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My first (and last) Tinder experience

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My first (and last) Tinder experience - animation If you want to help support this channel, sign up to NordVPN https://nordvpn.com/alexmeyers and use code "alexmeyers" ★☆★Buy some new merch: http://bit.ly/2G23zzQ MY advice to all of you: meeting people in real life is soooooo much better than online. It might workout for you online, I'm sure there are a lot of happy people. But... when it goes wrong. It REALLY goes wrong... ★☆★Help Me Get to 50,000 Subscribers! http://bit.ly/1Iqsdaq ★☆★PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!! ★☆★PREVIOUS VIDEOS: Riverdale is a mess... https://youtu.be/PnIDso3a0XQ ★☆★Twitter: https://twitter.com/JudgeOfTheKings Thank you so much for 30,000 subscribers. If you like what you see, please share these videos with your friends to show support!
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Text Comments (9226)
awkc 63 (9 minutes ago)
Pfft none of this was that bad
Evilmike42 (11 minutes ago)
Jesus wept, GO TO BARS YOU FREAKS.....at least you can drink booze there.
awkc 63 (16 minutes ago)
Full of dreams... What's that like?
JerkyPower (30 minutes ago)
Do you know what is my experience with Tinder? I worked in a huge IT company where 99% of colleagues were men. I was there almost whole day every day. So I tried to meet some girl via Tinder. And you know what? First date was fine but we are friends only since that day. But on my second date (with another nice girl) I met my wife. Now I work in a smaller company, we have a house and we are expecting a child. - The story behind that? - not everything is 100% bad. Even those applications. You just need to be vigilant.
Anthony Napoli (44 minutes ago)
3 letters.....LOL
xXGAMING101Xx (49 minutes ago)
are you gay? a girl is asking to home home with her and you didn't want too?
dunderstud (50 minutes ago)
this video sold me on a sub, congrats.
Bitch Lasagna (52 minutes ago)
Atleast she didn't start slingshotting them at you and quoting the movie
Olena K (51 minutes ago)
This story doesn't sound real. Nobody worships Rapunzel. Nobody. That would sound more credible if she had Frozen Elsa dolls.
Chase (57 minutes ago)
Joseph Chapman (1 hour ago)
Fake and stupid.
xjesusxchristx (1 hour ago)
Her doll heads were detached? That's my kind of girl!
.....but is that really so weird in .... TOKYO?!?
Mario Justiniano (1 hour ago)
I've never used a dating app. Never will.
Barricade2091 (1 hour ago)
I agree with your reaction. I would've been nice for the most part and hung out with her. I would've let the weird repunzel obsession go but the second I saw her talking to the heads I would've done the same thing. XD
RitaRedeklug (1 hour ago)
Estron Kadar (1 hour ago)
4m views ? are u kidding me ? with this in paint made movie ?
CoolWeeaboo Gaming (1 hour ago)
Midnight_stories (1 hour ago)
So that's what's it's for dating ??? I thought it was some photo thingy, well glad I'm not in it !
Can Uluç Birgüler (2 hours ago)
Abort mission
Robert Ballard (3 hours ago)
At least animate the mouth you lazy man
MonkeyWith72Magic (3 hours ago)
Everyone always look better on their profile pics than they do in person so I always prepare myself for the eventual disappointment.
nazongo (3 hours ago)
Did you any contact after that?
hy there (3 hours ago)
why would a lonely girl invite an unknown man in her home 0_0
therandomdot (3 hours ago)
Had a date with a chick I met online. During casual "so, what do you do?" conversation, she told me she bred horses, and the ones she didn't want to breed she'd geld (castrate) and put their nuts in a jar and stick them on a shelf where she collected them (yes, plural.. she had a horse testicle collection). Her big "you wanna come over and fuck?" line at the end of the date was "you wanna come back to my place and see the shelf where I keep the horse testicles?" Nope. Never spoke to her again. Too fucking creepy even by my standards.
gatopreto 1207 (4 hours ago)
kkkkkkkkkkk it would be better if she just took your kidney kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Mark (4 hours ago)
I did Tinder for a few years. I can make a book out of my grazy stories for sure. my gosh...
Emile Soucey (5 hours ago)
Had tinder for years and no tinder date yet. So fuck tinder.
gamer shadow (5 hours ago)
1:13 Jake Paul 😂😂
Danko Abarca Muñoz (5 hours ago)
to be honest, I would like to find people like that, I would have so many questions. People here is so boring :c
MysteryTortoise (5 hours ago)
so yOuR TELLING ME YOU WENT ON A DATE WITH PICASSO WORK OF ART!!~~ (I haven't finished the video yet just so you know?)
0reaver01 (5 hours ago)
i was cat fished she was fat had really bad acne in her photos she was slim had clear skin i wasnt a cunt about it even though i was shallow. i seen her first before she seen me so i could of walked away but i didnt had a meal with her she was very shy so her personality wasn't my thing either i drove her home after that never contacted her again.
Tom Upton (6 hours ago)
I think your use of the word "like" out of context (31 times...yes l counted) is as equally disturbing as your story.
Javelin (6 hours ago)
Why is this in my feed?
Hahaha great ending
Aric Dilbeck (6 hours ago)
This reminds me of an Ep. Of a 90s show called Babylon 5. There's an Emperor type character who's basically batshit crazy, he keeps the heads of all his enemies in a secret room, and he goes in there to talk to them on occasion. He imagines they give him advice, but it's just a room full of decaying heads. Pretty creepy shit.
Xboxlove1 (6 hours ago)
took me half a year and like 400 matches to go on 2 dates and never again feelsbadman
xXZ31t6esTXx (6 hours ago)
What would like to see the concept of the zeitgeist addendum in cartoons so more people can understand it
ricardor97 (7 hours ago)
i went to her place because i didn't wanted to be rude...... Sure thirst had nothing to do with it
Metalcore \m/ (7 hours ago)
So he finally met my grandma
Jack Newsome (7 hours ago)
fake. gotta make revenue somehow i guess
Sebastian Pini (7 hours ago)
Ok, so because you had bad food in a restaurant one time all restaurants are bad?
Dante Nami (7 hours ago)
Caleb does stuff (7 hours ago)
*A B O R T M I S S I O N*
Diogo Andrade (7 hours ago)
Was this in Japan or America?
Sean (8 hours ago)
This was next level awesome story and animation. Subscribe!
Sohan Dsouza (8 hours ago)
2:28 Haha, love how you inserted the real-world Big Mac as the "dinner".
OrganicChemistry2 (9 hours ago)
My Tinder experience: Man I'm horny. *Downloads app and meets a girl 2 days later to fuck* Deletes app
hector Cañas (9 hours ago)
atleast those werent human heads lol
Schnozzer (9 hours ago)
Yeah, I don't believe a fucking word of this.
Dwoprus (9 hours ago)
You know what would have been worse? She could have been a fat girl
Dreamtale_Umbreon (9 hours ago)
Tigerblood (9 hours ago)
2 advices: delete tinder and dont waste ur time and effort in these seeking attention whores. Get real whores u know what u get and when ,plain simple right? Duhh winning
Impulse Op (10 hours ago)
Don't lie to yourself. Rick and Morty isn't overrated.
staticmetal2002 xbl (10 hours ago)
*And then Satan asked* "Would you like to see"?
Wft32540 (10 hours ago)
So if you had met her at the library how would you have known she had doll heads til you went over there? Has nothing to do with online dating really... There are weirdos out there. Just gotta be smart, and going to their place on date 1 isn't.
JOHN GRIGORAKOS (10 hours ago)
i totally support the moral of this story but the video overall was gold! well done
Mike Smith (10 hours ago)
This is the best video I’ve seen in a while 😂😂😂😂😂😂
sugarpuffextreme (10 hours ago)
ye.. ur full of shit
Anonymouse (11 hours ago)
Hey, atleast you got to the datepart, I never came any further than a single match without a conversation.
Bogs Binny (11 hours ago)
mission failed... we'll get 'em next time
CJ Larson (11 hours ago)
Ladies, stop the cat fishing, like why? We are gonna find out
Thomas Engermann (11 hours ago)
Jesus fucking christ, I thought my Tinder experiences were bad
Samara Bush (12 hours ago)
7:14 (That didn't work for poor Kaneki)
Aaron Shepherd (12 hours ago)
0:35 *I'm so glad man!* I tought, I'm the only person who's into girls with only one boob. Nice!
david lee (12 hours ago)
good thing she's not a yandere..............or is she????? https://img00.deviantart.net/72e0/i/2018/113/4/6/yandere_chan____by_likesac-dc9h4tz.jpg
Kiara Kamikatze (12 hours ago)
Sweet Candy Rapunzel Nightmare .... eben Fredy Kruger would escape
Angel G (13 hours ago)
I swear this just made my day so much better. I fell off my bed laughing 😂😂😂😂
David H (13 hours ago)
I dated a russian girl who asked for me to get circumcised to get cleaner sex...
Schnozzer (9 hours ago)
I hope you told her to fuck off.
Danasa Danasa (13 hours ago)
Crazy cat lady!
iamonlinehero (13 hours ago)
And to think talking to Rapunzel heads used to be my hobby..
Javanoski (14 hours ago)
Mr. Goldfish (14 hours ago)
This is what happen when they say be yourself everything is fine.
Benno von Archimboldi (14 hours ago)
3:20 dude seriously...why being honest with us all the time and then start lying at this points? You didn't go with here because of politeness but because, different looks or not, you still wanted to get laid at least once.
ASRANILO (14 hours ago)
feik :v af
Timothy Endsley (14 hours ago)
Sartaj Hanspal (14 hours ago)
1:14 mmmhmmm
Fulk Metal (14 hours ago)
Isnt that normal in japan?
Z1GMA12 (14 hours ago)
All of social media, Tinder too, is designen to separate ppl from eachother. If something gets easily available to you, you dont want it. It's human nature.
POWER BEE (14 hours ago)
Haha that was osum!!! It was so fun ! 😂😂😂
TouchedNut (14 hours ago)
you sound like a prepubescent Chael Sonnen you even talk like him
Jonny Lawless (15 hours ago)
Did no one ever tell you that Tinder is not for dating? It's for fucking, so if you happen to meet a crazy bitch, just wrap it, dive, come, bounce, maybe change your phone number if you feel the need.
Chris Oczko (15 hours ago)
Now I don't feel so bad about 96% of the messages I send on POF being ignored or deleted.
Moe - BF and RPGs (15 hours ago)
Judgemental Budgie (15 hours ago)
She would've most definitely murdered you, dressed you as a Rapunzel and kept you in her storage. OR You two would just drink tea and have dessert. Who knows..
ExtremisIronHeart (16 hours ago)
glen jackson (16 hours ago)
my dude i had a girl walk in with a strap-on. over here complaining bout some dolls, like, that's not a winners attitude.
G31M1 (16 hours ago)
Why is the title german and the video english? :o
TheStevenWearsPrada (16 hours ago)
LOLOL!!!!! Holy shit.
LIGER ZERO (16 hours ago)
Describing Tinder: Imagine a large gathering of hyper-sexual, ''plump'', unsightly, feminist's taking flight to the tune of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, no longer bound by the gravity of realism that they have an equal in the dating sphere.
Nerubico (17 hours ago)
2:29 sooo truee
gergo jordan (17 hours ago)
fake af
DonMapache (17 hours ago)
Im on a 3 year relationship and only used tinder one week (and she only three days) haha.
Dan (18 hours ago)
I'm engaged to and having a kid with my Tinder date. But I get you homes.... that wasn't my first rodeo
Herr Vorragend (18 hours ago)
Aren´t all japanese girls like.. this crazy? just a bit?
Jak Daxter (18 hours ago)
Overrated? Kiss my ass!!!
Da Jew (18 hours ago)
I think this is a bunch of Bolony, but not completely impossible. There are a lot of weird people in this world. Have you ever heard any of the stories some of the uber drivers have?
Chris Wu (19 hours ago)
That's why we should not judge the book by its cover. Once you open it, you will regret for the rest of your life. Hmm...Looks like I am talking bullshit again
Gipz (20 hours ago)
Aidan Orisit (20 hours ago)
Weird people are fun. Y so judgy?

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