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How To Send Messages That ACTUALLY Get Replies

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Here are the BEST PlentyOfFish insider tips on how to send online dating messages that ACTUALLY get replies! Follow Shannon and Kate's advice for some simple changes to make to your messages that will have a huge positive impact on your online dating experience. If you missed our last advice video, watch it now! The BEST Insider Dating Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V1Cc... Test out our tips on POF! https://www.pof.com Find us here too! https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... Come be social with us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlentyOfFish/ Instagram: plentyoffish_official Twitter: @PlentyOfFish Find more dating tips on our Blog! http://blog.pof.com/
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Text Comments (170)
The Bandit (8 days ago)
When their bio is just “ask me” and conversation starters “hey”. WHERE DO YOU GO AFTER THAT?! Also, why the fuck are there soooo many sex bots on POF?!
Josh Riddle (11 days ago)
Stupid feminist liberal women
Clifton (15 days ago)
What you write in your messages doesn't really mean shit. I've written some off the wall shit amd literally gotten around the same amount responses as thoughtful messages. Good looking girls get like a billion messages a day and read like 3% of them. The best thing you can do is have an awesome profile pic. I say this because I also throw a quite a few messages in the without even reading them.
RageRambler (15 days ago)
I did a little experiment while on POF. I messaged 100 women in a couple days.. 50 consisted of me introducing myself, using a mutual hobbie interest as a conversation starter, and being friendly. 8 out of the 50 replied... The next 50 were consisted of me introducing myself, saying something witty and sarcastic, playfully criticizing her attire in one of her pics, and basically being a total A Hole.. 37 out of 50 replied... Here's a better tip. Do NOT be nice. Do NOT sound like a socially awkward non creative creep. Women like someone who is NOT puppy dog in love with their physical appearance on day 1. It's no challenge to them. You already revealed how hot and how much you desire them in one message. Do NOT do that.. They need to find someone who will make them strive to be their best at all times. If you make them laugh, playfully criticize their appearance from time to time, and act like you're not all that interested once in a while, they will automatically try to do what it takes to win you. It's how their brains are programmed. Most will deny this, but trrrrrust me, it's psychologically accurate. ;)
invens9 (16 days ago)
Unprofessional interface, a bullshit dating site that's totally garbage!
Bastian Schweinsteiger (16 days ago)
What utter crap. Best message i can give is MGTOW
Moran Nechushtan (19 days ago)
02:31 C- for that clap
Steven Smith (25 days ago)
The quality over quantity doesn’t really make that much sense. Basic rules are to not really trust people’s profiles. It’s essentially just like a resume. Zero assurance of quality. Just take good pictures and either thank or blame your parents for your genetics. Write short messages and don’t be an idiot.
Marc Sorensen (25 days ago)
Why is it that I set my mail setting to minimum 50 characters for people to message me and I get a ton of hey there's. Decided to delete the profile instead of having to sift through the fakes, abandoned profiles and the women who are there for life. Not many left after that.
Karanveer Singh (26 days ago)
Can please tell me best app for online dating
Dead Caliph (27 days ago)
Tip for y'all: If there is little to talk about to a woman based on her profile content compared to yours, then she should initiate the convo, you don't have to.
SPLIFF85 (1 month ago)
To be honest I tried all this tips and I think it's sad most of this average women on POF are nothing but shallow and stuck up.... This average woman are not looking for relationship they are looking for attention to get their ego boost up...
turbulus (1 month ago)
vocal fry like a MOFO!!!
Isaac Goyberg Esq (1 month ago)
Taking advice from these two thots is suicide fuel for losers. Just face facts, women are retarded whores who would rather get pump and dumped by a "player" or a "chad". Just let the Muslims put these sluts into Sharia and this shit will stop.
Jeddia Jones (1 month ago)
The number of "experts" giving dating advice on YouTube never ceases to amaze me.
MrTrevor Phillips (2 months ago)
Actually first and most simple rule is not be fat or ugly then it doesn't matter what you message.
Antonio Mura (2 months ago)
Women can't detect someone's whole identity from a single message! I have dating profiles, women could read it and then decide if I'm attractive enough. Why does the first message need not be a simple hello? Are women really that stuck up on average? Or have an over inflated ego?
Neil L (2 months ago)
How about telling women to actually put attractive photos of themselves on their profile. Plus, women complain about men on dating sites, but the women are the worst. I've never sent an obscene picture, and always am polite, but never get responses. Yet women go on and on about the asshole guys they meet online. This points out to me that they're going for the looks, status, and bad boys, screwing them, and getting pissed about not finding good guys online. It's the 80/20 rule.
randy wood (2 months ago)
did these bitches tell men not to message as many women as possible?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....
John Sizemore (2 months ago)
They all say they're tired of games but they're the ones playing them
BIGGUS DICKUS (2 months ago)
POF is an epic fail
flamepeace (2 months ago)
how not be a bicth like you
toxicslix (2 months ago)
Wow...B+ for messages that are highlighting some interest in 3 sentences...? I find that hard to believe. To me, there is no thought put into it. Agree on the whole "essay" territory. No need to do that since you do have a profile, so a nice short summary will do. Maybe a paragraph ? If the person can't spend the time to take a look, then really who needs the frustration of putting in the effort and getting nothing back.
Alien Intention (2 months ago)
These two thots are worthy of nothing more than a pump and dump!!!
VanReiley (2 months ago)
Some guys really try to hit up a girl by saying "you're an 8/10"? LOL! "Oh hey girl, you're pretty cute~ But I've seen better."
Luminous Emission (2 months ago)
Try asking a woman why men have to reveal their income on their profile but women don't. 🤔🤔
Kevin M (2 months ago)
Get off POF. It's nothing but white noise- women get so many messages, I have had them tell me on the other sites like match when they responded, that they never knew I messaged them. None are perfect, but POF is the bottom of the barrel.
Karl Marx (3 months ago)
Step 1- Be a woman Step 2- Don't be a man
toxicslix (2 months ago)
LOL...So damn true...
Tanorok Q (3 months ago)
Most of my messages that I get on there the women want me to go to another site, but these messages are only in the middle of the night when I message them first. It's still rare I get messages but when I do I guess I'll take what I can get.
plumber guy (3 months ago)
Pof is full of rude people I get block for no reason such bull shite
Adam Faryna (3 months ago)
This tips are about making POF better experience for woman, but they didn't help man to be successful, rather than reduce chances of everyone who follows. Also fishes teaching fisherman how to fish is just ridiculous idea, you girls had entertained me, nothing else.
Alien Intention (3 months ago)
Plenty of fish? Nothing but trash. Bottom line is she replies if you look good or rich. Never tell a hot girl she looks good. S.O.P.
Ultra Atari (3 months ago)
>Went to search for a video of why cunts don't message first >first one is cunts telling men how to message first I sincerely hope you get raped and thrown in a ditch
Cannondale2019 (3 months ago)
Pof is hopeless
Péter Pálinkó (3 months ago)
Hey Shannon! I like how you moving your shoulders while you're talking!
Someone Else (4 months ago)
yeah don't message more than one or two people at a time when 50 messages doesn't get you a single reply I'm sure one or two will be more effective this video is obvious made by women who always have the upper hand in dating
So Many Reasons (4 months ago)
I feel like this video was made just to make women on POF to be more picky .
Sergio Jerrell (4 months ago)
Sorry guys. But this Social media stuff only works 1-10% of the time. Main reasons : Finally!!!!!!!!!! Somebody has invented a way to sooth allllllllllll the emotionally disturbed hearts and minds of women who got their cherries popped by a man who left her for another woman. So they go to plenty of fish and it's sooooooo therapudic for them to ignore men., that maybe plenty of fish aught to start charging the women and letting men join with upgrade options for free. Its truly a therapudic/counseling device for those women. I tried to give these women the benefit of the doubt and say they are super afraid. smh they already think men trying to meet them online is creepy. Some women know it's just tech nowadays. But instead of advancing forward. We men are oving backwards. How? Because instead of women asking us to call them in the real world. Now that tell us to text them as they walk away. Really? Send a text? This is the classic case of machines turning against men, honestly it's the truth. Hot women reply back to me on POF ! But it's frustrating having to text when I can talk and make a video at the same time. Only reason when I still try us because it should work. But I just gotta figure out the code to making this POF site work for me. Ever wonder why every woman you see is more interested in here phone than looking at you? Because her phone is the world where she gets attention like a super model. This is an important point.
bigjay215 (4 months ago)
They are right on one point. You do have to show some personality and show that you read their profile. If u have a common interest. Mention it. I've tried different approaches and it does work. On the other hand. Some females be full of shit and when they respond. That act like they lack communication skills with the one word answers. You can't always blame the guy, alot of women are shallow on there. I've had success though. I met a couple off there. Some I'm still talking to...others I'm just platonic friends with and others it just plain didn't work.
TheKmoney265 (4 months ago)
online dating suck being a guy if u get reply even when I get their number girl plays games cause online women get 100 plus message even if they ugly n fat
JAMAL UPSHUR (4 months ago)
I met my girl on POF 2 years ago and we're still together it works lot of girls on their are picky that's why they're still single this day
Jake Colbert (4 months ago)
The worse is when you are actually hitting it off with someone, they agree to chat, you have a bunch in common... then suddenly they ghost you... JUST one day poof no more responses. WTF???
The Bandit (8 days ago)
Self Validation
Clifton (15 days ago)
Jake Colbert You have to line up the date ASAP my dude! There's a 90%chance that you are not the only one she's talking to. The only time the messages really matter are after you've smashed and honestly I'm not even trying to talk to them after that.
wise guy (4 months ago)
I've gotten replies and met up by just saying dumb shit like "Damn suga you looking real fine lol" Lmao now I can't take any of those girls seriously after that but sometimes it works lol I usually don't message white girls because they get on my nerves, but tbh some people I know have way sharper game than I do and I still have really good luck with POF works way better than Tinder because I can pick out girls who look like they would reply shit is cake tbh. Last night I sent out 3 messages and got 1 reply. If I overuse it and message all the girls who look like they would reply then I stay off of it for like a month and let new girls get cycled in.
Anthony Mottram (4 months ago)
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MagicAyrtonforever (4 months ago)
Bullshit.. I always say she is beautiful and often get replies.. There is no single method with women.. It's luck of the draw, as long as you're not being horrible.
o milli (4 months ago)
Step 1: delete your pof account
Azrael6394 (3 months ago)
o milli I laughed so hard at this.
Karma (4 months ago)
How to get a response: message guys
Ali Hussain (4 months ago)
Women can offer you the following worthwhile advice when it comes to other women : a) fashion b) present suggestions c) insights into what their "friend". They have very little to offer outside of this and you are much better off seeking advice from people who are getting laid, because they'll be able to make the sort of generalisations that girls cant, conversational tips for instance, from the people who are actually holding fort. They are all open to being wooed and their preferences dont mean shit
Queen Marilyn (4 months ago)
This Helped Me A Lot.
Android Lolilop5 (5 months ago)
If you replied to my message then I will be happy all life
BrotoSwaggins (5 months ago)
It's plenty of fish alright. It's like men are fisherman and the woman are fish. How can a fish teach a fisherman how to catch it? Makes no sense, just like what these "fishes" are trying to do.
Luminous Emission (2 months ago)
BrotoSwaggins It's the men who are the prize, that's why it's always the women that want men to marry them. This is especially true once you hit your 30s. Suddenly it's the MEN who are in demand. Men's careers are taking off, and women's looks are starting to fade so men stop paying as much attention to them and throwing gifts and money at them, and if a woman hits her 30s and still doesn't have any children, they start getting desperate.
Prentiss Brown (5 months ago)
that shit dont work. lol
Jared Pinkard (5 months ago)
I think if we want to get anywhere we should discuss some of the data collected of what men and woman find attractive in profiles, because it isn't well thought out messages or small meaningless messages. men can't be wrighting long messages anyway because most of the time it hits a key word of you unpublished "hate speech" guidelines. 9 times out of 10, woman DO NOT respond to though out messages. woman are not attracted to intellectuals according the the data, that's why engineers and scientists rate the lowest for success in online dating. according to the collected data, woman also lump 80% of men in the "less the average" category for attractiveness and have a huge slant in the curve for attraction, the same research did not show these results for men, it was a steady bell curve, meaning men are more open to options. I think if we need to adress anything, its the freedom of speech issue, and the over-validation woman receive from society through online dating and its toxic effect on woman's egos and how it is screwing up society. your website so far in the time I have used it has been a massive failure, fake profiles, woman selling themselves for "hangouts" constant notification that "someone wants to meet you!" but they really don't, you just want me to give you money. lets discuss the real factual problems around online dating, instead of just basically saying men need to try harder.
Tom Schroeder (5 months ago)
Ready to date
Tom Schroeder (5 months ago)
Ready to. Date
XZalla (5 months ago)
"ask me"
David B (5 months ago)
Yeah, you can hook up there with enough effort but I can only keep my profile up for a little while before I just get disgusted. Here's what I find in my area, YMMV. There are more "princesses" in my County than in the rest of the world. No shortage of "divas" either. Women who write that they are "classy". Do you think anyone who was actually classy would ever write that? Beware of women who don't post at least one full length photo especially if they write "prefer not to say" for their body type. Women in their 40's or 50's who write "my children are my life". You will always come last. Who wants that? All the profile begin to sound the same after a while. Almost no woman is capable of an original thought. The "do you want children" should only be a yes/no question. Some women feel the same way. None of this "prefer not to say". Many women are incredibly materialistic. I know it's old school but my parents worked together AS A TEAM to become successful. My mom stayed with my mom and helped him during difficult times and it all worked out well in the end. My profile has been up for just over two months with some success. Doubt it will be up two months for now. I need to hide it lest I become a bitter misogynist. I don't think women in general act like this.
David B (5 months ago)
Oh yeah, beware of fat chicks hiding behind things. I've seen them use everything from trees, large sombreros and cruise ships! Also, what is with women where every photo is of them with a gaggle of other girls without them noting which one is them?
Nicole Paul (5 months ago)
What wont get you anywhere is the 1000 men to 1 woman ratio on pof or dating anything online
BRENT GREEN (6 months ago)
J V (2 months ago)
BRENT GREEN of course you are a black dude. You will fuck almost anything.
martin francis (6 months ago)
I love the way they say not to send the same message to many people.....if you are waiting to hear from just a few people you are going to wait a long time!!! What is wrong with asking the same question anyway? If it's a good question why wouldn't you ask multiple people?
Brian D (7 months ago)
Seriousy the only reason I watched this video is because I love to see how clueless women are about what it takes for men to date. lol, it is always filled with so much comic gold. Sadly, I am then brought down by the loser males below making terrible comments about women because they are to dumb or lazy to get the women that they want.
Zachary Story (7 months ago)
These girls don't even date
Jonathan Brandis (7 months ago)
grammatical errors are the #1 turn off for online dating? But when you spell words correctly and have good grammar, the girl thinks you're a total nerd and gets turned WAY OFF!
Jonathan Brandis (7 months ago)
"Don't message 50 girls in one day just cuz you think they're hot, just message or 1 or 2 people who genuinely interest you," Obviously you never been a guy trying to find a girl.. esp on online dating sites. Girls' standards are WAY UP than the normal in person girl and won't give the time of day to most guys. So the more we message on a dating site, the better chance we get. AND if we ONLY message 1 or 2 people per day, most likely we'll get ZERO messages back. ALSO how would they even know we are message the other 48 people???? THEY CAN'T AND THEY WON'T. Not saying we should all cheat on them, i'm just saying we need to do more to get just that ONE girl who is close enough and willing to actually meet us.
George Daugherty (3 months ago)
Not that hard, unless you have a stick up your ass. It's only a suggestion. But I've found humor to be the best icebreaker. Not just with women, but with people in general. It's not a pickup line. Pickup lines are with the intent to try to get the girl. I make no such attempts. I'm trying to see if the woman is worth my time and energy at all, nothing more.
George Daugherty (3 months ago)
No, no pickup lines. You're not very good at reading, apparently. And yes, being funny is very easy, unless you got a stick up your ass. Don't know what you idiots are doing wrong if it takes 200 messages to get 1 response. I send MAYBE 5 messages a week and 4 out of those 5 get a response and 2-3 out of those turn into dates 200 would be WAY too much to keep up with. 5-10 is fine. Dating is supposed to be fun (which it is when you don't have a stick up your ass like you do, apparently), so stop taking it so goddamn seriously. Don't turn it into some sort of math game. Learn not to give a flying fuck.
George Daugherty (3 months ago)
I don't do pickup lines, ever. Being funny has nothing to do with pickup lines. Being funny requires you not having a script (well in real life conversation, anyway). It's one of the easiest things to do in the world. Learn to have some fun. Don't take everything so seriously.
George Daugherty (4 months ago)
Actually, they're not wrong. You're just bad at messaging, probably. Say something that REALLY gets their attention. Something funny usually works. I don't message more than 5 people because that'd be way too many dates, really. One of the first three almost always work out. People who blame their problems on others will never achieve anything. The problem is you. You can fix it.
Leon the sage (6 months ago)
Jonathan Brandis took almost 200 messages just to get 1 girl to respond...shows what they know
Alex Coupe (7 months ago)
I was once on Pof, I messaged a woman who's profile I liked and well... It's been 3 years this month since we first met after exchanging messages and we are happily married (6months now) and have a beautiful baby boy. Thank you Pof!
Reinhard Heydrich (3 months ago)
Well, in most cases, I suppose you would be true, but she is quite attractive, soft spoken, and works with old people in a care home. I am a collectivist, but I am still not Spergy enough to not know their are outliers.
Alien Intention (3 months ago)
Reinhard Heydrich ...thst sounds like a nightmare. Only a simp would meet a whore on an app like POF and marry her and have kids with her.
Reinhard Heydrich (3 months ago)
p36, how is it bullshit? You Jealous? My co worker met a girl from POF and they have 3 kids together and have been married pushing a decade now...
Cannondale2019 (3 months ago)
Alex Coupe yfos
Someone Else (4 months ago)
she sounds fat
Bub Yeets (7 months ago)
These girls are so enthusiastic about one of the worst dating websites around.
ElectroVeeDub (7 months ago)
This video is partially true. However the best message in the world ain't going to help you if you're fugly or look like a tweeked out douche...
California Dudeman (7 months ago)
How about this...YOUR ADVICE IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. And the chick in the left talks like a 6 y/o. Try filling your lungs with air before speaking.
Yo Cecil (7 months ago)
Us blokes don't care if she's an axe murderer as long as she's hot. We don't care too much about your interests. Most as in 99% of girls I speak to don't even have a single passion, and if the say they do its something like a passion for loving their family or some crap. Regarding know to message chicks, if you look good you can say what the F you want, you can say stupid stuff and they'll still respond. If you are the male version of Mother Theresa but don't look good, as in what these chicks see on silly TV shows, good luck.
steven shar (8 months ago)
So basically act like a decent human being
liligman (9 months ago)
It’s hard when 90% of the profiles are. *cleavage pics* About me: (one of the following) I like Pizza I like Netflix Not looking for hookups Ask me!
Reinhard Heydrich (2 months ago)
Depends on if you soften up and allow it to emerge. If you show weakness for an extended period, yes, she will change into something shitty. You give their smaller brains too much credit. They are very easy to mold. Harder to keep in the mold, but doable. I have screwed up in the past, by forgetting this, and treating the woman as an equal in the house, and just like a dog, you are no longer the pack leader.
Alien Intention (3 months ago)
Reinhard Heydrich ...listen dipshit when you think a woman is malleable she is only mirroring and playing the chameleon. Eventually the bitch in her will emerge like a Phoenix as I'm sure a worldly man like you has experienced as well.
Reinhard Heydrich (3 months ago)
Females are quite malleable; you can design them quite well, ideologically, anyway, as I have in the past. I am above my individualism(If I weren't, I'd be quite the cunt hater too, like you), and know that my race is in dire straights. MGTOW Is an irrational response to feminism, and most likely Jew backed as well. What better way to kill a people, than to stop them from breeding.
Alien Intention (3 months ago)
Reinhard Heydrich ...yeh it works for thirsty simps like you who are looking for a relationship with these soulless cunts.
Reinhard Heydrich (3 months ago)
Alien Intention, that is also mostly true, but hey, they are using their assets wisely, albeit deceiving people and hoping they can get a foot in the door before you discover they are five foot 190 lbs.
Matthew Van Ostin (9 months ago)
the limit girls contacts/24 hours is very stupid!! we have to message loot of girls per day. because we dont know how much girls will be interested in us. how much will give us their phone numbers at the end. will you have a date? will it goes well? would you be satisfied with the person a girl isnt obligated to date us. to message us. to like us.... just because we messaged her! soo having the capacity of unlimited contacts/day is crucial for a man to get in contact with someone interested in us. that will give us her phone number. a date etc limitating the contacts/24hours greatly limit the possibility of a man to find a hapiness in dating because again a women isnt obligated to date us/like us/message us because we messaged her! so please. make the contacts/24hours unlimited dating is a number game & a image game i hope you will correct this! and in the future, if you gonna put settings that influence dating be sure its based on realistic dating by someone who is expert on it.
Matthew Van Ostin (3 months ago)
George Daugherty thats is the biggest bullshit ever. ok you are "selective". you message 5 girls that makes your heart beat. the 5 girls dont respond/dont give you your number. you lose precious time the girls have NO OBLIGATION to respond to you. NO OBLIGATION to give you her number just because you did a polite talk with her you are not the only one messaging her. you have rude competitions. other guys are messaging her & try to get a date with her too! you gonna have to beat competitions of tons of others guys she also need to be attracted to you by your pictures. no physical attraction. she wont give you her number! so you need a MUTUAL attraction furthermore, a good 40% of girls are there to simply pass the time or for attention (hollywood star attention effect). its their right! for all those reasons and many more. you NEED to message a loot of girls. in order to have dates get exclusive and romantic AFTER 5 dates. and that you are officialy boyfriend and girlfriend moreover, for mee and loot of friends who are 8-9/10 looking. for 100 messages sent. we get 20 replies. out of 20 replies we get 6 phones number...out of those 6 phones number...3 dates...and then maybe it gives a long term girlfriend...a short story...or even nothing!...a date doesnt equal a girlfriend. its just a meeting. and having a polite respectfull meeting doesnt not guarantee you a girlfriend! + girls might look different in real life from their pictures...and might look different in real life psycologicaly from their cellphone texts personality...and you might also not be pleased by the personn you meet in real life!..and also the connexion of you guys in real life might be bad my friends & i are 8-9/10 good looking + athletic +good social skills + polite. and in our 20s (our prime age). and still have a low ratio messages sent ---- girfriend/short romantic stories so i cant imagine whats the ratio for the 5 6 7/10 looking people. old people. fat people. people that lack social skills etc etc
George Daugherty (4 months ago)
You only need to message 5 girls a day, actually make that a week. Dating isn't a numbers game. It's a quality game. The men who message 50 girls going to get maybe 2 responses and zero dates. The man who is picky and selective and chooses 5 to message are the ones who are going to get 2 responses and 2 dates and one of those dates leads to something. Or if he knows his way around women, both dates will go splendidly.
Matthew Van Ostin (7 months ago)
and remember its dating. its not a talk to mee, i am bored app you need physcial attraction! so its possible you message 40 girls. no responses because none was attracted to you after they saw your pictures usualy a medium guy. on 100 girls you messaged politly. 10 will message you back. 90 ignore you and again on the 10 that messaged you. 2 will agree to give their number and date you and again maybe those 2 wont work out/wont like them/ wont be pleased by them..so you gonna need a number game politeness is a must on everything. but it doesnt guarantee a date! no one will kiss you because you were polite! they will kiss you because you were polite + a minimum physicaly attractive to them
Matthew Van Ostin (7 months ago)
Jonathan Brandis i know because i wanted the uploader to notice it who says it has to be stupid? you can copy paste "heey". and people who are interested in you after looking your pictures will reply but polite message isnt a guarantee of respond/date! on the 50 girls you talk to politly. maybe only 3 will responds. none give their number because physical attraction & how interesting you are to talk to are 2 huge factors that determine your dating sucess! thats why number game is important of course ALWAYS do a POLITE RESPECTFULL number games! ---because if you have 1 hour free you would like to say polite first message like "heey" to a maximum of girls. to have maximum response..and enhanced real life dating results if you only talk to 30 girls. its highly possible none of them will reply. they are not obligated to respond/they are not obligated to date you. how ever polite respectfull/ funny you are!! its dating. you need physical attraction & personality skills! everywhere there is always a 10% stupid people. but dont punish the 90% polite good people at least the girls gets the true personality of those 10% lame guys
Jonathan Brandis (7 months ago)
I see your point in message multiple women, but dating is not a numbers game. An idiot can ask out 10,000,000 girls, but if he remains an idiot, he will get rejected by ALL of those 10,000,000 girls.
Daniel Enochs (9 months ago)
are you ladies single lol
Ron (9 months ago)
I guarantee you these two women ignore 99% of all messages
Xellos357 (8 months ago)
Dude, not a chance those babes aren't married. They don't even have accounts bro
Henry Smith (10 months ago)
top tip if you delete your profile then make another one even if it is very similar you tend to get a new user boost and should receive more messages
Tom Sucic (11 months ago)
Some times sending individual messages will work or even poetry.. However, the women on dating sites are either there to chat or to find Mr Perfect without actually looking at their own imperfections. P O F is not successful for dates, I had more luck in clubs and in person. Had so many scam artists and cat fish from dating sites and if they won't meet, video chat after a few days they never will. Don't waste your money on following them up on the meet me section either. If they wanted to meet you they would exchange their details on the message system. There is nothing wrong with saying here is my whatsapp or email send me a message or here is my wechat connect with me. If they were serious. Most of the women are NOT serious and just want chat friends. If you give out your credit card details to contact them by buying chat credits from any dating site you are wasting money, they chat and uhm ahm, not sure. then your credit is gone they are gone as well. It's not you it's them. Lets examine some things I noticed: How come some attractive women have had relationships for less then 5 years, 3 or 2 years? Women in their 30 ties, 40 ties usually settle and have a family. I know there are people chasing money and working hard trying to make ends meet, single woman trying to succeed and over looking her biological clock is either not thinking like a family woman or is not entirely traditional. And lets face it certain countries do have major problems like Japan. Yet some will come here to find work or find a man ? Why Australia and certain other countries ? Why are women in between 25 and 45 single, or single mother with 5 year old or under 10 year old children. Most of the profiles I checked were like this. Why ? She must be dating or going for the jerks ? Or she has issues ? Either way they are very odd and it usually does not matter how long or short your profile is, if your photos are of a great looking guy bullshitting about his travel and career they will more then likely message him, (but some will be scam artists as well ).. Fake profiles usually attract more attention .. From other fake profiles. I can tell you from my dating experience and not one was from P O F and others as well it is about money , lies and confidence. Women are mentally geared to be this way it is their nature does NOT matter how educated they are and what age they are. Just as we want younger ladies some of them are after younger men as well. This is NOT about money but a LOOK I'M dating A young stud who will improve my image. And he is more then likely to be better in bed. Nonsense. Size matters ? Well ladies check out the statistics 1 in 100 is actually over 7 " or ask any escort as they go through dozen a night, most men are smaller and it does depend on their back ground as well, The silly thing about this is most will say "We don't care about that".. They do. Women lie as a means to the end and a end to a means. But they even lie to them selves, they don't know what they want, so they can't expect men to know. They often make judgements based on false and illogical reasoning. Stuff up , have regrets and some times try to return to the other guy or start again unless they feel content or obliged to be in the relationship. (I actually did date escorts so I am speaking from experience here). No I did NOT pay for their professional services. It was a date type environment.They wanted me to take them out. When I was told by one she wanted to travel interstate for work I looked up some information on the internet for escorts to show her. I was totally blown away by one web site as there were pages and pages of women advertising. From 18 to 35 and older... I showed her the competition as she was complaining about not being able to make money. So where are the really hot ladies ? Waiting by their computer or phone for clients as the clubs are empty these days. Unless they have regular jobs in shops or doing other things they are advertising or chatting. If on a Friday night or Saturday you go out to three different clubs and find very few ladies there there is something wrong. And that is sadly the fact these days.. Yet we as men are treated like fools and are blamed for saying the sex word or asking.. When I recall one of my Latin friends and that he claimed over 300 in bed. How ? He was rude, short, chubby but confident and direct. And he knew women. They just think entirely differently to men. And yes they do want sex as well. However, the social system and the slut label keeps most of them shy as they hate being labelled as a S.. t . I even had this from escorts they usually hide their employment and ask you to do it as well. (Just be ware these women are just like any other woman in almost every aspect, and most will never tell a man they try to catch if trying to date they are actually employed as sex workers). Most of the attractive women now are employed or looking for work in the sex industry as it is a huge and growing industry. Some of them travel here from Asian or other countries just to get Message Parlour jobs. They jump into bed with men of all ages and all looks as long as the money is paid out.Yes I know NOT all women are the same, I am aware of the situation. I was actually shocked as I was out of the dating game for a few years and when I returned the Internet has opened an entirely different relationship game. Or did it change ? It just got a lot more popular and more women are doing it. Why ? The money guys, yes some do like the job. But who gets paid for getting laid ? Why go out with a guy and give it to him for free when some men will pay for it. They cost us for dates, for maintenance even when married and some will even get really ticked off if you get injured and can't work leaving the family support to them for a month or two. Even if you are on partial insurance payments. I have been there and again speaking from experience. So if you do get Lucky and find a good woman. Hang on to her. Good luck. The worse part about this is, you can't depend on over seas or local ladies these days. Actually you are better off with a local lady then some one from an over seas dating site. some men have spent $50,000 to get one here and failed. War of the sexes guys. We have been mellowed out, and they have been using sex and other things against us as a form of control for ages now. While we are told it is inappropriate and this now starts at kindergartens. You want to know why rude and obnoxious guys get laid n=more then the average Joe ? Because some of them see this as a form of confidence and strength. They like you to be aggressive and forward and a little flirty. That does not mean that you are stronger or better then the mild mannered guy. But they see this tough act as a form of real man hood. It may take some a week or two to realize they were wrong but by that time most would have been in bed with the guy. That at times makes them think they have established control. I know men can play up, but unless they are gay there is usually another woman involved.. Or is there ? How many men have split up but never had another woman to go to ? I have met a few. They have been devastated, they are not looking for another woman or a relationship. Why ? Living in cheap hostel type shelters after their divorce. . Most of the men were blue collar workers with standard trades or education. I have seen women lave husbands for the position of managers, but the manager was earning less then her husband whom was supporting her and her children. Most women will not admit to being at fault, they will get upset by the truth. They will always try to blame the man as it makes them feel better.. Some times even counter accuse the man and if that fails set the man up, if they have decided to leave and have had an affair they have been trying to get support from others. They have made up their mind. Usually over some thing they did or were hiding. It is not always the man's fault. Lets face it if a woman can not keep her guy happy he will be ore likely to look around just as she is more likely to look around if she is not happy. Lets be realistic most women by the age of 20 have had a few boy friends specially if they are attractive and most women in their 20 ties are attractive. Or at least one.. How many these days believe or follow the NO sex before marriage ? Oh honey you are still a Virgin at 20 ? What's wrong with you ? I doubt that the Government would have girls as young as 12 get their H P V Vaccinations unless they had some medical statistics to justify that with other wise they would have deemed the age requires to be 16 or higher. I know it does not mean they are sexually active at 12, however, the health authorities may view that in such a way ? I did question and debate this as well as other things. As I thought it was ridiculous to assume young girls at that age are sexually active and at risk. I can bet that most women and men will not read this at all as it is too long. It is way over three sentences. He he Lol..
tony bilco (11 months ago)
this video is total rubbish if these girls were fat and ugly would they have same opinion,view?would anybody listen to them?plenty of fish is full of fakes...
Sophia (11 months ago)
I got RAPED by someone on here, they're very scary
Chris Klein (1 year ago)
This vid is kinda funny because nearly all the messages I get from women are 2-3 WORDS long. To the original point - best way to get replies from my experience - be above average attractive. After that - use the word "positive" in your username; and 1 to 3 complete sentences that appear to be thoughtful and make it clear you read her profile. "I enjoyed your pro. Especially the part about ___. How's life in ___?" And then prepare for unfair crazies, hypocrites and players when you take it offline.
VanReiley (2 months ago)
Then you're not giving her much to talk about.
George Daugherty (4 months ago)
Then you don't send great messages, if you get only 2-3 word responses. I've seen really ugly dudes have success with online dating and with meeting girls in general. You only need one sentence to send her. More than for the first message is not a good idea. That just seems needy. Be direct, confident, and congruent.
Jonnie Brown (1 year ago)
need to contact Toda_Vektik12myGmail
3cn3pS (1 year ago)
I banged both of them
Evil Gary (1 year ago)
Wolves sending sheep to the slaughter.
Hal Mintel Jr (1 year ago)
Fuck POF ...... all these dating sights are turning women in big time sluts .
Hal Mintel Jr (11 months ago)
Rich McCobbrj that's real . Online dating gave me a head ache . Gonna just stick to the old school ways lol .
Jacob w (1 year ago)
POF is FAKE as far as I am concerned.  I get "favorite" messages all the time with their profiles saying that they have not been online for months or has not even looked at me!  I just got a computer generated reply message from a woman that says that she never sent it!  POF IS FAKE!  Worse, they are taking your money with false promises of services that are computer generated to bring in users!
Mark Jones (5 months ago)
Why the hell would you pay money for basically a free site?!?
Xellos357 (8 months ago)
"I just got a computer generated reply message from a woman that says that she never sent it!" That's called hacked.
ScrapersNbots (1 year ago)
WOW - u guys need to check out *POF Auto Message Sender* software. I promise you guys it works BIG time at getting more email replies in a couple of hours than you ever dreamed possible.
heath holloway (1 year ago)
Antwan Woods (1 year ago)
POF is for thot's only it seems
A1 Style (5 months ago)
thots and lonely bitches
Elwell Green504 (7 months ago)
Antwan Woods yeah it those seem that way
Matthew Van Ostin (1 year ago)
the copy paste filter is very stupid!! most smart guys copy paste simple messages like "hi" "heey". then the women looks at your profile pictures. if she is interested in you she replies. if she isnt, she wont. thats life!! we have to copy paste "heey" "hi". because we dont know how much girls will be interested in us. how much will give us their phone numbers at the end. will you have a date? will it goes well? would you be satisfied with the person dating is a number game & a image game yes there is 10% of stupid people sending stupid messages (that the girls can easily ignore by the way. and it can at least give them the true image of the guy) but you dont punish the 90% of smart serious guys who simply copy paste "hi" "heey". and wait for the interested people to answer! i hope you will correct this! and in the future, if you gonna put settings that influence dating be sure its based on realistic dating by someone who is expert on it.
Matthew Van Ostin (8 months ago)
Xellos357 depends of your pictures. i get 40% replies actualy its a dating app. its not a entretain mee. i am bored app you say heey. she looks at your pics. if she is interested in you she reply. then you talk for a bit and exchange phone number. and see the girl for a date
Xellos357 (8 months ago)
How many replies do you get just saying "heey" or "hi"? LOL, my guess is 10%?
djgoodie dj (1 year ago)
plenty of fish WAS set up to scam people in the first place. Im sure of that. POF NEVER reply to questions, do not get back when have a problem, no customer service, is the only website that doesnt work properly, if you have an app store download Id advise you to delete it, allways take a LONG TIME to load, cause its reading you PC/Phone/Tablet, you find scammers and report them, they are back the next day or sometimes not ever taken off, I found 10 SCAMMERS on the first page of a country before, (not surprised at all) biggest scammers on the planet and all paid for by the Public !!!!!
Perfect Cocktails (7 months ago)
They also ban people from their Youtube channel who call them out, as best I can tell.
CCornelius (1 year ago)
Stupid, insulting advice. POF deletes repeated messages? That is bullshit. Here's why: A man will have to messages at least 50 women, often hundreds, to get one reply. Is he supposed to taylor each message to individual profiles? It's not possible. Aside from the time constraint, women's profiles are largely the same shallow prattle over and over. There's too little difference from which to create differing introductions. Don't "message 50 women just because you find them hot"? A man has to do so to get any response. "Message just one or two...." Hahahahahahaha Yeah, but he paid for three months! And he should message only two women. Fucking nitwit broad. And who is he supposed to message, the ones he finds repulsive? There certainly are plenty of those. No shortage of women with unhealthy relationships with their God damned "fur babies." I used to like dogs. Now I want to BBQ them. Especially yappy, ugly little lap dogs. The taxi driver's profile is too long. Again, these shallow, ditzy nitwits are wrong. They have the attention spans of canaries. But they are right, too! Guys, keep to two-sentence paragraphs, or you'll lose them. And these spastic, vacuous bimbos are giving women advice about how to get answers from men. Women don't need that! If a woman messages a man and she has not posted a pic of a dog licking her mouth or some other insanity, he'll answer. "If you're not receiving as many replies as you'd like, take another look at your profile." You might be a man. "Next time, we're..." giving you a mountain of bad advice about first dates.
Sauty Black (11 months ago)
ok? is unique for each profile.  to apply for a job, don't you have to create a unique resume & cover letter for each job? Same as profiles.  I want a relationship and I want someone to put in the effort and Vice versa.
The Grim Reaper (1 year ago)
i'll beat the shit out of both of you
vw bora (8 months ago)
Mclovin 2018 (1 year ago)
Havaseet2 (1 year ago)
"Up to date images" HA!! Women are the biggest offenders of this crap. They looooove using "old glory days photos or perfect lighting and hair-cheese ball toilet mirror selfies. Images taken when they were 7 years younger and 35 pounds thinner. Even better, the system won't allow them to correct their age that they initially LIED about when they set up their magical Disney Land, beach walking pipe dream, Prince Charming profile embellished with nonsense, Photoshop and excessively high "Come correct" standards.   When they do get caught lying about their age because they don't look nor can they pass for 8  years younger, they sheepishly confess to it. I can't tell you how many women's profiles  start out "Okay so no, I'm not really 37. I'm 45. I "accidentally" put in the wrong age and it won't allow me to correct it now. Oh well..I still think look a lot younger =)"  Yet ironically,  they all want an "honest" gentleman...Scandalous, hypocritical, delusional children.
scarpfish (1 year ago)
Men following this "advice" are just going to get frustrated twice as fast. You can't say a whole lot about a woman's dating profile that doesn't mention her appearance when it's six cleavage laden pictures and the same cookie cutter language about not being interested in games or hookups. But of course, it's never the women's faults that their profiles are so unoriginal.
This shit is such bullshit... females are just impossible and want either money or games or are racist arrogant rude shallow stuck up negative attention whores or mostly now, soliciting prostitution on “dating” sites. How to get a reply fast from a beautiful pretty white or Asian or just not black and not fat female..or even any female...?? Cuss them out, say something negative, or be white or dark (for the racist white or not black females) or talk about paying them for unsatisfying quick sex smdh I give up
Anheru Uchiha (2 months ago)
This was great, thanks, I've been looking for "tinder conversation starter examples" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Neeyedaly Romantic Pussnap - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.
George Daugherty (3 months ago)
In my experience, saying something original DOES work pretty often. I send MAYBE 5 messages in a week and I get 4 out of 5 responses. Not that difficult. Learn not to give a fuck if somebody is a hypocrite and focus only your damn selves. No excuses. Don't whine like a little bitch.
Brian D (7 months ago)
I think my favorite are when they say something like, "If you want to catch my attention say something original" and that is all that is on their profile and like four pictures that show just how uninteresting they really are. Don't get me wrong in that I totally dont care as I think it's a great way to weed out the dead weight that I want to avoid yet still shows how comically clueless some of them are. But dont get me wrong, I can only imagine some of the guy profiles. Im sure mine is terrible but I have no expectation of a female trying to wow me either.
Scotty Douglas (1 year ago)
toffee candy Avery please call me Tammy Avery
Joshua Sharrock (1 year ago)
you guys work there you know the ratios... only 10% of the guys are getting all the replies. and guess what they never follow their own advice. hey sexy here's my number one liners. I'm 34 I'm a high school biology teacher that make $62,000 a year. I'm in a wheelchair. I've had 7 pictures on this site and one of them is me in the chair. when I don't have that picture up I get about 6 messages out of 30. I've been told I'm cute. I've never gotten a reply when I do have it up in 4 years. women are just shallow there's no other way to put it what advice could you honestly give keeping that in mind
David Bryant (1 month ago)
same here brother. I edited my profile to include I AM A 1 arm amputee. Slowed down to a halt. I am no more handicapped than a woman who gets up 2 hours b4 everybody else to put her face on.
Ultra Atari (3 months ago)
Brian D "out of your league" is there a fucking heroin needle In your vein as as he typed moron? he's 34 and successful. he doesn't need to settle for no bitch in a wheelchair. to even imply he should he should become a hard line Republican and watch your kids starve to death and cut all welfare when Chaaaaad leaves
Ali Hussain (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64Ixzp94ksw Its in the mind. You've got to go the extra mile to convey your virility, frame the girl into having the courage to take the leap in a "Let's see whether you've got the balls" context. On a subconscious level they want a mate, a hunter, adept at bringing home the bacon, athletic. This puts you into a disadvantageous position. These sites are very material, its probably not the right place for you, even if you get to phase 2, they will feel deceived once you show up. Youre better off working on your day game, building your conversational skills, and transmitting your confidence in a way that's unsettling almost. That's my two cents worth of advice. Truth is, these girls are up against the clock and at 35 (your age) if they don't have their shit together with a guy who is a potential co-parent, they're screwed. A tiny minority are non-maternal, this age is where they start settling (no offence), you've got no excuse. There are plenty of reasonably good looking, perfectly nice men that will never have a shot with women..you're lucky you aren't 17. Put on your big boy pants, you've got 15 years worth of sex left. Dress well,develop a noticeable chest/arms game, smell good and eye fuck her. Good luck. Happy fucking.
Jared Pinkard (5 months ago)
Joshua Sharrock 100% correct. maybe pof needs to try discussing the facts and stop blaming men when its woman's grossly over inflated egos that are the problem.
Brian D (7 months ago)
Are you getting turned down by women in wheelchairs? Something tells me you chasing women out of your league because you refuse to chase women in your league. Also, it's absurd to call a women shallow because an 8 wont date a 4. Sorry a wheelchair is a real thing. I am 5'6 and while Im sure that is not even in the same league as being in a wheelchair it is still a huge thing with women. One time I lied about my height and the responses really improved but I didnt get upset and start calling them whores and other such nonsense because that would be as absurd as when an obese woman expects a guy that looks like Brad Pitt to overlook her fat body because her gay guy friends and 3rd wave feminist tell her that she is beautiful anyway and if guys werent such pigs they would date her. Ignoring the fact that she is not wanting to date fat guys for the very same reason. Dude live in reality. You want to get hot chicks while being in a wheelchair? Try to be something other than a biology teacher. When I was short and fat I didnt bitch about not getting laid by the women that I wanted. I knew why I was getting them and it was the same reason I wasnt screwing my female equivalent. Because I was not attractive. So I started to train bjj and Muay Thai to get in shape. It was a freaking brutal experience that I never want to go thru again but it worked. Im still short though. That is why I have been studying, which I am doing on this Saturday night, so I can double my salary in the next year. You cannot change the reality of the dating game that has been the same for hundreds of thousands of years by being a crybaby. I'm sure you are not chasing 2's so stop bitching and calling women shallow because they wont lower their standards to date you because you dont want to lower your standards to date who you currently can get nor put in the work to raise your value. Stop wallowing in your self pity, which women 100% do not find attractive, and also ignore the 8 other losers who liked your post because they are also losers who will always be bitter. No one owes you anything let alone their body and their love. Good lord. Figure out what you need to do and then bust your ass. And if you dont you have zero reason to complain. But if you do decide to complain dont trash women just yell at god or something else not real.
Tray Dani (1 year ago)
I will say this, kool video ok message. The only thing is women that try to act like these 2 and not even near as attractive lol. Even those 2 in the video being attractive just the way they pick apart messages. I can tell they would be a boring outing. I mean if you really got time to pick a part a message then you're using the site as a lot of women do on POF. That's to build validation that isn't anything to do with your real world life. Men and Women if you break away from your device for a time or two in your life you might figure out how to have a good time lol. Damn how robotic have we gotten these days. Pretty soon we're gonna have those virtual reality goggles on with things attached to our genitals and end all physical contact in dating lol. We'll just imagine we're dating. Have a great day fellows don't let his bogus site ruin you as a man some women still know what a man is. Women start getting to know yourselves more and not look for others to tell you how you should find a man. Know who you are first bye bye this time guys have a good day
Jonathan Brandis (7 months ago)
LOL what's funny is that there is already a movie that predicted that. You should check it out. It's calld, "Demolition Man" and it stars Sylvestor Stallone and Wesley Snipes.
John Bartley (1 year ago)
Tray Dani hello
Davies More (1 year ago)
Life is very sweet when you have honest loving caring partner and love is sweeter than an honey .. a honest caring loving man should add me up for serious relationship
Lou M (1 year ago)
this shit is commen sense.if guys dont already know this i feel bad for them.
Lou M (1 year ago)
i get all my girls on pof.its the eaisiest way to get chicks.caught 12 fish last year alone. with no headline or description.that takes game.2017 is looking good lol.
Jason Walker (3 months ago)
Lou M. stop lying bitch
Beard Man (1 year ago)
rule 5 of the code of conduct states You will not post messages, pictures or recordings or use the Service in any way that (i) violates, plagiarizes or infringes upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to any copyright or trade-mark law, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights, or (ii) is fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or violates any law. Rule 2 states: You will not use the Service to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behavior, including but not limited to the posting of communications, pictures or recordings which contain libelous, slanderous, abusive or defamatory statements, or racist, pornographic, obscene, or otherwise offensive language. Now consider rule 2 states that there can be no harassment offensive behavior or otherwise offensive language (subjective.) And rule 5 states you cannot send fraudulent or otherwise unlawful messages. Now if I am expected by rule 2 to twist words and phrase that which I say so that it doesn't offend But I am also bound to rule 5 asking for no fraudulent messages how can I proceed? to be truthful is often times to be offensive. If you follow rule 2 you break rule 5 and vice versa. People. their terms of service contradicts itself. just start sending completely upfront messages. and when you get kicked point out the contradiction in their rules
Havaseet2 (1 year ago)
Yep. Try joking with some overly sensitive insecure women, no matter how innocent, if they don't "get it", they report you because they have zero sense of humor. It's run like a kindergarten class.
dunky dog (1 year ago)
I use creative messages.grammar error is just shallow nit picky woman

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