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Machine Learning with Oracle

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Introduction - 0:00 Overview Machine Learning in Oracle - 1:31 Machine Learning theory - 6:04 Demonstration: preparation and building the model - 11:52 Demonstration: run the prediction and adapt the application - 26:24 How to get started - 33:33 Without a doubt Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence is an incredibly powerful technology with a huge potential. It brings benefits across many industries and business functions: From better targeting in the marketing/sales domain to predictive maintenance in manufacturing. This video-webinar is a kickstart to Machine Learning. You will learn the required theoretical knowledge and then we'll go through a real-life example: intelligent sales with ML. We'll create our very first ML model, and use it to make an existing application intelligent with sales recommendations. After this webinar you will have the basic ingredients to apply ML to your own business cases! Note that you don't require any previous knowledge of ML to be able to understand this session. Powerpoint and background material can be found here: https://ptdrv.linkedin.com/cmaj4xt
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rohit kumar (3 months ago)
Great Explanation, this video clear what is Data science I also have something to share for more details https://goo.gl/SgC1dp
M S (7 months ago)
I would like to see ML on Oracle financial data of AR, AP & GL any possibility to get any video on it or share use cases
Manish Srivastava (10 months ago)
Excellent OML session :)
臧運祥 (10 months ago)
Great vid!
duke 12 (11 months ago)
Great Demo
dmitry buzolin (1 year ago)
Hi Jeroen. I used Oracle DB Developer VM as advised in this presentation from here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/databaseappdev-vm-161299.html and can't see sample data in the database. Any ideas how to obtain these samples?
Hello Dmitry. Have you followed the Data Miner setup steps? Please check http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/db/12c/r1/dm/dm_41/ODM12c-17-2_SetUp.html#summary There's a option in the Data Miner setup that allows you to install sample data. Feel free to contact me directly on [email protected]
Mehul Patel (1 year ago)
Excellent explanation. Much appreciated.
Anil Chanda (1 year ago)
This is one of the best webinar I have come across. Simple,practical and without jargon.
Kopano Ramaphoi (1 year ago)
Mr Kloosterman that was incredible introduction for novice like me.
Sonya Mladenova (1 year ago)
animatem (1 year ago)
Perfect intro for me. Thank you.
FluidezEnChino. com (1 year ago)
Excellent, Thanks Jeroen!!

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