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Flora's Secret (Enya)

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Unas fotos de noche y más. A few sample pictures taken at night time and more. Music by Enya Flora's Secret lyrics Lovers in the long grass look above them only they can see where the clouds are going only to discover dust and sunlight ever make the sky so blue Afternoon is hazy river flowing all around the sounds moving closer to them telling them the story told by flora dreams they never knew Silver willows tears from Persia those who come from a far-off island winter Chanterelle lies under cover Glory-of-the-sun in blue Some they know as passion some as freedom some they know as love and the way it leaves them summer snowflake for a season when the sky above is blue when the sky above is blue Lying in the long grass close beside her giving her the name of the one the moon loves this will be the day she will remember when she knew his heart was loving in the long grass close beside her whispering of love and the way it leaves them lying in the long grass in the sunlight they believe it's true love and from all around them flora's secret telling them of love and the way it breathes and looking up from eyes of amaranthine they can see the sky is blue knowing that their love is true dreams they never knew and the sky above is blue
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Text Comments (15)
1977Futre (1 year ago)
I read a fantasy book to this album and it has stuck with me forever.
Aleah Burke (6 years ago)
I absolutely love the song!!! It's 1 of my favorites!! I also late only time and wild child.
Georgie Porgiex (6 years ago)
This song has haunting irresistible melodies. 'Tis truly a romantic ecstasy..!
kelly trevinson (6 years ago)
I want this camera! So bad!
Diana Muñoz (7 years ago)
The voice of an Angel!
A. Zenen C. (7 years ago)
@tekken482 こんにちは
Irene CS (8 years ago)
so beautiful and touching! Great photos, I love it! =) Mexico is great! My grandpa is a half Spain xx
Adia Welch (8 years ago)
@Rockyroad1958 Yeah... I was wondering about
t80tank20 (8 years ago)
A song I can listen to over and over again
brito nito (9 years ago)
es vals mas hermoso que escuche en mi vida....soñaba con ver a mi niña entrar a su anhelada fiesta de 15 años ...y bailar junto a ella esta cancion, pero el destino no lo quiso asi....ni niña, te extraño tanto.....
imntafckingsaint (9 years ago)
i love this song..
A. Zenen C. (10 years ago)
This is where I live in Mexico, click on Statistics & Data for exact location on google maps.
Rockyroad1958 (10 years ago)
Where were these pictures taken?
Barbara DĘBIEC (10 years ago)
beautiful composition -Enya śpiewa o tym co jest we mnie i co czuję całym sercem .
Alejandro I Cruz (10 years ago)
Wow, this is a great work body. thanks

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