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Fighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Theme

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Rainbow Dash Theme from Fighting is Magic
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Brony Gaming Inc. (4 months ago)
yknow i havent touched this account or paid much attention to anything mlp related in a very long time, but something compelled me to go back and listen to all the music i used to listen to from Brony content creators. let me just say the nostalgic feeling ive come back to hasnt disappointed me. this is an amazing feeling to relive
Redd Wolfe7 (6 months ago)
BirbBoi The Birb (6 months ago)
Natalie Chan (7 months ago)
One hater hates the video!!
Rae Phillips (7 months ago)
SaturnBronyVA (8 months ago)
Straight up AWESOME
Pokemongineer (9 months ago)
Anyone else hear the gala song halfway through it? PS: This is some awesome music lol
Whquarters (5 months ago)
No u
Ignaxpro Gamer (5 months ago)
Whquarters (5 months ago)
Pokemongineer I think all of their themes do that. You can hear Twilight and Applejack's gala solos in their own themes too. This one sounds the most obvious though.

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