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Hypnotice Best Second SNIPER S1 SEA! LAGGING NO PROBLEM - Dragon Nest M SEA

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The Sniper is the secondary specialization class of the Bowmaster, the other being the Artillery. Snipers specializes in using a longbow and dealing long range physical based attacks. At Level 45, Sniper can be advanced from Bowmaster after performing the Secondary Specialization Quest. new upload : Hypnotice Best Second SNIPER S1 SEA! LAGGING NO PROBLEM - Dragon Nest M SEA Add me IGN 1st account Nick name : Hypnotice server : S1 Guild : Chronicles second account Nick name : CaroIine (use big i ) Server : S22 Guild : Revenge Social media Instagram : Angga.pria Fanspage Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hypnotices/ Facebook owner : https://www.facebook.com/noobs12 -Stay and subscribe for more videos!
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Text Comments (34)
Don Maniego (6 months ago)
Change vid title to my brains lsgging and i need views so ill screw sround by telling my stupid subs that its lag even its not. Just coz im a attention fucking seeker.
Don Maniego (6 months ago)
Lagging my ass. Click bait again
HiYGoO (7 months ago)
Now i know why bowmaster class like altilerry and sniper good in ladder, It's because the control is much easy from the other char/hero
HiYGoO (7 months ago)
And the immune
Azhar Bagaskara (7 months ago)
*Maahh Wkwkwk Adekmu ya?
Rinaldi Fraudier (7 months ago)
Top 1 archer server 24 season ini! Akhirnya wkwkw tapi enakan pake windsear dibanding yg double shot om.. damagenya turun banget :/
Xess E (7 months ago)
Hati hati main mercen. Meledak di tangan sakit lhoo
Hypnoticed G (7 months ago)
Iya bm susah lwn mercen
Rinaldi Fraudier (7 months ago)
iya sih, mercen gila susah bgt distun.. armor mulu yakk 😭
Hypnoticed G (7 months ago)
Iya betul.. Tp pke shot enak buat lwn mercen..
Markgabriel Escobedo (7 months ago)
I dare you all to get 2.2k using cancer assassin..
Paul Santiago (7 months ago)
skill build, skill heraldry used and show us your stats. we can't just copy your skill build and hope that it has the same effect on us
Datsatoilet (7 months ago)
sir what do u prefer after an acrobat wind walker or tempest interms of ladder WB GB? cuz i dunno rlly im lvl 43 with 240k bp still noob hehe TIA
Glenn Mark Rozul (7 months ago)
windwalker advantage is showtime, if you used it wisely. tempest advantage is fast attacks
Darkion ™ (7 months ago)
Why use the 2 shot skill instead of windshear? (Top 4 sniper in my server)
Ario Rizky (7 months ago)
the most balanced rpg game
Vincent Dolor (7 months ago)
Skill build? Both pve and pvp please. TIA ❤
Ducky Momo (7 months ago)
Im only the 7th best sniper lol
Ducky Momo (6 months ago)
Don Maniego im not trying to be cute bro im so ugly lol And i have no good picture happy now sorry for bothering you by my pic
Don Maniego (6 months ago)
Ducky Momo are you trying to be cute by puffing your mouth . I thinks its working -_-
Ducky Momo (7 months ago)
Arief Eko lol you notice i just want to comment and say my opinions
Ducky Momo why you always coment
Kev Bacalso (7 months ago)
It should be Second Best Sniper :D
Jovet Broa (7 months ago)
How to counter chaser?
That Guy From Moon (7 months ago)
Jovet Broa they're pretty easy to counter just see where your camera is going and attack there.
Marsiano Billy (7 months ago)
Record charge shot ex gua d ladder 21k damage ... Ga nyangka crit ampe segitu ...
Marsiano Billy (7 months ago)
Rinaldi Fraudier ohhh iya skill tau tau ... Inti nya mah semua skill kali kacaaau wkwkw ... Mau jadi top ladder server ga bisa , 1-5 smua kali ... Cuma bisa jadi top 1 archer aja d s51 hikkss ... Ada tips bang buat lawan bocil ? Gm terutama
Rinaldi Fraudier (7 months ago)
Marsiano Billy rage outburst yang tiga panah bikin lambat, itu bagus buat pancingan juga karena musuh yg ngerti pasti ga mau slow haha kalo gerbang itu kuncinya cuma satu, jaga jarak. Soalnya semakin deket, semakin cepet keluar rohnya = semakin cepet stun. Ribet sih tapi emang lawan Kali, gw juga masih 50/50 😂
Marsiano Billy (7 months ago)
Rinaldi Fraudier yang paling gua benci skill yang keluar peju2 itu bro dari portal .. dia lompat , ngaaih slow , ngeliarin peju , d tambah tangan meledak , darah stngah abis zzzzzz .... Rage outburst yang mana ? Yang nambah kecepatan bukan sih ?
Rinaldi Fraudier (7 months ago)
Marsiano Billy iya skill tangannya nyedot terus meledak, kalo gw sih biasanya kaburan kalo maen kali. abis dia kena charged shot terus gw jaga jarak haha kalo cooldownnya uda mau abis pancing dia ngedeket lagi. Biasanya gw pake windsear sih biar dia ngedodge, terus follow up pake charged shot. Banyak yang panikan soalnya kalo di windsear atau di rage outburst hehe
Marsiano Billy (7 months ago)
Rinaldi Fraudier lompat yang lempar kertas ngeslow kan bro ? Skill tangan nya yang jadi problem , keq blackhole enigma anjir nyeedot -,-

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