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https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wooplus-dating-for-curvy-bbw/id1011085984?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mason.wooplus
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Andy Jay (2 months ago)
WooPlus is an absolute joke. * Female profiles are largely (pardon the pun) INCOMPLETE with details and "About You" extremely tiny. * From my experience females do not come online regularly. * Females do not "answer" their likes. * Most female members only have ONE photo pic which is usually pretty poor quality. * The SITE continues kicks you off looking after about 10-12 profiles and then asks you to "play again" * The buy coins page freezes up the app and you cannot get off it without deleting the app and then reinstalling it or something similar. * It appears that app takes your location direct from Facebook instead of your Google GPS location. So invariably you have the wrong location showing in WooPlus. I mean, how retarded is that? * Not only that, but when your INSIDE the WooPlus app you CANNOT change your location unless you pay a membership fee. . Again, totally retarded, so other members not in the know believe you're a scammer by not showing your true location. * Many female profiles purposely AVOID serious questions like Smoking, Religion and the big one KIDS living at home with them. These types of questions should be compulsory answered. It's not good enough that the question doesn't show at all because it is unanswered in the member's profile. * FEEDBACK or customer service to WooPlus does not exist in Google. It is in the app but you cannot address any serious issues. * DELETING your account... yes it is there but well hidden. Why do that? What is there to hide about account deleting? Deleting Account is NOT in settings as one would expect. At time of writing this review Account Delete is in Help & Feedback and you have to tap "MORE". My rating on this app 1/2 star out of 5. There are others bugs and annoying problems with WooPlus, which may not feel so bad, but the women just don't LIKE YOU or message you. If you know of any other bugs I missed with this app please write them in a new comment box. Cheers.
VapeKing (3 months ago)
Some of us men love a woman with some meat on her.
Yeah That's D ! (3 months ago)
And that is the most Attractive thing in this world .
Shanteneshia Wagner (8 months ago)
Keep up the work , turn your location off tho .

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