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PSY - ‘I LUV IT’ M/V @ https://youtu.be/Xvjnoagk6GU PSY - ‘New Face’ M/V @https://youtu.be/OwJPPaEyqhI PSY - 8TH ALBUM '4X2=8' on iTunes @ https://smarturl.it/PSY_8thAlbum PSY - GENTLEMAN on iTunes @ http://smarturl.it/PsyGentlemaniT #PSY #싸이 #GENTLEMAN #젠틀맨 More about [email protected] http://www.psypark.com/ http://www.youtube.com/officialpsy http://www.facebook.com/officialpsy http://twitter.com/psy_oppa https://www.instagram.com/42psy42 http://iTunes.com/PSY http://sptfy.com/PSY http://weibo.com/psyoppa http://twitter.com/ygent_official
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Text Comments (968658)
Анна Семеха (3 minutes ago)
Sherina jung v (11 minutes ago)
2019 ??
Pham Tung (52 minutes ago)
PhonG ViaYis (1 hour ago)
2019 ?
Русские аууууу Вы где??
Elena Plays (1 hour ago)
{\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂 You want this cake I can't eat it myself. it costs 0 dollars no like I promise! ;-;
boom boom (1 hour ago)
FrEsh Present MMD (2 hours ago)
Psy was very popular in Russia in 2012
Rayzen X (2 hours ago)
I still comeback for thicc gurl
benedict basumatary (2 hours ago)
It's Mehhh B*t*h! (2 hours ago)
Who watch IN 5687?
Wishline Lucidity (2 hours ago)
I have the remix version with me
Putri Puspasari (2 hours ago)
This is bad video(old Man)
rake483 (2 hours ago)
This song is 6 years old fuuuck. I would have said 2 years ago. Time goes by so fast.
Kazzuki TM (3 hours ago)
Why I’m here in 2019?
Kemal Can (3 hours ago)
Hyuna ile sen aynı bokun lacivertisiniz
Kemal Can (3 hours ago)
Park Jae sen manyak mısın? Niye kızın memesini açtın? Senin ağızına sıçarım horospu
joshua yoon (3 hours ago)
That's the gym I go to for swimming :o
Моя улюблена пісня
Что я здесь Досехпор делаю???😑😑😑😐😐😐
goggog games (4 hours ago)
goggog games (4 hours ago)
Tengis Dumbadze (6 hours ago)
8-BIT Revivals (6 hours ago)
i love cunts.
TrenD TV (6 hours ago)
Who watch in 2K19 😍
Rishi Mukherjee (7 hours ago)
What's the name of the girl ??
joaco mhg (7 hours ago)
Que asco
Abid Lucis (7 hours ago)
xXDEKERXx 343 (7 hours ago)
buterendipity (7 hours ago)
is that gain from beg?
Der S (7 hours ago)
Wow 2019
Karlos Wylson (8 hours ago)
Algum Brasileiro em 2019 Se tiver SE INSCREVE NESSE CANAL: 👇 Youtube.com/c/karloswylson Ta Um Sucesso, Vamos Bater a Meta de Inscrições 👍
ARMY BTS (9 hours ago)
Oh yess daddy ahre / El kpop viejo y nuevo es realmente fabuloso!
Gacha bumble (9 hours ago)
I have on word to explain this the word is ew
Gris Blanco (10 hours ago)
Lo unico q veo en este video es aun hombre grosero con las personas es mi punto de opinion
ZENUM TV (10 hours ago)
2019 anyone?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBTwWzRGKzk&t=26s
Xx _R3kt Skrubz_ xX (10 hours ago)
Italians are going to hate this
donald louk jr. (11 hours ago)
Korean girls are pretty and sexy but I prefer Japanese or Chinese cuz they're a pretty to Leslie that cold black hair I'm out of their league I know I'll never have nobody like that since I'm too old
Irish Oga (11 hours ago)
It's 2019 🤭😍👈
Irish Oga (11 hours ago)
Waiting for new album 😘😊😍♥️ psy 🤭✋
Aracelly Cisneros (13 hours ago)
Un comentario en español
jessie walters (13 hours ago)
Dios si , este hombre cantara de nuevo serian un maldito gran éxito 🤩😍
SuckMyButt (13 hours ago)
What’s Rock Hard and you on it
Amid İsmayilov (14 hours ago)
2019 new
Aramis 17 (15 hours ago)
3:02 oof
it’s danny devito (15 hours ago)
moral of the video: find someone who is just as much of an asshole as you are
serhat Kaya (15 hours ago)
Good job
Bist (15 hours ago)
gain queen
Hamza Khan (16 hours ago)
2019! Who's back !
Murat Mutlu (16 hours ago)
Beji Animations (16 hours ago)
Was this really 5 years ago imo
Meatball (17 hours ago)
Inside the mind of Kim Jong Un
claudio colombo (17 hours ago)
Hai scassat o cazz tu e marrriaa
черный юмор (17 hours ago)
Crazy man
Daniela Hernandez (17 hours ago)
Putty is my favorite place your use this message or responsible person in my car was in for your kind words for that is a lot in your company to you in
Hesenli Qeni (18 hours ago)
Turk varmi
米哈游Mihoyo (18 hours ago)
Spino2Earth (18 hours ago)
Koreans are funny greetings from Norway :)
dreams _fun (18 hours ago)
I am watching
InsaneRJ (18 hours ago)
Jan 2019?
Tae Tae (18 hours ago)
mother fucker gentleman 😂
Asma Suber (18 hours ago)
Marcos Loya (19 hours ago)
박유린 (20 hours ago)
mandy v: (20 hours ago)
2019 y si ablas Español xd 😂
Alizon Gonzales seron (20 hours ago)
La primera canción de kpop q escuche:)
Randall S (20 hours ago)
everbody on point lol
Christian Yabuki (20 hours ago)
Me gusta la música
Vjin A.R.M.Y (20 hours ago)
ŚøŁø Bøý (21 hours ago)
Ayalaa (21 hours ago)
Subscribe to me if you like FOrTniTe
jeff the gaming (22 hours ago)
Dogukan Simsek (22 hours ago)
T E R N (22 hours ago)
18/01/2019​ 👍👍👍🤭😆
тен (22 hours ago)
Trang Nguyễn (23 hours ago)
jackie 02 (23 hours ago)
Came here because of yoo jae suk :)
Sonic Saints (1 day ago)
PSY is not weird his just super creative
Osman Harem (1 day ago)
Not in Spotify =(
Aarti Gautam (1 day ago)
хм, а я российская
Polina VAY (1 day ago)
Alina ice cream (21 hours ago)
Ian Moses (1 day ago)
Humpty dance karaoke
CoralFishGuy (1 day ago)
Think of Kim jung un
ARI Broadcast (1 day ago)
1:01 That move looks like the choreo from Momoland Baam
Ay se (1 day ago)
Sanki beni like yapcan
최경문 (1 day ago)
최경문 (1 day ago)
Tripti Gena (1 day ago)
Music and dance Steps are so cool...
This is so easy to sing. Me: Mato pato gentleman Mato pato gentleman. Another: alaga mo la nali nali naso pali yeah Told yah. Lol
Andy Liu (1 day ago)
nuralia syuhadah (1 day ago)
haha from running man was wear black jacket right as a dancer
nuralia syuhadah (1 day ago)
yg always have the best artist ever
Ziffy Othman (1 day ago)
She is GAIN from B.E.G?
Daniel Rocha (1 day ago)
0:29 ¿María?
Sergey Shishmarev (1 day ago)
Чего пси нерускй
Apaan sih kasian ceweknya di buka itunya
Dinda Everlast (1 day ago)
cherrytae (1 day ago)
unique and like no other :)
H A N A L U LU (1 day ago)
Is that Jaesuk?
H A N A L U LU (23 hours ago)
+Dinda Everlast ur so smart :V
Dinda Everlast (1 day ago)
just a look like maybe :V
Thanh Phạm (1 day ago)
Coi vui 😂😂😂
Cosmic Yeri (1 day ago)
its 3 AM what i am doing with my life?
Elyas Jawanshir (1 day ago)
Dinda Everlast (1 day ago)
belum anjirrr :V

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