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Canary Islands, Spain, sea level rise -135 - 65 m

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The video shows the area around the Canary Islands in Spain, on an altitude-colored, relief-shaded map with present coastline outlined, while the sea level rises from 135 m below present, like at the last glacial maximum, to 65 m above present, like if all remaining ice sheets would melt. The map is centered on 28°N 15°W, with a 6° vertical field of vision, meaning a 1186x667 km2 area and 0.9 km/px resolution. CC BY 2018 SeaLevelRise.se, http://sealevelrise.se, rendered using custom PERL script, ImageMagick and FFmpeg, from open geodata, the GEBCO_2014 Grid, version 20150318. The view is also available as an interactive 3D scene at http://sealevelrise.se/en/earth_3d1/map1041.html . The video is part of the collection Post-Glacial Sea Level Rise, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6SgRGKF7pUxGJDaZFX42AD-WThvESlMf
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Frank Blangeard (7 months ago)
Notice how the islands offshore aren't changing at all.
Magnuz64 (7 months ago)
They do change, but owing to their steep shores (Canary Islands are mainly volcanic cones), it's not as noticeable as with the more flat mainland. You can see it better if you focus on the difference between the actual shoreline and the 0 m shoreline outlined in white in the beginning or end of the video.

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