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[Released] StepMania: Pinkie Pie Theme (Fighting is Magic) by DJ Derpy Hooves

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----- FIND THE FILE IN THE DESCRIPTION ----- Fighting is Magic's original song Pinkie Pie Theme was composed by DJ Derpy Hooves. Check out his channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/whitetailmusic If you liked the video and want to see more, subscribe! Also, check out my other steps! http://www.youtube.com/user/angelsassin This stepfile can be found in my "Three Fighting is Magic Songs" pack. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?eudvht36qtxwr73 Here ya go! Another addition to the Fighting is Magic Pack. Four more to go, one of which hasn't been released. Perhaps not completely composed either. Hmm.... So far, I have plans on making three packs: Brony Pack 1, Fighting is Magic Pack, and Foozogz: Tree Vision Pack. I had all seven songs for the Brony Pack picked out, but just recently, I realized that Sparkle (Season Rebirth) by Foozogz is actually in his Tree Vision album. I will have to pick a different song for the pack, since Sparkle will be going into the Tree Vision Pack. I'll probably go with one by Sim Gretina.
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Text Comments (36)
Mr. Toonster (4 years ago)
Too many mines. Mine spamming isn't a good thing
Dicelord N (4 years ago)
Asian Father: Very good son. Now I want you to play it backwards. Asian Boy: You mean play the song backwards or facing away from the screen? Asian Father: Yes.
99batran (4 years ago)
bandicam..... computer?
Drunk Cat (4 years ago)
hi im DJ Derpy ... and i don't remember i did this O.o
Cully Wully (4 years ago)
I don't think anyone could do that, there was obviously two people there. Maybe three...
Shattered Truth (4 years ago)
you had an amzingly talented octopus make the score right? or did Chuck Norris do this?
McKenzie Ridgley (4 years ago)
I dont know how u did that but dont care*hops around smiling*
Crystal Controller (4 years ago)
ur soo good, i could never do that!!
Nonny Lea (4 years ago)
song reminds me of fast flying mario:D
Jacquelyn Ng (5 years ago)
0_0 that's impressive
Snipin' Sniper (5 years ago)
illuster (5 years ago)
TheRiceCola (5 years ago)
hahahahahahahahaha omfg im crying at how ***ked my mind is after thnkking about how good you are at this XD
EDJaverson (5 years ago)
How does Someone Make PERFECT ON THIS???!!!!
Nathan Tamayo (5 years ago)
omg that was fast 0_0
lofi-raindrops (5 years ago)
That was... AMAZING.
boris donie (5 years ago)
Roy Fuentes (5 years ago)
No worries. Everyone goes through that phase when stepmaking(I know I certain did for first few years I stepped stuff!), it's whether someone learns from it and gets better at their craft that matters
angelsassin (5 years ago)
Alright, yep. Now that I understand your statement, I definitely agree with you. I didn't have the positioning of the pad arrows in mind at all when making this step, and I can see that this file would be pretty problematic for the pad. :| Sorry about that. My bad.
Roy Fuentes (5 years ago)
I was speaking of the actual flow of the chart, but since you made this for the keyboard, that becomes a bit more of a touchy subject. Overall, I think it's a fine file, but as I said before, with a few revisions to how the steps would flow on pad, it would make an excellent overall file. I actually wrote a 16 page manifesto on the matter, if you'd like to see/discuss the matter in further detail
angelsassin (5 years ago)
On the pad? You downloaded the file and tried it? :D So, I think you're talking about offset... I made this stepfile for the keyboard, and I think the input from the pad takes longer than from the keys. This can be fixed by changing the general offset (although telling people to change their overall offset is something I shouldn't do). If the overall timing of the steps is what you were talking about, then I might go back into it and edit it. If not, please clarify for me. :)
Roy Fuentes (5 years ago)
The steps are technically sound, but the body flow doesn't seem to conductive to quality time on the pad. Revising this aspect will greatly improve the quality of the stepfile
Douglas Dzurilla (5 years ago)
no problem. I've started doing some stuff here and there on 5.0 as a matter of fact, I whipped together a novice -> heavy of this song for myself. I had a different interpretation during the pauses and used the full song, though. 200/400 bpm. ;) Keep dancing, man!
angelsassin (5 years ago)
This is 3.9. Sorry. This version is closest to the look and feel of the DDR games I own, so I prefer this to 5.0. The two are extremely different; I didn't like the change.
Douglas Dzurilla (5 years ago)
What version of stepmania is this? I feel like now would be a good time for DDRers to band together under the new Stepmania 5.0 banner, but it seems like everyone's still back on 3.~ *shrugs*
angelsassin (5 years ago)
As soon as final exams end tomorrow, I will get back to making sure everything is well-done, but recently, I've come across a lot of errors in my stepping. I'm going to have some other people look at it and give me advice for this project and for possible future projects too. I would say that this won't get released in the near future. But that said, since stepping is taking too long, I will be releasing just the challenge steps first. I may do Standard and Heavy later if I have the time.
TheSmurfzXD (5 years ago)
Looks like i need to get back in practice so i can accept your challenge. :)
angelsassin (5 years ago)
illuster (5 years ago)
Nicole Kelley (5 years ago)
ack your the creator of the video you would probably know XD sowwy
Nicole Kelley (5 years ago)
its a possibility
angelsassin (5 years ago)
Probably not.
Nicole Kelley (5 years ago)
shadowderp (5 years ago)
Junselk Estiban (5 years ago)
from thelooks of it you would need to be on a suger rush to be able to get a perfect on this...
Moorb0y52 (5 years ago)
I turned the like bar green!

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