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Teaching Math Without Words, A Visual Approach to Learning Math

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Matthew Peterson, CEO of MIND Research Institute, speaks at TEDx Orange Coast, explaining how words are great barriers to learning for a majority of students. His own struggles with dyslexia and inspiration from Albert Einstein led him to ask the question: can we teach math without words? MIND Research Institute has created a visual approach to learning and teaching math with its ST Math Software. Through visual math games that are interactive with visual feedback, students learn math with amazing results. ST Math software utilizes years of neuroscience research that teaches kids how to excel in math problem solving utilizing the students spatial temporal reasoning abilities in a language independent visually driven software platform. Matthew's cutting-edge teaching methods are currently benefiting over 1,200,000 students in 3,200 schools across the United States. Learn more and play ST Math: https://www.stmath.com/ ----------- About MIND: MIND Research Institute is a social benefit organization dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. Learn more about MIND Research Institute: http://www.mindresearch.org ------------ Join the learning community on social media! MIND Twitter: https://twitter.com/mind_research ST Math Twitter: https://twitter.com/jijimath Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JiJiMath/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jijimath/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mind-research-institute/
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Text Comments (206)
Gshkent (1 month ago)
I really can’t comprehend how even 83 people didn’t like this. They must of not stuck around for the profound leap in students and math grades!
Social Mathematics (1 month ago)
Waste of Time.
PAN CAKE (2 months ago)
I’m struggling with math
PAN CAKE (2 months ago)
Aw, thank you so much! I am currently in the sixth grade and have a test coming up, now I want to do the test! That touches my heart. Thanks again :)
MIND Research Institute (2 months ago)
Hi! Thank you for sharing. Please ask your teacher and parents for help with math. You can do it! 💛🐧
Carol Robertson (3 months ago)
Mathew, you are so brilliant, thank you for all your sharing. This makes complete sense we learn through our senses. I am wondering how you went about making the animations.
Frances Lockhart (7 months ago)
Computer software is great but it doesn't foster enquiry in the physical world, spacial sense, cause and effect, motion, force, etc. Science and math concepts waiting to be discovered by the child in their world. They think mathematically and apply it to the world around them. There's a place for software but they also need us to support and extend their play in the real world.
Truth Pohl (10 months ago)
I love this and am getting this for my child...and unfortunately myself. Brilliant!
MIND Research Institute (10 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for ST Math! Welcome to the community! 💛🐧
Chris Pyves (1 year ago)
If you think about it maths starts off being visual. If you are counting animals grazing on the savanah of Africa you can use pebbles to represent how many are in your herd. Later back in the village you can compare your pebbles with another herder and see who has the most. They didn't use numbers they used objects as visual representations and explained what they had. There is no reason why you can't teach arithmetic involving quite large numbers to children before using words for numbers. When you get fed up carrying large sacks of pebbles around you find out that there is an easy way to condense your pile into a tally of markings using the power of two. You have now created binary arithmetic which can handle sums and calculations quite easily without memorisation or using fancy techniques or methods. Its just ones and zeros. This is evident in the oldest game in Africa which also doubles up as an abacus. It also explains how & why the egyptians got their methodology for multiplication & the way they recorded fractions. What is important is that people understand what they are doing and can explain their methodology/workings to others and find a way of checking or confirming that their result is accurate.
Thank you for your thoughtful reply and interesting historical examples. We've also been interested in the history of math and math through games in ancient Africa. Yes, explaining thinking is very important - and we find, that in the absence of language in the ST Math program, many students start mathematical conversations or use a combination of words and pictures to explain their thinking. Thanks for sharing! 💛🐧
いいえ (1 year ago)
In Australia it's *law* to use words in maths and problem solving
Willie Bostwick (1 year ago)
What is the name of the game?
Hi Willie! The name of the program is ST Math, and you can learn more about it here: https://www.stmath.com/
Victoria Garza (1 year ago)
Can you help me please sir.
Hi Victoria. Thank you for reaching out. How might we be able to help you?
Amanda D (1 year ago)
I LOVED this talk. Im also a Visual learner.Im 29 with Hydrocephalus and ADD.Im ALSO intellectually at a 5th grade level in Math.I struggle SO much with in fact,Ive taken My Math portion of the GED 7 times.I will definately look at the videos this channel has,as well as the blog website.I just dont have the means for the software.Anyway enough of My babbling,this gives Me some hope I can learn this though. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr. Peterson.
Thank you for sharing your story, Amanda! Everyone can learn math! For the blog, maybe start with these articles: http://blog.mindresearch.org/blog/research-shows-students-learn-better-when-they-figure-things-out-on-their-own http://blog.mindresearch.org/blog/math-anxiety http://blog.mindresearch.org/blog/math-manipulatives-digital
BlendFlix Animation (1 year ago)
0:45 This guy's statistics is shitty. The slices of the pie chart can overlap with each other. This could be better represented with a Venn Diagram, but he chose to make each slice distinct and not overlapping. That causes the non-words learner section to be overwhelmingly large. WTF
以蔵岡田 (1 year ago)
Where can I find this program/games?
ochgottnochma (1 year ago)
Too bad the software is sold for US citizens only.
wenli chang (1 year ago)
It may be a optional to learn math, but education is training students improving their ability in a whole. Reading is a very important part even in learning math. Otherwise, when they move to higher math they will have trouble.
Robert Markstein (1 year ago)
The examples of algebraic concepts were confusing and I wonder what percentage of students would understand them. The one that illustrated a quadratic equation using a pipeline and blocks was particularly bizarre and incomprehensible, and I note that it never made any link at all between the weird graphics and a traditional mathematical formulation. Assuming that a student understood the cartoon illustration, how would he or she use that insight to solve a different equation, and what format would they express the solution in if they had not learned how to read and write a traditional equation?
Sravani Paraselli (1 year ago)
till today i never knew math can be taught this easy way .
tpsu129 (1 year ago)
1, half second example for algebra 1. I doubt Omar would have gotten it.
Jasper Reinhardt (1 year ago)
why is he using so many words? love this, however.
Carlos Tarnowski (1 year ago)
Congrats, man!
Jimmy Gunawan (1 year ago)
Kind of like Nodes and script Programming.
The Altimate Gamer (1 year ago)
wow that is so clever
tammy dwight (1 year ago)
so true...failef algebra four times cause the author of the algebra book had a very large confusing ego along with an obnoxious CD
Clyde Delaplane (1 year ago)
Where can I find these?
Moon Chickens (2 years ago)
I get this and love the concept, but find it difficult to put into practice in the real world. Basically this is a non teacher method of learning. learning through play and exploration, but means the actual teacher is missing and we are instead paying for a game/app. Would like to see this concept explored with an actual teacher
TatTvamAsi (1 year ago)
Back in high school and even before that, I never saw the importance of a teacher. I was always able to use visual aids to learn better than asking a teacher for help. In fact, teachers scared me because it felt like they were judging me for asking questions. I remember being so embarrassed for "asking a dumb question" on the toxicity of a chemical when the Merck Index (hidden in the cupboard) "was right behind me".
Moon Chickens (2 years ago)
MIND any older learners examples? I currently teach gcse
Ronxano Cukaj (2 years ago)
math formula seems more to tell us the form not the behavior of mater.
samberhanu (2 years ago)
the blind leading the blind....ehhhh..... I still think the people who study English and philosophy are the best mathematicians if they ever understood that it really is the same....people think that there is a big jump between arts and sicence...oh how so false this premise is. I do agree that even in Engineering a little visiulization goes a long way to understanding an equation or a model but it's false to assume without knowing the langugage there can even be a point of reference to start from. Such a glib and ridiculously simplistic view
Justin Chan (2 years ago)
had same thought as his before but people who lean on humanities and rely on languages just disagreed with me....
Kathy W. (2 years ago)
I think it is good to have students learn things as many different ways as possible. However, if students always feel that they are not getting concepts because they are not being taught "according to their learning style", in my opinion, I don't think that is always helpful. Part of learning is developing determination and grit, and trying to understand as much as you can via different explanations, including using standard mathematical language.
mdpa80 (2 years ago)
I'm 36 years old but still need to know how to get hold of your programme thanks for getting back to me
mdpa80 (2 years ago)
mindresurch I have dyslexia and dyscalculia but would love to learn maths so much! A simple math Q like a fraction or % I'm stuck on I need maths to progress to higher education to enter uni. what is this programme to us need help man
mdpa80 (2 years ago)
mindresurch I have dyslexia and dyscalculia but would love to learn maths so much! A simple math Q like a fraction or % I'm stuck on I need maths to progress to higher education to enter uni. what is this programme to us need help man
2815Juan (2 years ago)
To the negative comments. This doesn't have to be a new idea. Words are important to learn with. But the visual might be the "ah" factor for many to understand math. Were all created just a little different. None of us will ever learn exactly the same way. So I see this as a great tool. To the comment that this is old news and the Greeks used similar ways. Explain to all of us what is really new? Every discovery is actually right there just waiting for one of us to understand. God opens the door to all our thoughts and dreams. We haven't come close to our true potential
hustler3of4culture3 (2 years ago)
students identify as "visual learners" because they watch TV, use screens, etc. your missing the point of math. it is a language with grammar and nouns, adjectives, verbs etc. in short it has words. it's hilarious that you think this might be new. Euclid and the geometers of ancient Greece constructed numbers with line segments. this is not ground breaking stuff. math is a universal language that scientists around the globe can use to explain physical phenomena. next you'll tell me how you can teach me German without words. poppycock. words are the tools we use to transmit messages to the future. the not words thing is good for thinking about graphs of functions and the behavior of functions but you still have to convey your understanding of their meaning with words. it's what we have. take that away from math and you incorrectly separate it from the liberal arts and transpose it to the visual arts. I can't find the words right now because you are just being silly. this is a joke right?
Michael Pate (1 year ago)
How the hell does technology decrease comprehension? If you actually understood technology, you'd realize that the opposite is true.
Michael Pate (1 year ago)
Visual learning is fundamental to life. If you don't see this, and you probably don't, you're an idiot.
Carlos Tarnowski (1 year ago)
Man. Maybe this visual support can work well as a first click for the kids to connect math language with real life problems. It could be very powerful if it was introduced early on in a kid's life. Later, at uni, or in life they'd intuitively try to use their imagination to bridge math to visual problems and vice versa. Mathematical models would make sense not only for those who study it but for ordinary people too.
Sasa Sapog (1 year ago)
I am talkin about the average children. Of course those with some kind of disorders don't have a choice and there should be educational methods specifically for them. But it is essential that children work with words because they follow strict logic. Visually intense education means less factual information and more possibilities to make the masses not have knowledge of even the most basic things, to teach them only the "feelings". It is an extremely destructive method.
Kansas McGahan (1 year ago)
My guess, Ms. Sapog, is that you know nothing of dyslexia and other numerous language-based neurological processing disorders, unrelated to intelligence.  Why on earth would you insist these children be taught in a methodology that does not work for them?
Richard Fredlund (2 years ago)
OK but you can visually show A correct solution .... Then do his feedback approach ...so not having to error if you can follow the cues ....taking the mind down correct routes rather than filling the mind with erroneous examples
Aaron Sun (2 years ago)
i love words i don't totally agree with this, as i would not learn very well with these weird games i find it much more... SECURE if i learn with words.
Summer E (1 year ago)
So you're saying "because I can learn this way, everyone should be able to!". The fact that you use the word "retard" tells us EVERYTHING we need to know about you. You have ZERO idea about neuropsychology or how the brain can and should work, but doesn't always. Not everyone learns the same. This is a FACT. Otherwise, EVERYONE would know EVERYTHING and only taught in one way. That is so absurd. There is no "minds eye". GTFO with that BS woo pseudo science. Still waiting on that source material that Thalasius asked for....
Dino Demetriou (1 year ago)
source material or gtfo
Dino Demetriou (1 year ago)
You should really provide source material for your arguments.
BlendFlix Animation (1 year ago)
0:45 This guy's statistics is shitty. The slices of the pie chart can overlap with each other. This could be better represented with a Venn Diagram, but he chose to make each slice distinct and not overlapping. That causes the non-words learner section to be overwhelmingly large. WTF
Brantlee 0371 (1 year ago)
Aaron Sun then obviously you arnt a visual learner
Rob Summers (2 years ago)
Hey mindresearch, I just watched Teaching Math Without Words, A Visual Approach to learning Math from MIND Research Institute and thought it was great. I'm looking forward to seeing your next one. Thanks again Rob Summers
Tariq Mir (2 years ago)
Steel Beard (2 years ago)
Einstein was not dyslexic.
Xiomara Lopez (2 years ago)
Not according to articles and research...it informs he was.
Xiomara Lopez (2 years ago)
Xiomara Lopez (2 years ago)
i just don't understand how famous people at times dislexia wasn't even known about and are dead...are dixlexic because of some characteristic or trait.
Xiomara Lopez (2 years ago)
Thomas Edison was. Maybe he got mixed up.
Vasto Lorde (2 years ago)
well then he is wrong, sorry. He miss understood that himself.
Diane Davidson (3 years ago)
My first thought was, "How do you propose to do this "word-free" math to computer-free kids?" You know, given that computers and poor kids aren't on a one-to-one basis. My next thought was, "How on earth is that series of moving squares helpful in explaining factors of an equation?" I guess the fact that math-as-math-with-words made sense to me always makes me reluctant to embrace different systems.
MyMonkeyMinions (2 years ago)
Or try Miquon math.
LootFragg (2 years ago)
I think schools have the means to provide computers so if you don't have one at home, school is where you can learn. In fact, I think this is highly underestimated for some reason. We barely had any instruments at home but at school, there was an entire room filled with keyboards, drums and such, of which we weren't allowed to touch any. Which means I picked up playing the guitar at age 23 by coincidence and have been 5 years into it since then. Turns out I love it. Schools have computer rooms, labs, experiments, so much stuff you can use, chalk boards, whiteboards, but kids are often seen as vandals (which is somewhat understandable) and are therefore not allowed to use the material that is so abundant. In my school(s), we drew dicks on the chalk board because teenagers, but the complaint was that we shouldn't waste the chalk because the teachers would need it for class. Chalk was a rare resource. It wasn't like the school could just order a ton of drawing chalk. This is related in my opinion. You're wondering how poor kids can get access to computers and you are right thinking that way. Because schools often do not encourage use of their tools out of fear of the damages that can be caused. Everything is locked away. Optimally, that question would never come up because your first association would be that kids would obviously use that in school because schools are providers of learning utensils. In a perfect world. As for the math-with-words thing, yes, I think it's exactly that. You're good with words and I know I was, too. I was also good at maths in school, so I tried to help my fellow students with maths homework which was more of a chore than anything productive in my opinion. But they didn't understand the concepts. They were afraid of the topics. Turns out that breaking the question down into simpler language often helps them make connections. Some were really dense as bricks but others could understand concepts on their own and they only failed at the language barrier. Consequently, many adults are similar in that regard, understanding concepts but with different language. I'm a visual learner, I think. So when I read stuff, I form a mental image and then work on that. Intelligence tests I've seen have always been much simpler than your average school task. I remember the test I did before enlisting and the test I did years later applying for long-term service. Barely any words. 3 sides of a cube visible and a bunch of cube grids with coloured sides to choose from. So you'd do what's natural. Pick the grid from which you could form the cube shown in picture 1. Repeat. An association test. 20 symbols and numbers attached to them. Several columns of symbols matching the ones shown above. A cursor pointing at one. You just fill in the number that is attached to that symbol. So simple and straight-forward, no words involved. Eventually, the question was how fast you'd be able to memorize the number associated with each symbol so you could fill the columns before the timer ran out. It felt so easy and smooth. It was challenging but there was nothing to comprehend before the actual comprehension bit. I believe that language is an important part of our society but it shouldn't impede students' ability to learn. Anecdote: Friend of mine, pretty smart M.Sc. in physics, told me about a fellow student who was always ahead of him, way smarter. However, that guy would always make language mistakes you'd call trivial. More than or more as? He was ridiculously smart but language wasn't his forté. Sorry for the long post. Wish I had a potato for you.
tony chow (3 years ago)
great stuff
Antoinette Louie (3 years ago)
Loved it & shared on Facebook! I totally believe in this strategy for learning. Awesome job...what is the app called, for an iPad?
Ryan Iskandar (3 years ago)
+mindresearch Can it be on Android phone Sir? I have a ADD problem, and I have trouble learning math and I want to improve my IQ.
saeriellyn (3 years ago)
Is there much difference between the school curriculum and the BigSeed app? I would love to use this with my homeschooled kids.
saeriellyn (3 years ago)
+mindresearch thank you so much! I'm so glad you have responded to the request from homeschooling families! We will certainly be checking this out.
William Ellerbe (3 years ago)
Dropping by to appreciate the concept that you're sharing with us. I agree that it's more beneficial to help the student go beyond the words, and get to the point where they understand how to *think* mathematically. Another "thumbs up" for blending gaming with Math instruction.
majhool (3 years ago)
how to get this qpp for ipad
Flint Dixon (3 years ago)
This looks very interesting, I wish I had this when I was in school!
Bryan Alarcon (3 years ago)
Is there an app for android. Cause u really really want to learn.................. The math cause i am really having a hard time to understand math....
Bryan Alarcon (3 years ago)
ahh only in ipad, no in android.
Nasser KB (3 years ago)
MrHuangfeihong (3 years ago)
Is it possible to have the program so i can use @ home. I mean i want to use it by pleasure of learning and understanding since i have finished school.
Sophia36912 (3 years ago)
This software really is essential for people who have dyslexia like myself. I really used to believe that math wasn't a daily requirement but this software explains it all
Trish Schmidt (3 years ago)
Just amazing!
NGU XUE LEE (3 years ago)
That's a great idea! Even people without learning disability will be interested in this visual approach to learn mathematics. I'm a final year preservice mathematics teacher and I would like to use this software in my future teaching. Is it free for anyone from any country to get the software?
Jake (4 years ago)
Can i get this for calculus?
ADAN EGUSQUIZA (5 months ago)
Gmaraio7233 (4 years ago)
Pie chart in the beginning is invalid and inconsistent
Nuwan Senanayake (4 years ago)
how can we get that software ???? is it free?? 
mclaine keari (3 years ago)
+mindresearch I am outside of US and am interested in this software. Please provide me info.
Daniel Russell (4 years ago)
This is essentially the vision of Common Core, but without the confusing words in the curriculum that have caused Common Core to come under fire. The goals of Common Core are great.  But the execution NEEDS this! The curriculum writers attempting to fulfill the wishes of the Common Core mathematicians are failing because they are stuck in the old ways.
1234 1234 (4 years ago)
where can i get one of these programs????
Bonita Thompson (4 years ago)
Dr. Montessori encouraged teachers to use as few of words as possible when teaching new math concepts.  This method lets students focus on the application of math which is the only reason for learning math.   
Dexter Aparicio (4 years ago)
nothing is more powerful than an idea, whose time has come...
IslandForestPlains (4 years ago)
useless for most people as these gorgeous programs are accessible only for US schools
Lisa M. (4 years ago)
This is just a reminder that we ALL learn differently. Take the diamonds of this concepts and leave the rocks. If it works for you, great, if it does not... this is NOT your cup of tea. I am trying to figure this all out for my first year homeschooler starting high school ithis year. I believe he would get this. Good stuff
D.R. Page (4 years ago)
Now I can see this being very helpful for students with developmental disorders or mental disorders quite a bit, but fundamentally mathematics is communicated with language.  This is essential if you even want to step one foot into the square we scientists call mathematics.  Anything, what we should be doing is encouraging students to do a better job of convincing themselves in a manner (without giving them the visualizations) intuitively.  This will help prepare them for doing ACTUAL mathematics later in life, for example when making proofs; the heart of mathematical thought.  Intuition and creativity are very important in mathematics but a rigid, formal structure is needed to approach any discipline of mathematics properly.  As a student that was quite discouraged by my teachers from mathematics, especially in secondary school, my love for mathematics grew because I wanted to teach myself "why" things were true, because I wasn't getting that from software.  Programs can't teach you any set of mathematical thought, there will always exist some that will escape any computer program (this in a way stems from the kinds of programs that could exist fundamentally).  Now I study Theoretical Computer Science, and Combinatorics quite a lot.  
Hazarth (4 years ago)
 Language is as abstract as math. It's not a realy thing, we made it all up. You can point to a chair and say "chair" out loud and kid will learn it visualy/by sound/by context and eventually vy touch and other senses. but Math cannot be tasted, touched, heared (though in some cases it can). Thats why we need to provide more context in a way that the kids can easily understand. and Writting... or any textual or vocal representation is the least intuitive way of explaining and showing anything. better way is using images, even better way would be including sounds (any waves can be made into sounds, but this is a bit more advanced), even better way is by providing animations and one of the best would be giving you full range of interactions and animations so you can try stuff yourself and see the consequences of your own actions. Maybe the best way to teach stuff would be using Laboratory exercises, maybe you could use 3 square containers filled with liquid to teach euclidian geometry in some cases... I think if people put their minds to this we could easily come up with ways that teach Math in fun and educational way instead of telling you stuff and making you memorize it.
Hazarth (4 years ago)
I don't want to be rude or anything... but what you just said is exactly what is wrong with this whole math teaching system. "fundamentally mathematics is communicated with language" are you kiddin' me? Have you ever heard that "Mathematics are an universal language"? What I want to say here is that you do not communicate english with italian, the same goes for math, you do not communicate mathematics with any other language, it is not necessary... you can explain it with words the same way you can explain english language with italian language to italian students... but it's not necessary... language can be learned without any other verbal aid other then the language you are learning it self. a 4 year old child has no idea what are you trying to tell him, he just knows you are doing noises with your mouth and pointing at random stuff around the house. You learn through context, not words... now I don't see a problem writing a complex mathematical equation using words and sentences, using variables, functions and operations, using a drawing or even using sound. The form of communication does not matter, the meaning of that function is already stored inside the mathematical meaning of that explanation.
GD UL (4 years ago)
+Reginald Finley yes i had this problem as well. i always wondered what are these numbers, as in, what is this in nature. where is this lol
Reginald Finley (4 years ago)
Well, I'm one of those folks that is horrible at match. I dislike it because I fiind it extremely difficult. It's not intuitive. I have always asked "why" of my teachers and they always told me to just do. Horrible experience. Now, I'm way behind. 
Jimmy CC (4 years ago)
I've been watching TED videos for ages. Most have made me go 'oh that's interesting' or 'oh I never thought of that', some have made me cry, laugh, smile, and applaud. This one was thoroughly fascinating, my body is tingling with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
Akichu95 (4 years ago)
what is that app called, and where can i get it ? 
solidaritet2010 (4 years ago)
abdallah abdirahman (4 years ago)
Well this is astonishing.
Mark Lummis (4 years ago)
<3 PRICELESS ... this is Sooooo Encouraging for me :D
i guess combining word and vizual methods would give a better result
Jermaine Edwards (5 years ago)
jj coolj (5 years ago)
In the words of Jack black "math is a beautiful thing "
Frog Catcher (4 days ago)
jj coolj lmao
kdammers11 (5 years ago)
(cont.) es that exclude actual conditions of the responder, such as requiring a telephone number or requiring a ZIP code even though a post is international). 5.  As a math major, I was taught primarily with words, but we also had wordless material - most of which I could not grasp at all.
kdammers11 (5 years ago)
1. IF the results he gives are legitimate and controlled for variables, then this is really good. 2. It seems a bit ironic to me that he uses so many words. 3. I have no idea what any of the games are doing.  Well, I know what they are supposed to be teaching, because he told us.  But the games are totally meaningless to me.  I don't see what they have to do with the issues at hand. 4. I don't like video games, and there are others who feel the same way too.  There are a number of reasons I don't like them, e.g., they are extremely confusing, they are "uncontrollable," they are too "in your face," and they are generally to rigid in that they don't allow for alternatives that people can allow for (in the same way that many online forms only give a limited choic
Hernando Vargas (5 years ago)
Lol some people have no aptitude for math
SuperMoufle (5 years ago)
You said explicitly it covers "all" maths, OK, and how do you deal with advanced maths ? Maths for engineers ? Maths you can't visualize ? Maths in infinite dimensions? Topology? PDE's ?  At some stage you can't do anything without a language... the pinguin animation becomes inefficient when entering university.. and even before. 
Damouse007 (4 years ago)
If a human being can think about it, it can be visualized in some way. The Einstein example should serve in this case.
goekden (5 years ago)
I wish there were some nice vusualizations for math students. Without all the symbols and text. This stuff is really hard to imagine.
Andrew Hughes (5 years ago)
I teach Algebra to struggling students and this sounds like a tool to help. I thought the argument about "words" was a straw man argument however. He eventually learned to read, then gained knowledge from words that Einstein had written using words to impart his wisdom. Also the software is not free.
Ania Lian (5 years ago)
your website is not working !!!
Rhino Riley (5 years ago)
For someone who is giving a presentation on math, that first pie graph is insulting. Most of those people in the categories are the same people. The categories, in other words, are not mutually exclusive.
Sunny (5 years ago)
video games will replace teachers
Charles ADaniels (5 years ago)
a good friend and I were playing a game of Armis online when this video came up in conversation, we are “think geeks”. Two questions: 1) What was your specific target market for the initial designed 2) please define “spatial/ temporal reasoning” with specific regard to this video
James Smith (5 years ago)
Tim Falkiner (5 years ago)
Very interesting. And you could extend it to teaching grammar. The best book I ever read on grammar was Thornton's Legislative Drafting, 2nd ed. Although it used words, Thornton explained grammar in terms that I, a visual, could understand. I intend to use it with my students. So I suppose what I am doing is starting from language and then going into maths. After all, maths is a subset of language.
collegefundingres (5 years ago)
Is this still being used in the Irvine schools? Or only in select schools? My daughters would benefit but it's not at their elementary school.
marcos gogolin (5 years ago)
He wasn't teaching maths but telling a nice story. It could have been told with graphics and clips, showing the kids learning without words; but he was at TED TALKS...not TED PICS
Whittlejam (5 years ago)
Learn math using the latest in technology. whittle jam.com
Robert Perry (5 years ago)
This is very fascinating and would have helped me in school, but I'm curious about something: If somebody went through this program all the way through algebra, can they solve word problems? I mean word problems are also found outside of the classroom and in the business world, right? Or am I wrong? I'm just asking out of curiosity.
METALZero2 (5 years ago)
I wish I could take part in such a great team and help kind learn in a faster and more effective way. Keep on doing good you guys ;)
T4s0thCmdr (5 years ago)
Good point.
Tomas Sab (5 years ago)
can a mute learn how to talk? (if in doubt, here's a hint - yes,..)
Scott Goatsprite (5 years ago)
So can people who are not mathematically inclined learn to do it, or is it just a waste of time?
cardosokilas (5 years ago)
Any reason why it is not open for home schooling? Because i find my daughter's school to be so bad that they will probably never even come across it. From the UK. Please explain.
Bogusgal (5 years ago)
How can I buy it for myself? How much does it cost?
Tomas Sab (5 years ago)
Also, did you notice that those "super gifted people" use math oriented "imagery" to produce the "extreme" calculus abilities? Thats what their brain fMRI shows. They "see" numbers". Or even "feel" them (but that is the next thing after the visual cortex). If you look into fMRI, you will see visual centers much closer to those of motor units and decision making.
stuart coyne (5 years ago)
This system should be in every school, it's the new way of learning and a more faster way. people with dyslexics shouldn't have to fall behind because we use teaching methods that are so out of date. The best way to learn is by taking part not to be singled out.
imtehshit (5 years ago)
This something to do with subvocalization, doesn't it?
John Levane (5 years ago)
I love it... where can I buy it for my children?
VNJon (5 years ago)
They can keep their psycho-babble BS. It is ridiculous. You do not dumb down teaching for those who need a little extra help. You give them the little extra help. And YES, this is dumbing down the education process.
Sharon Lee Lee Bop (5 years ago)
keep working! your doing sooo awesome!
EpicDuck360 (5 years ago)
lol we can teach math without words just get a board and a piece of chalk

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