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Counterfeit Culture | Seoul: A Look Inside Korea’s Fake Fashion World

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Part II Counterfeit Culture Moscow https://youtu.be/MwJTT1D2PbE In recent years, Korea has emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing fashion markets. Koreans are obsessed with fashion, and the country produces scores of talented designers, many of whom are now breaking out onto the global stage. Beneath the surface, though, there’s an insane market for counterfeit streetwear. Of course, you can find fake clothing all over the globe, but there’s places in Seoul that are selling convincing knock-offs of hyped brands like Raf Simons, Off-White, Balenciaga and Fear Of God. Credits EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Thomas Jamison PRODUCER / PRESENTER Alec Leach ASSITANT PRODUCER Kam Dhillon VIDEOGRAPHY Ollie Walker EDIT / DESIGN Robin Thomson Louie McPherson SOUND DESIGN Joscha Baltes FEATURING Elise Hu Young Jon Koo FOLLOW US Facebook: https://facebook.com/highsnobiety Twitter: https://twitter.com/highsnobiety Instagram: https://instagram.com/highsnobiety/ View more Highsnobiety videos here: http://hsnob.co/qh67
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Text Comments (6552)
NochSoEinKaddiFan (3 hours ago)
Samsung sounds like the korean umbrella corporation
Wenceslao Futanaki (11 hours ago)
So both Koreas are fucked up...
Nezhla Wimenia (15 hours ago)
14:56 “Tommy Hillnigga” :)))
Worldstar Hip-Hop (18 hours ago)
15:09 The legendary SPIV-350 Yeezy's
alex ??????? (23 hours ago)
“tHeY SHouLd sToP COPyiNg thE weST” headass. go home
alex ??????? (23 hours ago)
what the fuck is wrong with fakes? they still cute
woresh GamePlus (1 day ago)
I love the style over there so much its so unique and crazy you can wear whatever you want even lipstick and make up as a boy and you wont get called as a 'faggot' or earn strange looks from other people else that doesnt matter i love that and wish more ppl here (germany) would be this stylish as well
denny j (2 days ago)
this guy seems like a cunt
nowgaku (2 days ago)
Not only the fashion but, S Korea itself consist of superficial people and counterfeit history.
Kaya Jinx (2 days ago)
What is the big appeal with Supreme? It is so boring and unoriginal. What happened to originality in streetwear.
조일현 (3 days ago)
As a Korean I didn’t even know the supreme clothes were fake
xinxin (3 days ago)
Boy london is not fakes...
Anik Rajah (4 days ago)
Not everyone is a millionaire like u to be able to afford expensive clothes
Chanel Vibes (6 days ago)
Koreans don’t Copy from the west it’s the other way round . The west steals everything and act like thy created it .
Chanel Vibes (6 days ago)
I love Korean fashion , I love Koreans . I think they are very intelligent, beautiful and extremely creative . It seems like they don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of them .
nowgaku (3 days ago)
It's strange. In general S Koreans are low intelligence,ugly and imitator. Ironically S Koreans extremely care about their reputation.
RightSaysTanja (6 days ago)
What's the name of the K-Drama at 1:39? I have seen it, but can't remember the name 🤔
neo 71665 (7 days ago)
WOW, 95% of Korea is Koreans. This whole time I thought the country was all Samoan
Cristal H (8 days ago)
Fiona Idk (9 days ago)
Even if im rich I shouldn’t buy ripped clothes that r 9272727267226$ There r lil kids freezing lol
Ida L (9 days ago)
Only me who thinks young people in general should be a little more environment focused? Maybe not consume too much? ....oh, ok then>.<
BettyBr129 (10 days ago)
Koreans can dress. I went to high school with some Korean students and they have style.
Darkzylo97 (10 days ago)
Slap that Supreme logo on T-shirt and you got $200 price *F A S H I O N*
kiwi Chan (12 days ago)
The 99%IS guy i find his fashion more intresting than others it seems boring to me
Lenkrad (12 days ago)
I don't get why it is bad to wear fakes or knock off's. I don't need brand clothing to be cool, I wear whatever the hell i want. And when I can find a knock off sweater that i like but i pay less then half of the price of the "original" one, I made a good deal don't you htink? I mean, why are brands so important? Yes, the quality is mostly not so good, but who cares. Trends don't last long so why should your clothes do when you buy them to be trendy. I'd rather have 5 knock off's than 1 original so I can wear different clothes without spending all my money. Clothing is overprized and the tshirts from Primark are manufactured in the same poor countries as your fancy ass Supreme stuff
Eleena H. (12 days ago)
I disliked the way this host narrated, interracted with the shopkeepers, and just his attitude throughout this video. I can sense that he wasn't being neutral. He seemed condescending. Ugh
Cheyenne ||-// (12 days ago)
The punk/anarchy style deserve more recognition tbh. The lack of individuality and self-expression over there is really depressing.
Francis Keysa (13 days ago)
I would rather buy fake one for a cheap price, anyway I will just wear it once or twice. Than buy an authentic one I will probably gonna break a bank 😥
nowgaku (13 days ago)
Selling fake products simply means to make a living for S Koreans for decades.
Ayano Kagura (14 days ago)
Lmao I dont care when its fake xD If its pretty and i like it ,i buy it. I asked some friends and they all agree with me. Even when its a nobrand or fake, the important thing is that i like it lol.
Kurt Cometa (14 days ago)
Westerners care about the brand name, they don't care about how it looks, they will buy it even if looks like shit but the brand name "supreme" or "gucci" is in there so their mindset is if you wear something with a famous brand name, you're fly af. Koreans weren't like that. If it looks cool, they will wear it, fake or original and thats what i love about them.
Kurt Cometa (14 days ago)
This dude needs to shut the fuck up
Pinku (15 days ago)
dammm homeboy got ass
Jae (15 days ago)
LMaO Those clout goggles tho
Loulouuu Tube (16 days ago)
Shut up please
Ally Yuan (17 days ago)
Ummm… I would rather to buy cheap fashionable brand clothes than supporting fake famous brand
woresh GamePlus (18 days ago)
OMG So many lit styles help me breathinh pls
SeyfertSanctuary (20 days ago)
This guy seriously gets on my nerves, says ppl wear fake in korea but isn’t wearing any different himself, still trying to fit in yet failing horribly on top of that bashing the ppl for not caring if they are wearing fakes all in means of trying to feed his own superiority 😒
AYEYO PHILLY (21 days ago)
i need some of that...
june lee (22 days ago)
Seems like comment section is filled with ppl who confuse causes n effects
nowgaku (22 days ago)
Slaves are slaves no matter how hard Koreans wear something.
Wisnu Tanggono (23 days ago)
Some women in Indonesia wear mask for totally different reason, they want to follow Islamic syaria law by wearing veil, but don't want to be seen as fanatics. LOL
Edward McAllister (26 days ago)
meanwhile in North Korea people are eating grass
Jon Tae (29 days ago)
Any locations please!!!???
luhanxx (30 days ago)
lol why u going to another country and judging outright but on another point, all the kpop oppadeul might be wearing knock offs~~ hahaha
christina (30 days ago)
What do you mean fake, it’s literally the same logo for 1/30th of the price
how about this i buy supreme wear and sell it to them
Yoonmin Parkmin (1 month ago)
Lmao he look so jealous
when you're a kpop fan and you recognized GD, CL ,Dami Kwon ( Rare Market) and Bajowoo 😂😂😂
RoMee (1 month ago)
So there's a lot of Koreans in Korea...…. I always thought it was mostly Mexicans there.
Jungwoo's skkreut. (1 month ago)
Bashing Thisisneverthat for a Supreme copycat is really exaggerated...it's not like they have copyright on stripes, checkered and camo shirts! also they have some really good designs that I personally find better than Supreme's
Number 9 (1 month ago)
'No one can get mad at fakes and knockoffs bc thats what happens when you build your brand around hype'- thank you.
Number 9 (1 month ago)
Never trust samsung
Venessa Villanueva (1 month ago)
Its funny, because Supreme stole from Barbra Kruger.
Giuseppe Renga (1 month ago)
The shame is that these brands overcharge for nothing special and unfortunately there are a lot of fashion victim that need a serious help.
Giuseppe Renga (1 month ago)
BTW I came back from Korea a few days ago and the most astonishing thing is that there are huge buildings open until 5 am in the morning and on each floor hundreds of indipendent different brands that in terms of quality and stile and in particular price is something unbelievable, fresh and original....
Giuseppe Renga (1 month ago)
Supreme Off White n Company are nothing specialThey are a copy of something existing and created a long time ago. Why r people so obsessed with these brands that don't have anything in terms of innovation, creation, background, heritage etcetc
Geoffrey Aldrich (1 month ago)
It isn’t fake fashion it IS FASHION
twofortydrifter (1 month ago)
I'm just waiting for fake clothes to be the next trend. LOL.
hmmm yes its me (1 month ago)
yessss GD and my lady CL 🙌🌌
calypso maniche (1 month ago)
They all look happy and that is all that matters, fake or not they are having a good time, more power to them
Rudolf Kovács (1 month ago)
lol which fashion world is not fake
Tracey C (1 month ago)
Masks because of sandstorms? People in Asia started wearing those masks when they are sick to prevent the spread of disease/colds, as a courtesy to others, especially when in packed public transportation. The makers of this video obviously didn't care to be accurate.
Aee Krypton (1 month ago)
Nice style... But I prefer my own style. I don't follow trends.
dokess Ezeaka (1 month ago)
Honestly man, we live in a society..
reesemalo (1 month ago)
I'd rather save my money lmao that's one of the reasons I buy nearly all my clothes from the thrift store
Warisha Saeed (1 month ago)
Honestly if you can buy clothes and look good while saving money that is going to make me feel amazing rather than buying ripped yeezy sweaters for hundreds of dollars😐😐😐
Liam Lindner (1 month ago)
Liam Lindner (1 month ago)
Liam Lindner (1 month ago)
Supreme is overpriced. Overall low quality. And way to "hyped."
Liam Lindner (1 month ago)
"Tall, fashionable and obsessed with their phones." "No memories of war, shortages or famine." Stuck up rich twat. Sincerely a korean that was adopted to Sweden.
Eric P (1 month ago)
If you are paying a lot of money for something that can easily and convincingly be counterfeited, then you just wasted your money.
William Bellows (1 month ago)
they are a product of their environment easily manipulated by the establishment the majority of them will become sheeple
jaspermf (1 month ago)
When people copy your brand just makes yours stronger. So it's a win win.
And sorry but the judgemental hosts fashion is ugly af.. so he doesn’t have the right to judge people
So why is he judging Koreans so much? Judging them because they haven’t felt war or famine? Give me a break. Let people live how they want. In the end so what if people buy fakes.? I do that when I go go to major cities.
Blood brothers tv (1 month ago)
All dressed up nice and fresh but insecure about your looks??? *Boom* Mask
Francis Osuna (1 month ago)
According to S. Korean gov't data, 93% of women and over 75% men had plastic surgery on their faces and/or bodies..., so they are FAKE all the way.
Dobi dobido (28 days ago)
Francis Osuna I think ur fake lol
310 V (1 month ago)
out of all the Koreans and fake clothes the host has the worst fashion sense 😂😂😂💀
Kin Blandford (1 month ago)
its a shame that they're such bad fakes. you really have to go digging to find anything even somewhat accurate
Yunie (1 month ago)
Fake clothes but looking better than western fashion.
literal trash (1 month ago)
I think the people in this video saying the fashion is monogamous is kind of contradictory - all the previous shots showed a variety of people in all sorts of clothing. And showing shots of people in black outfits with leather jackets does not prove their point at all - leather jackets are such a staple item that they can't really be considered a trend at all. And it's not that unusual to be wearing more black at night (which is the time when most of the shots took place)!
sweetpopz (1 month ago)
Seoul can be cheap or expensive, depending on the demographic. Personally, I do not buy imitation goods nor am I into streetwear. However, I found this clip condescending and bordering on a false sense of superiority without an understanding its history. Seoul has been resilient and self-sufficient despite having had the Korean War and perpetually facing threats from North Korea. If fashion is an outlet for them to have a semblance of normalcy, so be it. For all that’s worth, China sells fake items at a fraction of those in Seoul. Angling Seoul as a benchmark of low standards reveals pure ignorance. Give the Koreans some credit. At least their culture, food and passion are authentic. Head for China before putting Seoul down. I’m a Chinese who is not from China but I’m sure that boggles the narrator’s myopic mind.
мayo naka (1 month ago)
Korea can't get most of the brands cause of where they live plus it's hella expensive What's the problem if they wear what they want nobody cares, there free to do what they want
Amina Kunting (1 month ago)
that fashion thooo <3 <3 <3 and that culture where they can wear whatever they want without receiving too much judgement from people around them... that's really nice :)
Manolis Katsoulis (1 month ago)
Albert (1 month ago)
A potato has better style than this host.
David Soto (1 month ago)
Its just a brand. Damn
FUCK OFF (1 month ago)
who tf is this weirdo nails painted, whack ass fashion having dude who's the main character... looks like a person in a sit com having a mid life crisis that they use for comedic relief until he has a revelation and becomes all professional wearing suits again and shit
Anoushka Suri (1 month ago)
Josip Tumapa (1 month ago)
*supreme* 🤮
SuperSkyler25 (1 month ago)
Well we are asians anyway. 😅
bland oatmeal (1 month ago)
this is just like downloading music. some people have a problem with it, others dont. it just depends on your morals and what you can afford.
bland oatmeal (1 month ago)
when he said the quality was poor i was kinda surprised because to me it all looks exactly like the real deal
Banananaz (1 month ago)
Carmi Can (1 month ago)
eh whatever
Anh Nguyen (1 month ago)
The host is the one that needs to look at himself. He's 40 trying to wear and act like 20, and a nose piece? really?
Emmy A (1 month ago)
They look so good despite the brand so it looks nice and cool. I am fan of this wave of street fashion even if I wouldn’t wear it myself. Noting wrong with that
Sangho Lee (1 month ago)
People that are in this video, they are all wearing real.
kenny jananto (1 month ago)
how come japanese can nailed a genderless style but in korean it looks like WTF
ChiimPark (1 month ago)
definitely going to south Korea for shopping

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