubbed. Additional footage from here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe5nqzzjPSA
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Text Comments (12)
Deborah Armstrong (15 days ago)
They looked so cocky.
Otto W (29 days ago)
i only had one problem with these pop group....i did not know who i wanted to shag first!!!!
Wolfreespirit Rebel (6 months ago)
Helmut McFranklinstein (8 months ago)
Only watched this for Thereza. :)
Halloweenville (10 months ago)
I remember saying in the late 80's how Dollar were so dated and 80's looking, THAT'S how 80's they were, even in the 80's they looked soooo 80's, now i can't stop watching and loving them.
Lee Engelsman (1 month ago)
The simple answer is that the eighties were very tacky and gimmicky.
Pedro Perez (1 year ago)
ZanduckTV2 (1 year ago)
I put this on a pub internet jukebox that played album tracks (from the Platinum Collection), thought the regulars would enjoy it, even if wasn't what they'd listen to ordinarily. When it appeared in the play queue, someone loudly exclaimed DOLLAR?! NOT HAVING ANY OF THAT F****** w***! GET RID OF IT!!! This is ace, so feelgood, and they wrote it themselves, even if David is a knob.
Halloweenville (10 months ago)
why didn't you say to the punters, hey i'm not having any of you here, kicked them out and kept the CD playing, it's what i wouda done
Jason Scotcher (1 year ago)
Dollar are indeed magic....
kevin allcock (1 year ago)
SpyGuyUK (1 year ago)
Who's been watching Top of the Pops 1982?!?! Nice job but what did you do - Overdub from CD or Vinyl?

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