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Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

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“Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/n3g9db8 tour tickets and merchandise available at http://www.childishgambino.com/ Directed by Donald Glover, Ivan Dixon & Greg Sharp Character Design by Justin Richburg Co-Produced by Fam Rothstein for Wolf + Rothstein
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18redcup (30 minutes ago)
this reminds me of Common so bad
Supgamer (1 hour ago)
Ana Ponick (1 hour ago)
Amazing! ♡
Bundesfer (2 hours ago)
relax clip
Nosac222 (2 hours ago)
Praveen Kumar (3 hours ago)
Damn... The song is too Beautiful. Had stuck in my head from past few weeks. Thank you.
mikedakite (3 hours ago)
Hard af!!!
spill the tea (3 hours ago)
Am I the only one who realized Eminem isn't in this?
Hansy (3 hours ago)
Check out the McLeod bootleg! :)
TejasWall_Vlogs (3 hours ago)
Listening to this late but the rhythm and profound and provocative nature of this song is amazing I absolutely love it. This song is special...
Rashaan Emery (4 hours ago)
Cool vid
Die Armando (4 hours ago)
I would like to live in a neighborhood like that
Gamewow (5 hours ago)
You made (this is) America Great Again
Did anyone noticed that all the celebrities in this video are wearing better clothes, chains and gold watches except him. He is like saying I don’t care about those things
Night Fury Gamer meme (6 hours ago)
This is my favorite song (I'm not a boy by meh profile ;-;... My parents play this song ALL THE TIME my mom had to guess all the characters XD)
Talks about global warming, but shows the current happenings in Rap history.
ChimChimsJams :3 (6 hours ago)
Falrop (7 hours ago)
This song was relased on my birthday, Thanks donald gover.
Lucius Best (7 hours ago)
This song makes me want to switch fall and summer in different seasons.
h3n3ry (8 hours ago)
*1:24** WILL SMITH?*
washington charles (8 hours ago)
Linda melodia nem preciso saber inglês pra descobrir que essa canção vem da alma
Izaiah Mota (8 hours ago)
Who’s still watching this even though summer has ended
Neo-Kun420 (8 hours ago)
One of Donald Glover’s best songs here
Dave Smith (8 hours ago)
Funtime Foxy Games (9 hours ago)
The art in this is truly beautiful
Olvin Mejia (9 hours ago)
Where is x?
It's always good to hear good music. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCccDr4qTxkT7Fd-klY_yxyQ/playlists?shelf_id=0&view=1&sort=dd&disable_polymer=true
Gudda Red (10 hours ago)
Man I seen this video about 50 times..and still not tide of this (timeless)
TH3my Z (10 hours ago)
This is América
Adamb163 (10 hours ago)
The only good thing about Fifa 19
Nikkie Ornelas (10 hours ago)
Julius Woodard (10 hours ago)
Dopeness, This is the modern day" What's Goin On" track. One of my all time favorites. Speak to ignorant ears man!
David Pereira (11 hours ago)
Lyrics: You can feel it in the streets On a day like this, the heat It feel like summer I feel like summer I feel like summer You can feel it in the streets On a day like this, the heat I feel like summer She feel like summer This feel like summer I feel like summer Seven billion souls that move around the Sun Rolling faster, faster and not a chance to slow down Slow down Men who made machines that want what they decide Parents tryna tell the children: Please, slow down Slow down I know Oh, I know you know that pain (no, no, no, no) I'm hopin' that this world will change (I hope this world will change) But it just seems the same (It feels like the same) You can feel it in the streets On a day like this, the heat It feel like summer (I feel like summer) I feel like summer (I feel like summer) I feel like summer Every day gets hotter than the one before Running out of water, it's about to go down Go down Air that kill the bees that we depend upon Birds were made for singing, waking up to no sound No sound I know Oh, I know you know my pain (woah, no, no, no, no) I'm hopin' that this world will change But it just seems the same (woah) I know Oh, I hope we change I really thought this world could change But it seems like the same I know Oh, my mind is still the same I'm hopin' that this world will change But it just seems the same I know Oh, I hope we change
mika_criss (11 hours ago)
Brazil feels honored
gabriel carreno (11 hours ago)
Was the comethazine with chance
Jesus Rodriguez (5 hours ago)
It was jaden smith
13 4 8 21 19 19 1 9 14 (12 hours ago)
But I feel like winter
Diamond Q7S12 (13 hours ago)
Still lesioning to this in 3039 ◇
Jonas Glück (13 hours ago)
I didn't know that Felix Colgrave worked on this
John Penafiel (14 hours ago)
I've had this song on repeat for dayssss
John Cena (14 hours ago)
They need the 90s cartoon network version
Wave Unlimited (14 hours ago)
Ahmed Younes (14 hours ago)
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Diego Hilfiger (15 hours ago)
This is some Lofi
Otak.! Ccs (15 hours ago)
Vipin A Sagar (15 hours ago)
Even here it feels like summer.....
PizzaNinjahMaster (15 hours ago)
kodak is in this song
Robert Poole (16 hours ago)
If you listen closely you can also hear me singing
Lockhart (17 hours ago)
Capital of rap is *New York* , while capital of Russian rap is *Ufa* .
MikeMatt Akins (18 hours ago)
Childish gambino is awesome
cozmoG (20 hours ago)
Dude. This is too good. Do I dare use the word genius this early in his career? What am I saying? Of course he is!
Arze (20 hours ago)
now this is a real heaven
Ati Aja (20 hours ago)
Angelique Taylor (20 hours ago)
Love the animation 😍
Aman Sharma (20 hours ago)
Where is Em?
daniel nafarieh (21 hours ago)
1:53 I don’t know but I felt something in my heart when he stopped walking and closed his eyes,I swear I felt something
sexy biggirl (18 hours ago)
it's like he's done with it all and going back like before the music
Imagine if you are living in this neighborhood🤦🏻‍♂️💔
Chris ausm Krisengebiet (21 hours ago)
lel ive skipped the complete song for searching the start of rapping
samuel sahetapy (22 hours ago)
Global warm
StuckInToaster (23 hours ago)
2834 anyone?
Tshego Blessing (1 day ago)
SHOUTOUT If you found out Gambino was an artist before an actor!!!!! FIRE!!!!!
Pro Dancer coming on scene https://youtu.be/Xkn8mMt7yKc
ㄥ卩乇爪ㄒ (1 day ago)
i saw x
Sushrut Mishra (1 day ago)
feels like winter tho...
g o o f a y (1 day ago)
I still miss X man.
youngzeditz (1 day ago)
Where’s xxxtentacion
MyPasswordIs (1 day ago)
Feels Like America
Jhinn (1 day ago)
global warming is a thing guys, dont act like it isn't
Jared Valdez (1 day ago)
Unikitty !
Jaaron Lee-morgan (1 day ago)
This is so fucking fire...
Robby (1 day ago)
It feel like winter rn :(
Kiersten Riley (1 day ago)
Neil Rathaur (1 day ago)
Yea well not in ANTARCTICA BOI
Edmar Jotta (1 day ago)
I like it
Vapora (1 day ago)
rip stan lee
Childish Gambino is what Kanye used to be like.
Abdelrahman Keshk (1 day ago)
Fifa 19!
Cyanide Bulldog (1 day ago)
Who else was thinking Dreeeeeaaaaaaaam Daddy!
Lynda Mouats (1 day ago)
i comme from
Lynda Mouats (1 day ago)
HIPPIE MAJI (1 day ago)
Is that Nicki, the girl wearing pink top?
jay lety (1 day ago)
This is so cool wow
Young Boy Blaze (1 day ago)
wheres xxxtentacion
nanatz 03 (1 day ago)
on ice cream
Feels like vaporwave ...
CraZy DemON (1 day ago)
That flute background ✨
Kenny C (1 day ago)
No Nas, no Em, no Kendrick.
Killua S176 (1 day ago)
Damn,this + Fifa's rages are perfect VERY GOOD EA moneySPORTS and Donald Globino
Fool FNBR (1 day ago)
Seeing X in this video makes me feel really sad
Woob0t , (1 day ago)
Feels like it’s winter
Mohanned Abdulaziz (1 day ago)
Its good though. I rate it 8/10
Lily Tamford (1 day ago)
He is so talented
Ged Brewis (1 day ago)
This reminds me of "Love don't live here anymore" but is also so damn good in it's own right. Repeat x 50
Fortnite Magic (1 day ago)
Vection (1 day ago)
He is literally talking about the end of the world.
Yo Sushi (1 day ago)
Is the guy weeping at 3.30 Mac or nah?
Alec Cope (1 day ago)
Thats wack Eminems not in this video. Hes a hip hop legend no one can deny that.
Alec Cope (1 day ago)
+Jamal Bonner Thats why all the GOATs say he's a GOAT right?
Jamal Bonner (1 day ago)
Eminem is corny.
Chaloulou Chaloulou (1 day ago)
My god this song🎶🎵🎶🎵❤❤
Я одна здесь российская??

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