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Enya - (2000) A Day Without Rain - 06 Flora's Secret

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ENYA A DAY WITHOUT RAIN 2000 06 - Flora's Secret
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Text Comments (109)
Melhor álbum da vida toda.
matt Vidmar (20 days ago)
Enya makes my soul happy whenever I listen
2008 eu ainda estava feliz
DanDan4821 (2 months ago)
Com esta música dá para fazer uma valsinha com muitas flores, imaginados em um grande salão, dançando soltinho...
DanDan4821 (2 months ago)
Com esta música dá para fazer valsinha com muitas flores... Imaginados em um grande salão, dançando soltinho. Muita gente, muita gente...
Mó Lopes (2 months ago)
My favorite music.
Victoria Randell (3 months ago)
Victoria Is Brown And Liam Is Blond
Victoria Randell (3 months ago)
Liam Is Blond And Victoria Is Brown
Victoria Randell (3 months ago)
Victoria Snuggled In With Liam And Liam Snuggled In With Victoria
Victoria Randell (3 months ago)
This was way back when Rosella Louise Nipper was 8 in 2000
Mario Nelson Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Amazing 😊
Liam Holmes (7 months ago)
Enya has such powerful songs. this is my third favourite song. it's quite relaxing and so emotion. she is who inspires me.
Christopher Patrick (7 months ago)
I can listen to this all day..
Peter Leis (7 months ago)
Loved dancing the viennese waltz to this song. Great times with my dance partner Lynnette.
Alessandra Bello (8 months ago)
Love this song
Rose Srphm (9 months ago)
My wedding song 15 years ago! Now a beautiful boy and girl, and he and I! Still love this song!
Eliane Ricci (1 year ago)
Dan Knight (1 year ago)
I think Enya is truly a gift to humankind. She's the most talented vocalist in history. Don't know if everyone knows this, but she's the only one in any of her songs (except rare performances where backups are necessary). She records each vocal role separately and they're all layered.
Benjamin Schmidt (1 year ago)
beautiful lyrics and a wonderful person, Enya you're really an angel <3
dustyluckyblond music (1 year ago)
this song is so lovely  and Romantic pure Awesome
RonVanDerPlaat (1 year ago)
A guilty pleasure for a heterosexual, middle-aged man
uniqueliberty1 (1 year ago)
She is beautiful and her music is poetry. I love her voice. Her music takes me to a secret place where there is peace and love. A place of innocence where there is nothing wrong.
AMIT SENGUPTA (1 year ago)
uniqueliberty1 already you spoke my heart....
delbroox (1 year ago)
Glory of the sun in blue
Helios (2 years ago)
How was this album 17 years ago...!!!!
Shirvan Samlal (2 years ago)
thea flora
Slime Ender17 (2 years ago)
this is my favorite album.
NYRfan4Life (2 years ago)
20 idiots have no heart, 👎💔
immaculateboy (2 years ago)
My absolute favorite song by enya.
immaculateboy (2 years ago)
Invokes something I can't explain in myself. Something gone by.
Tumushabe Brian (2 years ago)
i want this to be my wedding song. only waiting for the right person and i have this song played for us
A A (2 years ago)
The first 10 seconds remind me of RuneScape lol
manualLaborer (2 years ago)
i waltz to this in my castle. in my big fancy dress.
Amantes en la hierba Miran arriba de ellos Solo pueden ver donde van las nubes Solo para descubrir Polvo y luz del Sol Nunca hicieron el cielo tan azul La tarde es brumosa Rio fluyendo Alrededor los sonidos Moviéndose más cerca de ellos Contándoles la historia dicha Por flora Sueños que ellas nunca conocieron Sauces de plata Lágrimas de Persia Esas que vienen de una lejana isla Cuerda de invierno Se esconde clandestina Gloria del Sol en azul Alguna de ellas se conocen como pasión Algunas como libertad Alguna de ellas se conocen como amor Y la manera que las dejan Copo de nieve de verano Para la temporada Cuando el cielo arriba es azul Cuando el cielo arriba es azul Acostados en la hierba Al lado de Ella Dándole el nombre Del que ama la Luna Este va a ser el día Que Ella va a recordar Cuando Ella sabía Que su corazón estaba... Amando en la hierba Cerca de Ella Murmurando amor Y la manera que las dejan Acostada en la hierba En la luz del Sol Ellas creen que es amor real Y desde su alrededor El secreto de flora Contándole de amor Y la manera que respira, y... Buscando desde ojos imprecederos Ellas pueden ver que el cielo es azul Sabiendo que su amor es verdadero Sueños que ellas nunca conocieron Y el cielo arriba es azul.
Natasha Kershaw (3 years ago)
Truly beautiful...
Nicxtreme (3 years ago)
the song is so energetig
Proletário de luxo (3 years ago)
I found it! yes yes yes... :) ^^
NYRfan4Life (2 years ago)
mfreke smith "Masterpiece", lol 😂 🎶🎧
mfreke smith (3 years ago)
i have been looking for this maaterpiece for months. I'm glad i found it. 😅
Carl King (3 years ago)
enya you,sing like an angel. god blessya
Christian Duarte (3 years ago)
es mi favorit papa me la ponia cuando yo era un niño para concentrarme haciendo tarea
Only perfect.
Max Mustermann (3 years ago)
i love it
silvie31 (3 years ago)
i love it
immaculateboy (4 years ago)
My favorite Enya album right here. Still remember the day I got it.
Taylor Mitchell (4 years ago)
Does anyone know any other songs like this? Songs that aren't talking about love like the cheap thing Hollywood sells it out to be, just simple songs that quietly show lovers the way they should be. Beautiful.
Jørien P. (3 years ago)
Call this simple?
miss ren (4 years ago)
lovely song
strawberrybanana28 (4 years ago)
looking up from eyes of amaranthine...that's my new favorite word
" Silver Willows Tears From Persia ..."♥
Eleven people have no souls.
Margaret Gall (2 months ago)
Enya has to be the best in the world ever
Kyle Englot (2 years ago)
Haha at first I read this as "Elven" people have no souls"
The bad vibrations from the evil people. xD 
Sam Saylor (3 years ago)
FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Wait, why the Hell am I yelling on an Enya video?
+Sam Saylor Thirteen now. 
nicole Siemers (4 years ago)
I used this in my wedding as the processional, and One by One as the song I came down the aisle to, Enya is is awesome!
Betty Noonoo (5 years ago)
This is how you can tell Enya is a great artist. On most youtube videos you get comments, like "I freakin LOVE this song!" or "Katy Perry's the best!" but with enya's songs you get people posting how they were and are emotionally touched by her music. 
CCthebat (5 years ago)
I love that song greatly, and 0:50-1:11 and 1:31-1:52 remind me of "Building a Family" by Mark Isham.
NYRfan4Life (5 years ago)
It really is.
Corey (5 years ago)
This is splendid stuff. Makes me want to write and yet is relaxing!
N. James Taylor (5 years ago)
I don't care what anybody says Enya is one of the best singers in the world but I'm getting sleepy so I will go to bed :-)
Duke Ratanakarn (5 years ago)
Awww xD I'm listening this and it's 2013!!
captainbrunch (5 years ago)
my cockatiels are sleepy now :3
NYRfan4Life (5 years ago)
Sorry 2 hear that... I felt the same way you do. I haven't seen mines in 2 years. I think it's better off this way.
Isibor Omwanghe (5 years ago)
The song is talking about enlightenment that she talking about see golden cloud when someone reach enlightenment they are bliss. Flora telling her audience about different frequency of reality the same way Jesus told certain amount people behind close door who can handle deep truth. Enya sing about Starship=Star Trek, Sonic boom= Scalar wave of love= supernova= Jesus Rainbow halo
rp31688 (5 years ago)
Absolutly nice music. John
Isabelle G (5 years ago)
This song used to scare me so much when I was little.... O.o don't ask me why because I have no idea...
TzT Cobra (5 years ago)
* she's a witch*
Gennadii Saus Segura (1 year ago)
TzT Cobra you're retarded
TzT Cobra (5 years ago)
The's a witch :0
Tony Lara (5 years ago)
amazing song :D
Clare Gerkhardt (5 years ago)
NYRfan4Life (6 years ago)
Eso es muy cierto.
NYRfan4Life (6 years ago)
Thanks... I bet u been down that road too huh?
philip afriyie (6 years ago)
wow good 4 u both
Ctmagnus (6 years ago)
My second favorite Enya composition, after Afer Ventus. She knows how to write a waltz, and it is truly beautiful. Very well done.
laura paules (6 years ago)
Thats true love right there
OceanStorm (6 years ago)
DUNDUNDUN dundundun DUNDUNDUN dundundun...
laura paules (6 years ago)
I love this song. It makes me picture of a couple in a field under a dogwood tree and they are laying down. he holds her while her head is on his chest. It's beautiful music.
Hannu Helminen (6 years ago)
Sounds so original and gentle. Very nice.
Keziah Adams (6 years ago)
1 person must really be an idiot.
NYRfan4Life (6 years ago)
My fiancee and I just absolutely love this song. Everytime we hear this we just get up and dance to this.
delbroox (6 years ago)
Love this....
Phileasist (6 years ago)
@KW1803 Do you know that it is one of the best compliments that you could give her? I heard an interview where she said that she hoped to make the world better and more peaceful with her music. Her music has a healing effect on our souls and help bearing the madness of this world. Bless Her.
ftlgo238 (6 years ago)
And the sky above is blue...
littleart5 (7 years ago)
This is beautiful! I don't get why people don't listen to this. It's calming. And this song reminds me of Spring. Ahhh....Spring....
Fran12 (7 years ago)
@Jonita123 The Romans stole all their Gods from the original which is Greek
BloodyLily703 (7 years ago)
@FalconStkr1 No need to be sorry :D You should be proud that you listen to this while the other guys can't appreciate good music anymore 8D
Falcon noclaF (7 years ago)
Im a guy but im sorry but I am a fan of Enya. I grew up on it from my mom and still like her music to this day. Her stuff from the 90's was great and I love this cd as well. This song is one of my favs.
NYRfan4Life (7 years ago)
@manucali100 In english please?
manu cali (7 years ago)
...hermoza cancion la flora secret es como bailar con tu amado bailando todo el amanecer sin cansancio hasta el amanercer siguiendo los pasos del cortejo de las aves para siempre .......
NYRfan4Life (7 years ago)
@MyronWells33 Ur telling me!!!
NYRfan4Life (7 years ago)
Beautiful!!!... My fiancee love this song. I put along with some of the other Enya songs in a CD I made for her awhile ago. But this one especially brings tears to her eyes (and mine too!!!). Just absolutely beautiful.
2472laugh (7 years ago)
This is my favorite song for dancing the viennese waltz to.
Kaeleido (7 years ago)
0 People need to kill themselves so far. Excellent!
NumaNumaRiiko (8 years ago)
@jupitarlove same here! I remember she was my very first album that my parents gave me.(I used to play dress up with her music. :] ) I found her again just recently, and its like old memories!
Reynaldo Torres (8 years ago)
Enya's music is so spiritual and refreshing, though contemporary in style the essence of her music reflects the beauty of Irish Gaelic folkloric song. Gaelic folklore from Ireland and Scotland has produced some of the most beautiful songs, poetry and music.
rexikanoe (8 years ago)
thank goodness for Enya's voice, because on days like today when i have a rough day at work, i need that heavenly persona to calm me down. i know someones gotta relate to that right?
Tessa Nabert (8 years ago)
heh, who thought that Flora was Greek? i'm Greek myself so i actually find this a bit funny. but i think in the song she just means that Flora is her love for natures abundance, i guess it could also mean the Goddess of Flowers.
BuscettiByGianna (8 years ago)
This is my favorite song next to Enya's Wild Child and Water Shows the Hidden Heart....this song reminds me of the medival times
Jonah Kaufman (9 years ago)
Flora was the Roman Goddess of Flowers, not greek.
soteacher (9 years ago)
i'm from greece and believe me, though we had many gods and godesses once, there was never a flora. Not even as a translation from the romans like Athina-Minerva or Afroditi-Venus, Poseidon-Neptune, Aris-Mars or Dias (Zefs)-zeus. Probably a roman godess she is. Modern greeks use for flowers the word "louloudi" and also the ancient greek word "anthos" and "anthi" for plural most frequently. i assume the name Anthea stands for that. no suprise another "english" greek word.
OhMyGodSushiRoll (9 years ago)
Sorry someone already said that, oops.
OhMyGodSushiRoll (9 years ago)
Flora is the greek goddess of flowers, I believe.
LittleDudeNT5 (9 years ago)
Second favorite on "A Day Without Rain". This song seems to be overlooked, it's so beautiful. Does anyone know what "Flora" stands for? I always sort of assumed it was like nature or love or something. It doesn't matter too much but still wondering. Enya is the best.
degozako (9 years ago)
such a soothing song, it makes me dream
Wildwolface77 (10 years ago)
This song is absolutely beautiful! ^^

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