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#Xconvos: The Dating Game Part 2

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Has the game changed? A lively discussion on the 2016 dating game, who should pay, dating expectations, deal breakers, social media and more, that culminates in 10 dating rules for 2016. Follow us on Twitter, IG, & Pinterest: @theAlibiXstory Sign up for the newest dating app #TRiBL, "A community where culture matters" @ www.tribl.date Need a website or app? Check out our digital services here: http://www.siliconjungle.co/digitalin... Purchase our Merchandise here: http://www.alibix.co/shop
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Todd Dockery (2 years ago)
Everyone isn't thinking about marriage... what happened to dating to have fun?
Black Butterfly (2 years ago)
You definitely touched on an important point. People should express what their intentions are as it relates to dating. Dating should be fun and enjoyable. However, for some people, they are not looking to just pass time with numerous. They are looking for someone to build with, which typically includes marriage. People should be upfront about what they want and what they are looking for. If it's to have fun and meet people, say that. If it's to find a mate or partner, speak up. No one has time for games and miscommunication.

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