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Rhino Media - Delivering a brand message in a memorable and meaningful way

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Hi and welcome to Rhino Media. Did you know that video marketing has now become the most powerful marketing tool on-line. When it comes to content marketing, the role of video is becoming increasingly clear. Today, more than ever, companies are realizing that video has a key role to play in the content marketing strategy. It is a tool for capturing the user’s attention and delivering a brand message in a memorable and meaningful way. If your company has not made the move to incorporating video into the content marketing mix, it is a must for 2015, now is the time. Video is an integral part of marketing. Contact us on [email protected] for your video promotion. The benefits are actually astounding. Videos might just be one of the most engaging ways out there to communicate to customers. ◾Overall, 80% of customers will recall a video they saw on a company website they visited 30 days ago.* ◾Including a video in an email marketing campaign increases the click-through rate by 96%.* ◾Customers are 64% more likely to buy a product on a online retail site after watching a video.* • Package 1 - Youtube - Introduction Video R450.00 • Package 2 - Youtube - Commercial Video R950.00 • Package 3 - Social Media Platform Set up – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest R450.00 • Package 4 - Twitter Management – R1250.00 per month • Package 5 - Facebook Management – R1250.00 per month • Package 6 - Video, Set up Youtube Channel, Set up Twitter, Set up Facebook managed for 3 months -R2950.00 • Package 7 - Video, Youtube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Back Links, Blog Posts, 2 x Articles, Affiliate links, Managed for 6 Months – R4950.00 • Package 8 - Video, Youtube Chnnel, Twitter, Facebook, Back Links, Blog Posts, 4x Articles, Affiliate Links, QR Code, managed for 6 Months – R5950.00 All payments are once off payment's – Renewable options available on the management options for packages 6,7,8
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