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What I Ordered | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018!

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Sharing what I ordered on the first day of Early Access in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018! Remember, my business is shopping so I buy an extraordinary amount of clothing. You should make a list of what you need before diving in. I suggest starting with your wardrobe basics. You can receive 2 FREE checklists if you subscribe to my newsletter. The link is below. I think it would also be a lot easier if you shop from my blog post. I put 10+ hours of work into it, pouring over every page in the sale….so you do not have to!! =====BLOG===== My blog link with ALL MY PICKS: https://busbeestyle.com/2018/07/12/my-nordstrom-anniversary-sale-picks-2018/ ===== SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER ===== Get TWO FREE Wardrobe Basics Checklists, Weekly newsletter and FREE lookbook full of style and beauty tips! ***LINK TO SUBSCRIBE*** http://eepurl.com/bedNIr =====NORDSTROM CARD===== Apply For Nordstrom Card | https://rstyle.me/n/c6w3n658an ________________________________________________________ *WHAT I ORDERED* =====COATS & JACKETS====== Treasure & Bond Biker Jacket | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tr4d58an Avec Les Filles Faux Shearling | https://rstyle.me/n/c6t65i58an Badgley Mischka wrap coat | https://rstyle.me/n/c6t9py58an Suede Trench Coat | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tvdq58an Patagonia Puffer | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tn4v58an =====SWEATERS===== Leith Circle Cardidgan (Runs Large) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tie658an Veronica Beard Blazer (TTS, Ordered 2) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tfej58an Topshop Cardigan | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tizq58an Leith Wrap Sweater | https://rstyle.me/n/c6t4qe58an Cashmere Lavender cable knit sweater | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tyfj58an Halogen Button Sleeve Cashmere Sweater | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tyib58an Free People Chunky Cardigan | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tkqt58an =====TOPS===== Rails Plaid Shirts | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tkgp58an VC Smocked Neck Blouse | https://rstyle.me/n/c6t7pv58an WAYF Cami | https://rstyle.me/n/c6udxm58an Trouve Layering Tee long sleeve | https://rstyle.me/n/c6t7f858an =====JEANS===== Veronica Beard Cropped Jeans (TTS) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tghz58an Frame Split Hem Jeans (Size Down) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6trwe58an Rag & Bone Side Striped Jeans (Size Up)| https://rstyle.me/n/c6tteb58an Topshop Flared Jeans (Size Up) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tz9458an High Rise, Good American Jeans (Size Down) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6t2ee58an Black Frame Jeans (TTS, If between sizes, go down) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6wyix58an =====PANTS====== Side snap track pants | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tut958an =====SHOES & BOOTS===== Stuart Weitzman Scrunch Boots (TTS) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6usay58an Aquatalia Waterproof Sock Booties | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tv3y58an Sam Edelman Ankle Strap Pumps (TTS) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tv9i58an Western Bootie | https://rstyle.me/n/c6ur5r58an UGG wedge bootie | https://rstyle.me/n/c6utg258an Leith Tube Sock Bootie (Red & Black) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6uv8c58an Sam Edelman Knee High Suede Boots (TTS) | https://rstyle.me/n/c6uq6958an =====UNDERGARMENTS & SLEEPWEAR===== Moonlight Short Pajamas | https://rstyle.me/n/c6thtg58an Natori Bliss Panties | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tnsr58an Halogen Bralette | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tpbt58an Chantelle Seamless Thong | https://rstyle.me/n/c6tpiw58an ===== SOCIAL MEDIA ===== INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/busbeestyle TWITTER | https://twitter.com/BusbeeStyle FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/erinbusbee PINTEREST | http://www.pinterest.com/busbeestyle/ DISCLOSURE: I use affiliate links. That means IF you buy something through one of my links, I make a small percentage of revenue. Thank you for supporting me and my mission to help make style and shopping simple. ~Erin xo
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Text Comments (156)
Debra Jarnagin (3 months ago)
Bought two Argento necklaces and the girls have not taken them off!!
Busbee Style (3 months ago)
Smart mom! 💗
Courtney McLaurin (3 months ago)
Loving the hair color 😊
Busbee Style (3 months ago)
Thanks, Courtney! Going for touch up tomorrow!
Nicole Stark (3 months ago)
Erin - please do an alternative twist on the anniversary sale posts with a “other places to get a fantastic deal” on fall merch. There are 500 anniversary sale posts in my feed and I am craving something fresh and unrelated. Alternatives please!
Busbee Style (3 months ago)
Did you see my beach chic post this week?? https://busbeestyle.com/2018/07/19/beach-chic-easy-beach-outfits/ Maybe I’ll do an affordable summer wardrobe video!
Bmbrown5 (4 months ago)
I'm in public access. But I want the shearling coat.. any updates on sizing?
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
It runs large! I'm wearing an XS! Hope that helps! Thanks for watching! Erin xo
Marticia B. (4 months ago)
Erin when they sell out of an item like they are selling out of most everything, what do the people on the 20th get if the card holders buy it along, don't seem fair to me and I'm a card holder just almost seems like rich 1st and believe you me I'm a middle class woman just trying to make it and enjoy alittle offers life, hey people we putting it on a credit card and paying for it till the next anniversary sale of 2019 lol, lots of love my friend, MARTICIA
Marticia B. (4 months ago)
Busbee Style. Thanks Erin I was just wondering about that, some of the ladies was saying they couldn't afford to shop at Nordstrom even with its on sell I got what I liked and I'm not sure it's will all fit or looks good but I will send back what I don't want, I remember what it is like having children barely scraping by and I still have hard times now sometimes, I wished I could give that lady a starting wardrobe that said she couldn't afford Nordstrom but I don't have the money to nor any pull to just make her face light up, that would be a good contest only people that can enter are those who can't afford a new wardrobe naw I would just pick a person myself, anyway thank you, MARTICIA
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
I’m going to get to the bottom of the restocking... will let you know!!
Anne Hubben (4 months ago)
Thanks for all your hard work, Erin! i have a question about the Halogen cashmere. Every year i buy a sweater or two in the sale + every year am shocked at how quickly it starts pilling. Do you have any idea why that happens + how to prevent it? I have the small stone that i use to brush it with but it's so frustrating when i've spent more money on it to have to do that. Someone told me that if i don't want pilling i have to go higher end but what are your thoughts on it?
Anne Hubben (4 months ago)
Actually, Erin, maybe a video on how to care for sweaters and especially cashmere would be helpful. I never know what to do. I run out of space and hang mine because they get all wrinkly in drawers or on shelves, but then it stretches them out. So if we're supposed to fold them, how do we do it without creasing and what about the long cardigans? Do we hang those? Maybe you already did one of these? If not, i bet it could be popular. Thank you!
Anne Hubben (4 months ago)
Thank you so much, Erin. That looks like what i use too. Do you have any suggestions for higher end cashmere that wouldn't pill?
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
I use a sweater stone to get rid of the pilling: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/c626p558an
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
That is correct... higher end cashmere won’t pill as quickly. Also if you wear it a lot, it will pill more quickly or if you have a handbag that runs against you, it will pill more quickly.
So Smile (4 months ago)
I heard Nordstrom is not restocking for public access...????  Is that true?  If so, I am thinking I might be done with Nordstroms all together.  VERY not inclusive of all people.  If I have the money, why can't I shop with everyone else????  Perhaps I will have to use a port-a-potty in the parking lot when I visit, or park further away than those with a NORDY card.  WTH???  Bad enough but now word of no restocking for public access???!??!??!?
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
I’ll do some digging and find out for you!
Mary Short (4 months ago)
You are in your happy place! Your smile is a dead give a way! I love a girl who’s not afraid to rap!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Ha! I still remember EVERY word to Beastie Boys “Paul Revere!”
Kathy M (4 months ago)
Something I haven’t seen anyone talking about is the exposed seam sweater from Dreamers by Debut. I think it’s all sold out, but this sweater is great. Similar to a Barefoot Dreams. So soft, but you do need to size down one or two sizes. I bought an XS (5’4” 129 lbs) and usually buy a medium because I like things flowy. Love your picks. Skipped the Veronica Beard jacket this year as I already have more jackets than I need. Can’t wait to see the try on.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Yes I saw that sweater...it looks so comfortable and I love the exposed seam!! Thanks for sharing, Kathy! Can't wait to share the try on with you! Erin xo
Gabriela Carolina (4 months ago)
The awkward moment when there's a Wish ad before the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale video lol
Mmagtajas (4 months ago)
Great choices Erin! By the way, you are glowing! Love your make-up & hair!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
You are so sweet! Thank you so much! Erin xo
meadowgirl1000 (4 months ago)
Nordstrom annoys me with their tech glitches... maybe the trick is ordering expedited shipping so it gets processed faster?
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Nope ... I ordered OVERNIGHT shipping and still have only received two items. It took me hours to place my order even though I got up in the middle of the night. They should have their ducks in a row by now, HOWEVER, they are giving up 10 points per dollar so that’s a nice token!
Brittany Buckner (4 months ago)
Your makeup your hair looks gorgeous. You look very stunning in this video
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thanks so much, Brittany! Erin xo
Tracey Kusser (4 months ago)
I love Nordstrom! I always shop their shoe sales!! Umm... the pooch has to poop when he's barking in the background, just saying. :-)
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Ha! You're probably right! Love Nordstrom too, always love the shoe sales! Thanks for watching, Tracey! Erin xo
Elisabeth Kaiser (4 months ago)
Hi Erin, I love your lipstick in combination with the colour of your Shirt/dress.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thanks so much, Elisabeth! Erin xo
damaris santos (4 months ago)
Hi Erin! I've had my eye on the Barefoot Dreams cardigan for a while but I am only 5 feet tall. Do you think it would be a bit too long for me?....it looks insanely long. Lol
damaris santos (4 months ago)
Busbee Style Thank you so much for your help and taking the time to reply to me.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Get the circle cardigan, not the hoodie. https://rstyle.me/cz-n/c6ukgh58an It’s supposed to be long and will likely come to about your knees, but that will be pretty! As long as it’s not swallowing you up size-wise!
Simply Neater (4 months ago)
You look fantastic - hair, make-up, jewelry etc. one of your best looks.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Wow, such a sweet comment! Thank you so much! Erin xo
Cheri Green (4 months ago)
I love that shade of green on you and also your lip color is perfect! Thanks for all your hard work!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
You're so sweet! Thank you so much, Cheri! Erin xo
carly cross (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for all the work you put into making this sale easy for us! It can be quite overwhelming but you make it very organized and easy to find the things that interest us! ♥️
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
I'm just happy to help and make your lives easier! Thanks, Carly! Erin xo
Ontrend50 Sandy Alderson (4 months ago)
Thanks, Erin, I love all your choices! This is such a blessing now I can get through things quickly!!! XOXOXOX
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
I'm so happy to help and make this sale easier for everyone! Thanks for watching, Sandy! Erin xo
Nikkole Tinius (4 months ago)
Hey Erin! I’m always glad to hear your picks because I feel like you always choose things of quality and sustainability. I am someone who feels like a garment is never a good deal if it’s poor quality and won’t wash well.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Yes, completely agree! Thanks for watching, Nikkole! Erin xo
KONEKO13 (4 months ago)
Excellent picks! 👍 It's a pitty Nordstrom is not in Europe. I was in SFO a couple of years ago and visited N.Rack, there was so much good stuff 😍 This sale is even better as it is not what they could not sale but current items.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Oh no, that stinks! It's such a great sale! Glad you got to visit and go to Nordstrom Rack though! Thanks for watching! Erin xo
molly44 (4 months ago)
So exciting! About to place my order. Caslon black skinny jeans, a few BP tshirts and this amazing striped wrap shirt dress from Eliza J that is going to be perfect for a coastal Maine wedding I'm attending next month.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Yes! I posted that dress with my picks on the blog... SO pretty!! 👍🏻
Wendy P (4 months ago)
Love your style choices. Just too early for me to look at Fall clothes..
Wendy P (4 months ago)
Busbee Style - thanks I'm sure it will give me great ideas in the Fall. I'll store this in my Watch Later file. Thanks so much for all the work you do!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
I completely understand, Wendy! This sale is always really hard to shop because it's still summer! Hoping my picks make it easier for you to shop or get ideas for what you'll want when you're ready for fall! Erin xo
Piddeaux (4 months ago)
Great top! Is it grey?
Laugh Love Shop (4 months ago)
Hi Erin! A follow up video on how the items ended up working out for you would be amazing! Thanks for all the work you put into this!!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Will do!! Great idea... thank you!
N. Dawkins (4 months ago)
Thanks again, Erin! I imagine that you spent so much time covering so many categories, sharing ideas and background information, and it definitely shows. I will get a Nordstrom card (late adopter), and pick up a few items I need. All the best!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Ameera Odeh (4 months ago)
Your hair looks really good!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thank you, Ameera! Erin xo
Brandy Schade (4 months ago)
Great lighting
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thanks, Brandy! Erin xo
Laurie Zic (4 months ago)
I couldn't order my stuff online. Was able to put in basket but not check out and now they are sold out :(
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Were you ever able to place your order?? Nordstrom said they will give cardholders 10 extra points for each dollar on July 11th and July 12th
Denise K (4 months ago)
Erin, thanks for all your hard work! I love that today was a 10Xpoint day! Woot woot. I picked up a pair of Frame jeans after seeing your recommendation. While trying them on I found a beautiful Deep Plum Lewit butter leather jacket....OMG I think you would love it so check it out in the sale. Butter soft, I'm in love
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Yes! Saw that and posted it on the blog... it looks a lot like my Joie one for a lot less money!! I love how classic and sleek it is...
Darlene Dagostino (4 months ago)
Girl , your hair looks sooooo good , I am hair stylist for 30 years so I’m serious! The color and style are so perfect😁
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Aw, thanks so much!! What a wonderful complement!!
Andrea Love (4 months ago)
Thank you so much and I like the layout of your website! Great to see a plus size category 😍
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thank you, Andrea! Glad you like it! Erin xo
Careergirl007 (4 months ago)
Placed my order using your links, thank you for all of the recommendations and for including plus size options. 👍🏾👍🏾
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
You bet!!
Marti Brown (4 months ago)
Erin, I hope you realize by now what a blessing you've been to my life, and you already know what an amazing influence you have been to me (and my self-esteem)!!! I've never shopped at Nordstrom, even when I was an executive in the corporate world. Funny how, now that I'm fully disabled (in addition to being a Disabled Veteran), I have time to watch these awesome videos on YouTube and I'm getting more into fashion...ironically now I can't afford it as easily as I could have 3 years ago. However, my awesome Daddy passed away unexpectedly a few months ago and he was always trying to give me money to spend on MYSELF (instead of always on my kids) when he was alive. He wasn't rich by any means, but I AM finally able to do things for ME in addition to my kids. So this will be my FIRST NORDSTROM SHOPPING EXPERIENCE, and I'm SOOO EXCITED!!! I just hope I can stick to my budget once I go over to the Busbee Style Blog! WOOHOO!!! 💕💕💕💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼😁😁😁
Marti Brown (4 months ago)
Busbee Style - I don't have Early Access, so I HAD almost 20 things on my Wish List... Only about 7 are still available. 2 things I REALLY wanted that are out of stock are the UGG Wedge Bootie and the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan. Still in stock that I'm 🙏🏼 don't sell out: The Vince Camuto Western Bootie in Antique Parchment Leather, the Sam Edelman (love his shoes...so comfy) Knee High Suede Boots in Black, and the Halogen Bralette in Grey Micro. ALL of the jeans I wanted are gone, but I'm not hurting for jeans. Yes, 1/2 of the 20 pair I have are Rock Revival, but they fit me like a dream and still look cute with sneakers and tees or a Moto Jacket and boots or heels. And I don't wear the overly blinged out styles. 😉 I'll eventually get all my jeans changed out too, but I'm not very patient so I was hoping to get some in the Nordstrom Sale! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Have a great weekend!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
You are the sweetest, Marti! What did you scoop up??
Marci LK (4 months ago)
I didn’t really see anything I wanted this year. Maybe because I got so much last year that there’s really nothing I need.
Marci LK (4 months ago)
Busbee Style I’m looking forward to seeing your try on video at least. Maybe next year I’ll have better luck finding something, or maybe I’ll need to replace something by then.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Haha... maybe so! I never actually need anything... and I hear what you are saying, I felt a little like it was same stuff this year as last. That said, I’m still pretty excited for my order!!
Nancy Harris (4 months ago)
Thanks for all your hard work, Erin! I went to the store and tried on a few of your picks. The Norstrom Signature cashmere sweater was not a good look on me but the quality is excellent. I love the SW boots...tried them on in black and they are stunning. I picked up some nice things and I don't think I'm done - LOL.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this invaluable info, Nancy! I’m hoping for a BIG box today! I’ll be posting pieces as they arrive on IG!
Dee Dee Richardson (4 months ago)
Every link says sold out???😤
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Yes, Dee Dee is right... switch browsers. Most of what I recommended here and on the blog is still in stock!!
Hanna Cruzen (4 months ago)
Dee Dee Richardson I was getting that too! Were you using a Chrome browser? I switched to using Safari and everything started showing up again.
Keri Ludwig (4 months ago)
You are so sweet, Erin, but I can't afford Nordstrom..even on sale. I go to thrift stores and find practically brand new items from Nordstrom at the fraction of the price.... Just can't do it and don't have the resources to spend this kind of money on clothes, but thank you anyways ... :)
Keri Ludwig (4 months ago)
Good to know, Amy Kimes! Thanks bunches for your input! :)
Amy Kimes (4 months ago)
I watch Erin just for inspiration. Then I shop my own closet and do a look for less. Erin is the only blogger that buys the items and actually wears the clothes. I truly believe most of these bloggers shop the sale just to make the blog post, get commissions off the links, then return the items once they’re done with photos. Most of them can’t afford what they’ve bought.
Keri Ludwig (4 months ago)
And I do, molly44!!! Lots of great tips indeed!
molly44 (4 months ago)
Thrift stores are great and you can still use Erin's styling tips there.
BabyNapoleon (4 months ago)
L Jones same 😲
Debra Jarnagin (4 months ago)
I ordered two of the choker necklaces for the girls. I wanted to ask if it cuts into your neck. A review mentioned it.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
The Argento Vivo one? It’s adjustable
Brooke Flood (4 months ago)
Thank you for your hard work! Still looking for a classic everyday blazer (in between professional and can be dressed down-gray or black), and a short heeled knee high or over-the-knee black boot.
Crissy Fleetwood (4 months ago)
🙌🙌🙌 Thank you so much for including a plus-size category. Your picks are fantastic, too.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thank YOU for watching, Crissy! Erin xo
Amanda Alejo (4 months ago)
Knee high boots, cardigans, coats,etc. Oh my! 😍😍 Looking forward to Fall season already!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Me too, Amanda! Thanks for watching! Erin xo
Lucinda Jones (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for all your hard work! It certainly makes shopping the sale so so much easier! Please, please tell me what jewelry you are wearing in this video! Thank you again!💐💐💐
HoneyB563 (4 months ago)
Thanks Erin, great job, went to your website and got a couple more things.....I ordered a lot this year Yikes!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Haha! Don't you just love/hate when that happens! Thanks for checking out the site and I'm glad you liked my picks! Erin xo
agd eiu (4 months ago)
I have a pair of Levit slides and they are literally the most comfortable shoes i have. So so soft. I hope the ones you got are as comfortable. I love them
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
That's so great to know! Thanks for sharing! Erin xo
Park Place Realty (4 months ago)
O M G, your hair looks awesome! Tell us your rotine, please, Erin!
Teresa McGonagle (4 months ago)
I tried on the lavender BM coat in store & it is very oversized! I’m petite, 5’3 & typically wear a XS/2-4. Really loved in catalog but it looked like I was drowning!
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
I ordered petite... will let you know how it fits!
RedStick Mom (4 months ago)
Great picks. Would you consider selecting a few great luxury finds in each category.....shoes, bags, etc thanks and I love your style
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
On the blog, I posted luxe finds: https://busbeestyle.com/2018/07/12/my-nordstrom-anniversary-sale-picks-2018/ I can look into elaborating more too!! Not sure there is enough to warrant it... I’ll double check. Thanks!!
T La (4 months ago)
Awesome vid
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Thanks so much! Erin xo
KathleenO16 (4 months ago)
Hi Erin! Did you see the Blanknyc Suede Moto jacket in green? I have it in my cart, but haven't pulled the trigger.
Busbee Style (4 months ago)
Yes! Love the green too! Thanks for watching, Kathleen! Erin xo
Tina Lindsey (4 months ago)
I’m subscribed to you. Please send me the checklist. Thank you!!!!!
M.M. (4 months ago)
Funny, I have a vintage suede coat in the same color that I bought in my 20s and it is hanging in my old bedroom closet at my parent's house. Hmm, may be time to wear it again!
Kelley King (4 months ago)
What a nightmare! I placed large double orders by mistake! The website was a mess and didn't show that the first order went through. Can't get through by phone or chat :( I can't have both of those orders on my credit card this month!!
Kelley King (4 months ago)
I hope it includes what I purchased yesterday! I did finally get through on chat after an hour wait. The rep couldn't say whether the order would be cancelled, but I found out today that it was. But now Nordie's is sending me emails about items that it won't be able to fulfill. Sigh.
Joy Anderson (4 months ago)
Nancy Harris omg yay!!
Nancy Harris (4 months ago)
The website and app crashed...it was terrible. Nordstrom is making this a 10 point day for all your purchases today.
Mary Townsend (4 months ago)
I’ve heard this happened to others as well, but Nordstrom will correct. No worries
Joy Anderson (4 months ago)
Kelley King yes the website was a NIGHTMARE. They finally fixed it I think.
BabyNapoleon (4 months ago)
Wow you bought all this? What was the total, over 5k no doubt?!
Mary Short (4 months ago)
Nikkole Tinius thank you for the lesson in etiquette! NEVER ask anyone how much something costs! Just RUDE!! Enjoy her style tips don’t criticize the costs. It’s not the point! Thank you Nikkoke. You are a very classy lady💕
Dave N (4 months ago)
BabyNapoleon she generates income from her blog and youtube. I think she also works as a personal stylist in Dallas.
Nikkole Tinius (4 months ago)
I just meant it’s tacky to ask the total. Not the individual prices of the items.
Andie D (4 months ago)
Give me a break! The prices are obviously part of any consumer's decision to purchase or not. Totally relevant when she's promoting specific items. It would be cool if she even mentioned the prices and perhaps showed lower priced alternatives at other stores. Maybe she will sometime. I love the items she chose but come on!
BabyNapoleon (4 months ago)
Nikkole Tinius no it's not tacky. All YouTubers read the prices. I think she didn't want to bc she knew it was excluding 70% of American shoppers 😊
My life as Diane (4 months ago)
I ordered way too much. I’m trying not to go back 🤣🤣 I made three orders today alone. Did you order the stem paint splattered overalls for your daughters? So cute - I ordered them for two of my granddaughters! I had way too much fun! Thanks for the videos Erin!
My life as Diane (4 months ago)
I cannot type today. I’m so frazzled from shopping all day - lol age 5 and under
My life as Diane (4 months ago)
I meant daughter - I know you have one. I have five granddaughters! She five and younger. ❤️
Patricia Brd (4 months ago)
Which color did u order in the Stewart Weitzman boot? I’m so torn on these. I feel like these boots go really well with dresses and I’m not a big dress wearer person. Argh😩 what should I do...
Jessica Obert (4 months ago)
What earrings are you wearing in the video? I know you’ve probably mentioned in a previous video and I missed it. 😔
Arin Rohrbach (4 months ago)
The knee high boots and lavender coat!!!😍😍😍
Dana Dzurko (4 months ago)
Ok, I am drooling over those picks! What a wealth of info you are.
Noelle Teller (4 months ago)
Such a great help. I don't have the patience for shopping so this takes a lot of the work out of it! Yay me!! Thanks Erin!! Love the tall classic boot in camel amd black. :)👍
Hanf Lieu (4 months ago)
Good job Erin
B. Walker (4 months ago)
Odd how most all-nighters make us look and feel tired...unless IT IS DURING THE NAS! You look exuberant and bright and fresh! : ) It is SO YOUR JAM!!! Such a doll baby you are! : ) Glad you snagged another Veronica Beard Blazer. Ladies, I tell you, you will see her style it for the next 7 months...you will regret not grabbing it yourself!
elena911000 (4 months ago)
Erin looks Wow!!!
Paula B. (4 months ago)
B. Walker I agree! She's glowing! 😇✨
jenn sears (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for all your hard work. BTW your skin is looking amazing!!
Anneke Hildebrand (4 months ago)
I have been waiting for your video all day
Jackie Kuehl (4 months ago)
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE BLOG FOR US !!!! You are an angel and made it so easy for us !!!!Great choices and can’t wait for the haul !!!You are looking gorgeous as always 💕xoxo Love the white booties :)
Debbie Shiroda (4 months ago)
Love the necklace you are wearing where is it from?
Lisa Copeland (4 months ago)
Debbie Shiroda I agree love it!
Janice Duerr (4 months ago)
I started my shopping early this morning and finished early this evening. (EST) Good Stuff!
LUXURY LOVER (4 months ago)
Their sale make me dizzy and overwhelmed. I rather see your blog. Great video ❤️
Lisa A (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for doing this! A work of love! So appreciated! I also ordered some Little Giraffe blankets for baby shower gifts and Olukai flip flops for my husband and sons. So inexpensive right now and all guys think they are cool! Could you do a mens section?
lifewithabang (4 months ago)
Can you add Men's in your picks?? I used some of your links this morning, thank you!
Jennifer Olguin (4 months ago)
You still look beautiful for being up all night! Thanks for all your hard work on this sale!

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