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Fighting is Magic - Octavia Theme

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This theme is not mine and is not the official Octavia's theme. All MLP:FiM characters' rights belong to Hasbro.
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Raptormon OneThreeTwo (1 month ago)
This theme sounds like something out of a Yu-Gi-Oh! based game.
Gumball AJ (2 months ago)
Vigilante? :v
Ethan Vo (2 months ago)
This mixes the very idea of the classical with the Rock Age in a beautiful blend of style and graceful transition.
Vi-Chan (3 months ago)
Owen (4 months ago)
SSF2 Revolution :v
Tyler Pierce (4 months ago)
This should be in the Guns Drums and Steel music remix pack for Europa Universalis IV.
Jon Schretzman (5 months ago)
This is from the old Vigilante 8 game
Nin10Boy 6464 (6 months ago)
Who names their channel "Johnny" thats an asshole's name.
stingking (6 months ago)
YAAAAAAA fighting is magic love this song!!!
comandante STORM SIO (7 months ago)
Musica epica miau
Octavia Stafford (8 months ago)
This doesn't fit with my personality.
Galaxdia Sinsira (9 months ago)
How does a string instrument fit in with this?!?! It's so perfect!
KazakhBall (11 months ago)
Я от Грея
Lirema (11 months ago)
Reminds me of Sonic. Not sure why O_o
Lps TempestousShadow (11 months ago)
Not bad...🐹🐹🐹
johnnyPorta45 MLP (11 months ago)
Samantha Todd (1 year ago)
I'm getting TSO vibes...
Roni Carlos64 (1 year ago)
Is this no strings attached
Alice Potatoes :3 (1 year ago)
1500 hp
Anonymous AJ (1 year ago)
Now this is what you call a perfect Boss Battle Theme.
Russell Meaux (1 year ago)
I listened to this while playing Nazi Zombies, I actually done better
Andrew Greig (1 year ago)
Octavia doesn't "Combo." She Barriolages.
Gunjα Fury (1 year ago)
What is this? The 80s?
Zenith.Exe (1 year ago)
I'm still mad...
DDisconnect (1 year ago)
I could swear this is from Vigilante 8.
Johnny (1 year ago)
+Skimurmit So did I ;)
DDisconnect (1 year ago)
+Johnny Nice. Loved that game as a kid.
Johnny (1 year ago)
It is.
AlexiSonic (1 year ago)
Sadism2019 (1 year ago)
Absolute glory.
NotChase (2 years ago)
at first I thought the guitar didn't fit now I'm thinking it is
Amethystlicious (2 years ago)
Fave track, it reminds me of King Croacus's boss theme
The Brony Soldier 89B (2 years ago)
Playing No Man's Sky listening to this... damn it's good flight music.
James Capwell (2 years ago)
the beginning really gives me the Proffesor Layton vibes
it reminds me of a beat and rythem game...
James Capwell (2 years ago)
+Lord Slicer disagreed then
Lord Slicer (2 years ago)
+James Capwell In ways but teh beginning sounds like Mario Galaxy to me at least
James Capwell (2 years ago)
+Lord Slicer yeah, even though I really think it's more like Proffesor Layton
Lord Slicer (2 years ago)
Reminds me of Mario Galaxy in a way
ThatOneGuyFox (2 years ago)
only thing good about mlp is this game...
Andrew W (2 years ago)
Максим Г. (2 years ago)
Why I'm thinking about Quake expansions?
My LIttle Pony x Guilty Gear soundtrack. MAKE IT HAPPEN HASBRO... sometime... soon preferably
hun you (2 years ago)
ImDeMysteryoso (2 years ago)
I don't know why Hasbro take this game down.
Parth Patel (2 years ago)
+Kyle Aubrey Del Mundo It got news coverage and got to the point where Hasbro had to either risk setting a bad precedent for the use of its trademarks by letting people use them without permission or shut them down. Most other works they can claim deniability. What's important to note is that they didn't necessarily *want* to take the game down, they *had* to for legal reasons. But don't quote me on that one, legal things are hard and I don't understand the situation entirely.
Astrum (2 years ago)
Bloody Hell I really love this Freaking song
Fatal Potatoe (2 years ago)
I agree, *sniff*
Lawana Griffith (2 years ago)
That is rock and roll
michalbert6022 (2 years ago)
did this song come from a movie sound track or what? cuz this is epic!
Elmyria Faenala (2 years ago)
Yeah, hasbro called the project off. There are still unofficial releases of the game about the internet though.
michalbert6022 (2 years ago)
+Storm Fire thats a bummer that the game never got released
michalbert6022 (2 years ago)
+Sky Sword i ment from MLPAG but now i know its from an MLP game that was never released
Sky Sword (2 years ago)
+Storm Fire Its a fan work for a fan work of a kids show.
Elmyria Faenala (2 years ago)
+michalbert6022 I believe that this is fanmade for a MLP game that was never released.
Steel Crescent (2 years ago)
This song plays when i play Legend Of Zelda Parallel worlds and i have to climb the parallel Tower twice.
Steel Crescent (2 years ago)
+Dr. Tex It's a rom hack of Link To the Past. Give it a shot. It's a ton of fun but is hard. There are 3 versions you can find on RomHacking.net. 1.Normal Parallel Worlds. 2.Parallel World God Mode/Cane Of Byrna. 3.Parallel Remodel(easier version)
Dr. Tex (2 years ago)
Parallel Worlds? I've heard of a Link Between Worlds, but not that one...
Maud Pie (2 years ago)
This song rocks. 1.25x speed recommended!
Tyler Pierce (4 months ago)
Super SketchyRed (1 year ago)
Maud Pie *rocks.*
UnknownWanabe (2 years ago)
Maud Pie (2 years ago)
+UnknownWanabe I could see that; it'd be more of an epic movie theme as opposed to action-y.
MCcarlos235 (2 years ago)
+UnknownWanabe Yeah....
Suzette C. (2 years ago)
I can imagine how epic would Octavia be on the battlefield... fighting with music *_*
loke (3 days ago)
she's a warrior bard
Laura Link (2 months ago)
yeah I want to see some kinf of animation!!
stingking (6 months ago)
Suzette C. Ya me to shy will be epic
MarchingArts (1 year ago)
Suzette C. She is, She's in Warframe XD jk, but there is a Frame named Octavia, I kid you not, she kills things with music
TheScape55 (2 years ago)
Not really huge on MLP, but, it's really cool that you guys are resurrecting such a nostalgic little tune. Here I was thinking the great soundtracks of the PSX era were long dead to anyone but the gamers who grew up during that era and here you guys are breathing some new life into an old favorite. It may not be associated with Vigilante 8 anymore, save for those of us who grew up with it, but it makes me happy to see people enjoying something that was a huge part of my childhood. Rock on you pony bastards, rock on.
Tyler Pierce (4 months ago)
Now listen to it on 1.5 speed. The guy playing electric guitar sounds like he's literally putting his hands in an automatic cheese grater, but it sounds AMAZING.
The song name is darude sandstorm
Legit 'lol'ed. Nicely played.
UnknownWanabe (2 years ago)
+ADANKGIO FOSHIZZLE Darude Sandstorm Is better than this anyway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tommy Johnson (2 years ago)
Elmyria Faenala (2 years ago)
Sh4dowWalker96 (3 years ago)
I have now remembered why this one was my favorite out of them.
SuperBananaDave (3 years ago)
Vigilante 8 brought me here XD.
Drew Morgan (3 years ago)
HOLY SHIT!! This is a cover of a song from Vigilante 8! I haven't heard this song in YEARS!
Heroman237 (3 years ago)
Its just track 7 i guess.
Drew Morgan (3 years ago)
I cant seem to find an official name for it, although names for the tracks do exist in the original ISO
Heroman237 (3 years ago)
+Drew Morgan (Spyro) What is it called?
اغنية حلو
Nich Kin (3 years ago)
Kinda sounds like Blind Guardian.
Heroman237 (3 years ago)
best montage music...
Stormdrake (3 years ago)
this song kinda reminds me of the song called white devil in a game
poolcito92 (3 years ago)
good nice verynice!!!!!!!!!!
Chase Short (3 years ago)
Thecrystopilisempire (3 years ago)
This looks really cool! I love the classic music combind with metal music.
Tezz Gamelord (3 years ago)
The problem is that they didn't put enough emphasis on what SHOULD have made the focus of the song, the violin and cello. However, they put I'de say 60% of the focus on the guitar, the classical stringed instruments seem to have a hard time peering out from behind the veil of the electric guitars. Still okay for a fighting game for Octavia, but it doesn't have the feeling of her that it should be portraying. The strings need to be more emphasized.
Phantom Eclipse (3 years ago)
This track is amazing :3
RedVelvetRave (3 years ago)
That moment when you realize that Octavia's theme is more epic than vinyl scratch's theme 0_o
Cute Shaymin (3 years ago)
if I had to choose this and twilight's thyme this wins by far
super doofus (3 years ago)
Awesome! I think this would fit with a battle scene in a movie.
Narwhalicornisrex (3 years ago)
this track is good, but i don't think Octavia when i hear it.
PLASM4T1X (1 year ago)
maybe it's because this song is from vigilante 8
Deci (3 years ago)
+TrueFriends HelpMoveBodies not an official one, per se, but she does have an agreed upon fannon personality that is almost universal. Considering how close an eye Hasbro keeps on the fandom, I'm rather sure they're aware of it, even.
Ivan Pozdeev (3 years ago)
+TrueFriends HelpMoveBodies It basically derives from the RL stereotype of a female classical musician - neat, gentle and classy - which the little footage in the show suggests she is. The portrayal, is, of course, specific to fan works. They have small variations yet generally stick to that image.
Your Gay Father (3 years ago)
+Ivan Pozdeev ...Does Octavia even...HAVE a character?
Ivan Pozdeev (3 years ago)
Well, Octavia doesn't get into brawls so that's already out of character. If she ever has to fight, she'd probably use hit-and-run and stuff around her.
Lola L. (3 years ago)
Epic, I have no words to describe it!
super doofus (3 years ago)
Maybe in words it could be..... EPIC TIMES 9001 (IT'S OVER 9000!)
Pistola (3 years ago)
This is the best music of MLP Fighting is Magic!
ooh god! this is one of the most fucking amazing song that i have heard
Isurvolte (3 years ago)
Like a song's boss :P
UnknownWanabe (3 years ago)
Whoever did this soundtrack... he surpassed the level of awesomeness. This music Is epic!
Roni Carlos64 (1 year ago)
Finally a true commentary
UnknownWanabe (1 year ago)
... Thanks a lot for the Info [And I really mean It. Makes more sense to me].
PLASM4T1X (1 year ago)
this song is from vigilante 8
Bloodmane1987 (3 years ago)
Classic + Metal = Music for the gods
Franklin Clinton (1 year ago)
Roni Carlos64 This is a Vigilante awesome version for any action movie maybe. I mean, who would this song match besides Octavia?
Roni Carlos64 (1 year ago)
Its Vigilante 8
Bornikai1477 (3 years ago)
Love it!!
Gisela Victoriano (3 years ago)
I absolutly love it :)
Tom Snediker (3 years ago)
this is the l song from death note
Mauricio Jimenez (3 years ago)
I listen this and i want to do more parkour and tricking
joiless (3 years ago)
Sounds kind of Guilty Gear-esque.
brandon brandon (3 years ago)
this should be a boss battle  theme
Shinda Tenshi (3 years ago)
AxelAvalonXIII94 (4 years ago)
Not the official theme? It might as well be due to how awesome it is.
Denver the furry gamer (4 years ago)
so epic
♀Arska Gaming♀ (4 years ago)
Symphonic Metal \m/
Superandultra Youtube (4 years ago)
Woah, that opening. Is EPIC!
Aqlogenesis (4 years ago)
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey st… wait this isn't doctor who DAMIT!!!
Geordi Zonneveld (3 years ago)
Geordi Zonneveld (3 years ago)
+Mangled Derp tv™  GERONIMOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Eryvene VA (3 years ago)
+Mangled Derp ^^
Aqlogenesis (3 years ago)
+EryMeep VA fantastic
Aura Guardian (4 years ago)
Almost sounds like something out of the Tekken franchise (except more orchestrated).........I love it!
glotos23 (4 years ago)
Best song from the game 0_0 :D
Koshikurio (4 years ago)
Story Mode (Pinkie Pie / Vinyl) Battle Stage: Canterlot: Royal Ball Room Opponent: Octavia Theme Song: THIS! Intro: PinkiePie / Vinyl: WHOOO!! Paartaay! Let's turn up the FUNK / BASS in here!          Octavia: What in the...? Don't you dare! BATTLE!
Tyler Pierce (4 months ago)
This actually makes a solid amount of sense. Surprise surprise.
Hurdy (4 years ago)
Funk. My personal Vinyl is old school.
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm (4 years ago)
I am literally tripping out of my seat because of how awesome this theme is! Too bad it isn't the original theme, that would be even better! This kind of stuff is what real music is about. It's all about melody, tuning, and awesome stuff and such like that, not about that crap that comes from those fake pop bands and such. Do't judge, I'm not that good with describing music and such, but I know what I'm talking about. xD
Tyler Pierce (4 months ago)
Dude, I'm ALWAYS tripping out of my seat. I write string music on the side- i'm HORRIBLE at it, but I try- and this shit inspired me.
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm (3 years ago)
+Snoipar's amazin' videos I'm everywhere.
+DivineRockStar101 I FOUND YOU AGAIN
Thane (4 years ago)
Listen to this while boarding a ship in Assassin's Creed black Flag. One word: LIKEABOSS
Alcina Morello (4 years ago)
this is like a boss batle
DW (4 years ago)
Uh oh Octavia would kick our asses have you her in once upon a time in canter lot
MLPzombiexX (4 years ago)
every body get the game fighting is magic so awsome but hard but raritys pretty easy
pvt blu (4 years ago)
my friend loves the remix of her theme (used in team fortress 2 's vs ponyville
PLASM4T1X (4 years ago)
vigilante 8 all alone ;_; stupid ponies 
Abraham The Bad Badger (4 years ago)
FruitsPunch Samurai (4 years ago)
if you play this while in the middle of a quest in " spirit animals" the quest will fell awesome! ( especialy if you complete it)
Gerald Kern (4 years ago)
Feeling like i can take the world hearing this song
Chloe Rytherr (4 years ago)
This is my favorite song from the game o-o
Cobalt (3 years ago)
+Chloe Rytherr It never made it into the game lol
TP. Night (4 years ago)
+Chloe Rytherr basically, this is a cover / remix of a song from another game, if I understood it right. :) 
Chloe Rytherr (4 years ago)
PLASM4T1X (4 years ago)
the soundtrack original is from vigilante 8
Warhawk (4 years ago)
It sounds great! I hope it gets used for Fighting is Magic via a downloadable mod or something, or perhaps for the Fighting is Magic Tribute game
HOBBY CHANNEL (4 years ago)
MK Balefire (4 years ago)
U get a gold star and a cookie!
Xzavior Sioc (4 years ago)
Hey Octavia! Lets hear some classic. O.o Now I love classic. Thanks Octi!
Luna Sparkle M (4 years ago)
I love this!
twotailedavenger (4 years ago)
Sounds a bit like the swamp planet from the second Ratchet & Clank game.
Thecrystopilisempire (3 years ago)
Yeah and metal music too.
twotailedavenger (3 years ago)
+Sonja Farrington Yes, it sounds like the Oozla theme with a Trans-Siberian Orchestra-ish feel.
Thecrystopilisempire (3 years ago)
+twotailedavenger I agree.
alex de sousa (4 years ago)
i love octavia <3

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