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PSY - 'GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일)' M/V Making Film

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Available on iTunes @ http://Smarturl.it/psygangnam #PSY #싸이 #GANGNAMSTYLE #강남스타일 More about [email protected] http://www.psypark.com/ http://www.youtube.com/officialpsy http://www.facebook.com/officialpsy http://twitter.com/psy_oppa https://www.instagram.com/42psy42 http://weibo.com/psyoppa http://twitter.com/ygent_official
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Text Comments (19232)
imicca (2 days ago)
0:30 Armenian flag on the back? wow
I have so many questions
Bambi Pearlburn (3 days ago)
The horses kept spooking
자동차7 (4 days ago)
Lo que él no sabía era que esta canción iba ser tan famosa <3
sigga ni (5 days ago)
Прошло 6 лет и я k-pop’ep)
김하늘 (6 days ago)
0:54 동심파괴ㄷㄷㄷ
듈링08 (12 days ago)
Thuy Gamilla (15 days ago)
하나HANA 【S.G】 (16 days ago)
꼬마애 귀여워ㅜㅜ♥
WAJAH JAKARTA (16 days ago)
really good MUSIC so hopefully give long life & meet again in 2019 ??? miss u all 2 0 1 9 !
Mordecai (18 days ago)
1:37 jimin is that u?
Buds Toon (23 days ago)
Nice video.
Maxik :3 (26 days ago)
1:58 Дак он в песочнице лежал? 0_0 пиздец, сука ))0) Я лишь щас это сообразил :D
RyzerBoy (27 days ago)
Thanks to the UK
Scott Drahos (29 days ago)
South Korea is so clean! Holy shit
Nerf tv videos (1 month ago)
S A (1 month ago)
its so childish
sa (3 days ago)
but cool
임시닉네임 (1 month ago)
와 내가 강남스타일 메이킹 필름만 안보고 있었네ㅋㅋㅋ
Ron Wolf (1 month ago)
2:46 A soul-bearing moment from PSY himself: “Human society is so base, and even while filming I felt pathetic. Each frame by frame was hollow.” source: theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/08/23/261462
David Leyte (1 month ago)
what place is this...
SHIN DAN KUROTO (1 month ago)
Henry ack (1 month ago)
6:48 *T H I C C*
Mr. Kamenko (1 month ago)
세르비아에서 온 아주 좋은 비디오 인사말
sa (3 days ago)
mr. kamenko
Arsalan Aftab (1 month ago)
Hyuna your Ice Creem song is awesome
Arsalan Aftab (1 month ago)
South Korea is a king and I love South Korea and korean people.
Arsalan Aftab (1 month ago)
I love Gangnam Style PSY
Arsalan Aftab (1 month ago)
Hyuna l love you
Arsalan Aftab (1 month ago)
I love Hyuna from pakistan
فواز طرازي (1 month ago)
C’est une musique de sexiste
MC Gamer Awesome (2 months ago)
Magic roll (2 months ago)
2018 everyone? LOL😂
2012 какие Корее
Rahima Nasreen (2 months ago)
Anyone watching in 2018??
khyhy79 (2 months ago)
하나HANA 【S.G】 (16 days ago)
khyhy79 그러게요..
Angelo Smilgis (2 months ago)
Mohammad gautam (2 months ago)
He is crazy 👌👌👍👍👍👍
Jaqueline Assis (2 months ago)
Jaqueline Assis (2 months ago)
wtf 2012????
ET Gaming (2 months ago)
So much work lol
Teena Nagpal Nagpal (2 months ago)
Reqery pat psy gaganm
Milano Martins (2 months ago)
Muit bom o vidio
Bayarchimeg Sainbayar (2 months ago)
chefiemax 005 (2 months ago)
dang it
alleah lewis (2 months ago)
the kid was amazing :D i hope his mother is proud
ii Pichu (2 months ago)
sucks i cant understand what anyone is saying when there talking lol
Fabian Kirdiat (2 months ago)
Afwaan Anjum (2 months ago)
Lực Trà V.I.P (2 months ago)
2:27 Fantastic baby
Karotti Lotti (2 months ago)
l think
Thomas Tol (3 months ago)
M4TEU5 (3 months ago)
M4TEU5 (3 months ago)
Sangit Raj (3 months ago)
beautiful unit god bless u all
Selenita Tasori MaxiTeam (3 months ago)
_軍Inferno As My Life (3 months ago)
dammmmmmn awesome!!
marcelo games (3 months ago)
syub syub (3 months ago)
tudo e mais um pouco (3 months ago)
KlutzyBlubber (3 months ago)
inb4 the cancerous bts liberation army. I remember this video though
Darko (3 months ago)
відразу прикортило,в південну корею!
Franc Ethan Baldovino (3 months ago)
I likeティッシュそんh
Franc Ethan Baldovino (3 months ago)
4:32 The car is locked lol
Fahima Zara (3 months ago)
*my fevorite song* 😂
dusan sevic (3 months ago)
These videos make me coool I love psy
Calon Aity (3 months ago)
Shadije Peqini (3 months ago)
@%%$€^^#&^$$_^^^^$^^:/€&÷&^=^=non capisco come mai non si può fare
dml 2157 (3 months ago)
Kim Jung Un?
sa (3 days ago)
Queen Bee,RN (4 months ago)
Jae Sok oppa was so funny as always <3
Diana Smith (4 months ago)
Hey psy, this is your lyricist making contact. It's been like 20 years since I last wrote for you! I need help rhyming in korean, it's not my native language! if you can find me rhyme alternatives to the following words for me: angel, fish, cowboy, rodeo, fight, dancing, horse, riding, swan, racing, Chollima, golf, Dokkaebi, AND where's my pay check dammit? I'll be copyrighting new lyrics around May 2019, with a book on Amazon 2020.
Акежан267 gamer (4 months ago)
Psy рарр
Karina Lima (4 months ago)
2:48 *Pronto*
Blablabla Subzero (4 months ago)
Can I have one of your costumes on a 6 year old
1497 1497 (4 months ago)
Tirupathi Tirupathi (4 months ago)
Nkandla Style (4 months ago)
This wil never get old!!!😂😂😂😂💪👍👌
mahmmd anwer (4 months ago)
so amazing i love it continue your songs
karen 1087 (4 months ago)
I love this song
Darling Ocampo (4 months ago)
Wali Red (4 months ago)
Майкл Джексон отдыхает ))
Четко )
PΛNDΞR (4 months ago)
Why he is laughing every sedene
이민기 (4 months ago)
이런 영상 조회수가 9천만이라는 건 대단하다
Game Boost Entertainment (4 months ago)
all the way laugh me
That yellow suit guy looks like yoo jae suk🤣🤣
김ᄃᄋ (4 months ago)
펜파인에플 애플펜$$$$$$mskaaka
MD ALAMIN (4 months ago)
Very very very very very nice
James Vlogs (4 months ago)
That gotta tho
Vinita Singh (4 months ago)
فهد حسن (5 months ago)
الفيديو راع
LihSmith Br (5 months ago)
Bear success (5 months ago)
Пфффф изи, изи, я этак любой денек клипы снимаю XD )
fatima cruz (5 months ago)
Adoro suas músicas
Tina Hammza (5 months ago)
CK ici ici kick ici i ic❤️cickckckc
Kim Ana (5 months ago)
Mailen Yuni (5 months ago)
The bay psy ? To beef hahaha
mike like (5 months ago)
Yo lo se aserlo sin problema XD

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