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Deep Sea Photo Fishing - LEGO City - (2D) Mini Movie

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The LEGO® City Deep Sea explorers are off on their underwater photo safari. When one diver faces his greatest fear, the submariner must come to his rescue! Dive into your own deep sea adventures on http://www.LEGO.com/city!
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Tran Phuong (2 years ago)
Xe lua thiet
Guy Who Knew Too Much (2 years ago)
M2Film made better ones
Sahand Arsalan (2 years ago)
Slime Fist (2 years ago)
Chris Van De Schraaf (3 years ago)
DORA met de koffer
bedriye atci (3 years ago)
Kara Shepherd (3 years ago)
no u r
rezuh (3 years ago)
Logan ABCD (3 years ago)
Kyle_Warrior (3 years ago)
Cyprigo Ninjago (3 years ago)
pouquoi c'est pas en francais
Shirley (3 years ago)
6th comment
6th comment :)
TheFororGamingTr (3 years ago)
First Comment
jhonatan bojorquez (3 years ago)
$s $s ñ
GREG PS (3 years ago)
Lehani Francisco (3 years ago)
Very funny
Yeahx Nah (3 years ago)
yay lego
Kara Shepherd (3 years ago)
1 comment
Sarp.a Sofia (2 years ago)
GREG PS (3 years ago)

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