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Cupidtino "Date A Mac" Apple Ad

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Text Comments (55)
Nathan Castro (1 month ago)
RIP apples thay got Trash in 2018 no Lie
SuperniusPL (5 years ago)
Funny video. I posted on supernius.pl The people in the movie are so cute ...
martinshoosterman (6 years ago)
@JoshKimchee u know thats actuelly verry rude of u cus im soed and i actuelly have a lot of truble typing. jk but actuelly i rushed if i wanted i can spell corectly but it would take like 1 minute longer oh and this has been going on for way too long u little baby macs are proven beter but your intiteles to your opinion, stop hating.
JoshKimchee (6 years ago)
@martinshoosterman and it took you 30 MINUTES trying to spell minutes (you obviously failed). 3 hours spell LOAD (FIAL! i don't mean fail. your spelling is so bad its a FIAL), 50 Minutes to spell MINUTES and COMMENT incorrectly with the addition of incorrect grammar by adding the word plus after saying comment and spelled while. what are you 8? learn to spell simple words, or at least LEARN to use auto correct on mac -_- no one likes braggarts, or wannabes.
lizdom134 (6 years ago)
apple products are pretty good, but apple geeks go ON and ON about how " Apple is so much better than PC"
Blake Childers (6 years ago)
@oldVideoGamesChannel my good man thank you for having some humor :)
Blake Childers (6 years ago)
@martinshoosterman actually it took me 2 seconds to turn mine on. 1 minute to upload my net, 30 seconds to get to youtube, bout 2 minutes to watch this video, and i have 0 viruses. and i have a PC. though Blackberry people do need to be made fun of.
David 玫瑰 (6 years ago)
@lilblake90 That's so clever, but unfortunately no one will get that.
Blake Childers (6 years ago)
He can talk to pcs after he's had a little Wine in em.
Jessica Dents (6 years ago)
This is just fantastic haha.
WIIstpM2 (6 years ago)
Don't Date Different.. Then I'll date a Windows fangirl haha xD
MafaldaXapelli (6 years ago)
lol this is a racial joke XD
Trinaty Moon (6 years ago)
i think im gonna have nightmares tonight
martinshoosterman (6 years ago)
@cathyhan15 know
Cathy Hancherow (6 years ago)
@martinshoosterman Don't Macs have spellcheck?
alexcharak (7 years ago)
@gregorymurtha rip :(
gregorymurtha (7 years ago)
rip :(
martinshoosterman (7 years ago)
@smartdon007 it took you 30 minuts to turn on your computer 3 hours to loud your internet 2 hours to get to youtube a day to watch the video and 50 munits to comint plus 1 more hour to reply to me plus you got 4 vireses wile doing so :) so go back to your hating life at shut up
martinshoosterman (7 years ago)
@Rocktiger25 its true idawnloude every thing on my mac book pro and it hasent even got slower !!!! also it starts in 15 seconds
nick12882 (7 years ago)
someone should have wiped off that black macbook! full of fingerprints.
Philip Schmidt (7 years ago)
This is funny... and disturbing.
Alexandra Galaly (7 years ago)
I think Apple parody's are hilarious! The thing is I have a MacBook and iPhone :P
I've been dumped by enough normal people. What the fuck would be any more enjoyable about being dumped by a fellow Mac user? iFuckoff.
HeyImDphresh (8 years ago)
@Fr4nkWh1te Amen
LaurenNYC1 (8 years ago)
Last night, after re-watching this video, I dreamt of purchasing an iPad. I feel disgusted with myself.
Tim Marten (8 years ago)
...you have to both components are equally important. That's why PC people only want to talk about how you can get a PC with the same specs as a similar Mac for half the price. Aha, but OS X is the other half, allowing the most performance per amount of hardware. Macs cost more, but you pay for what you get. They're not for everyone, they're just for people who care about quality and craftsmanship.
Tim Marten (8 years ago)
The difference is Macs are better, but Windows PCs are cheaper. Unfortunately, most people either don't care enough about computers to pay more for a higher quality one or they only look at hardware. Hardware is nothing without software, but software is nothing without hardware. You have to realize o
mmhmmlala (8 years ago)
@Swaggy04 nah you can look at igns test on the subject and they preformed worse,i have not yet insulted you i have no idea what your getting at. also i do accept both sides like i said macs just arnt for my personal use, my brother is a graphic artist and only uses a mac, and even he admits to pcs being the better, especially for price/performance comparison.
mmhmmlala (8 years ago)
@Swaggy04 well booting in windows makes your performance shitty, macs are over priced with shitty quality, they are only good for certain programs none that i have to use in my lifetime
Brandon Marvel (8 years ago)
@Rocktiger25 ...well that's what your girlfriend told me last night, but guess who has go to get the "cream" now...
jonesater (8 years ago)
macs suckk!
Is this real?
BTurner (8 years ago)
Danny Perski (8 years ago)
mmhmmlala (8 years ago)
@macmogul only a select few. 99% of steam games dont run on osx
Tiago Queiros (8 years ago)
This is sooo scary! And a litlle creepy
Ian Blankenship (8 years ago)
@mmhmmlala Steam and Valve games run on Mac OS X. Your argument is invalid.
Ian Blankenship (8 years ago)
Who made this video. They couldn't get an HD camera?
DangerKitty (8 years ago)
@OuterSpaceRave Basically. Not to mention the very definition of socially awkward lol
fired4LEtruth (8 years ago)
Linux or Gtfo
DangerKitty (8 years ago)
Thats pretty much how most Mac users are too lol
mmhmmlala (8 years ago)
i dont see why mac users always think they are better than pc's, TRY TO GAME ON THAT SHIT pc wins
Meterbaza (8 years ago)
OMG i mean like wtf
Anna Mintz (8 years ago)
alexcharak (8 years ago)
the guy with the glasses is so fucking funny. and his hat and goatee are cool.
samthecrooner (8 years ago)
Dustin Drury (8 years ago)
woz woz woz woz wozniak. wtf?!
Mary McComish (8 years ago)
Airon Soto (8 years ago)
Lmao tru tru
DJBludLust (8 years ago)
so so so so so funny!
typeman5 (8 years ago)
typeman5 (8 years ago)
windows computer's FTW! iphones FTW!
Robert Merritt (8 years ago)
LOL. If you find another who also loves Apple there is bliss in the world. I remember one of the Coolsex players drooling over the box my Mac came in.
morgan boucher (8 years ago)
chickamoo (8 years ago)
Don't date different "kinds" of people...it's gross...LOLASAURUS-REX!!!

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