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Taylor Swift - Style, Pop Music for Electric Guitar, Official Instrumental Cover

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Taylor Swift - Style. Electric guitar cover. Thanks for watching! Leave a comment and a like if you enjoyed this video. Subscribe to this channel for more content like this. Like on www.facebook.com/davidsmashmusic or www.facebook.com/dovydasmusic follow on www.twitter.com/davidsmashmusic or www.instagram.com/davidsmashmusic www.soundcloud.com/davidsmashmusic snapchat me at davidsmashmusic website and contact at www.davidsmash.net
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Text Comments (9)
Abhigyan Gohain (8 months ago)
Awesome 😎.
misc (11 months ago)
Really cool vibe with this...another great job!
ahmadfauzanothman (1 year ago)
came from tender surrender, subscribed because of this..
DØVYDAS (1 year ago)
+ahmadfauzanothman thank you!!!
Marek Cermak (1 year ago)
CASNY4METAL (1 year ago)
fretboard mad nasty dude
eMiuaN98 (1 year ago)
Nice cover!
Viishnu (1 year ago)
Sweet, man!
DØVYDAS (1 year ago)
+Viishnu Thanks man!

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