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Accessory Blowout Pickup! 5/4 (GoodWoodNYC, Mishka, Crooks and Castles)

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Got some new snapbacks, necklaces, and bracelets in the mail from PLNDR and Jackthreads! Follow me on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/thatsthat_shit Use rep code "DOPE33" to get 20% off of Karmaloop.com and 10% off of PLNDR.com! Crooks and Castles The Ruling S/S Buttondown in White: http://trendmill.com/crooks-and-castles/men/803425-the-ruling-s-s-buttondown-shirt-in-white-buttondown-shirts GoodWood Cassette Bracelet: https://goodwoodnyc.com/shop/products/cassette-bracelet-(3-colorways)/ GoodWood Sacred Heart Necklace: http://www.ubiqlife.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ID=7747 Mishka Engineered to Destroy! Snapback in Red: http://ohsnapbacks.com/2012/01/04/mishka-etd-snapback-cap/ Mishka Cryllic Pro Starter Snapback in Black: http://www.ubiqlife.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ID=8163 Mishka Scum Bowl Snapback: http://www.licknyc.com/shop/mishka-scum-bowl-snapback/
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Text Comments (33)
Lian Meunier (4 years ago)
0:49 he talks funny
Colin Carlson (5 years ago)
its a brand you jackass. whats the difference between nike and non nike?? such a retard
Jason Piao (5 years ago)
whatsthe diiference between a starter hat and a non starter?
AlexGTV (5 years ago)
Check outt Wetpaintcustoms he makes the dopest jewlery ever!!
AlwaysFreshApparel (5 years ago)
Rhad Bruh Bruh (5 years ago)
How do you get all your stuff so cheap? Do you just shop for sales?
Madison Murphy (5 years ago)
I love your red tee and I want to know where you got your red tee?
Mario Garcia (5 years ago)
whats up with your site man!
sam sadam (5 years ago)
yee buddy a tribe called quest big up!!
Chiron Koole (5 years ago)
do they send this to you? and how did you started your youtuibe channel and how do you let jackthreas of crooks n castle send those aweome shit to you?
Vanessa Henzie (5 years ago)
you said dope a lot and your snaps said dope oh and love the good wood
AlwaysFreshApparel (5 years ago)
I wish bro lol
Marco Colin (6 years ago)
hey man do u ever sale any hats?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Bed bath and beyond!
xanbaby//dieslow (6 years ago)
bro sick vid! where did u get the thing you hang you're snaps and tees on?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Thanks bro!
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Nike outlet!
stephan quentin (6 years ago)
I like th tribe called quest music in the background. And good video bro
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Thanks a lot man!
jesse solache (6 years ago)
I like your vids man keep up the good work
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Bed bath and beyond!
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Let's just say that my room is really messy hahah
Kyle (6 years ago)
where do you keep all of this haha!!?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Nike outlet I believe?
Angel Garcia (6 years ago)
where did you get that shirt man?! the one your wearing. the red one!!
Jonah Shahid (6 years ago)
I know right!, I live in the US but I've browsed british sites and seen t-shirts selling for 30% higher then here....
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
about 5'8"
Keanudabeast (6 years ago)
How tall are you for sizing purposes
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
What shades?
Kevin McKenzie (6 years ago)
I LOVE jackthreads I just got a order of shades from them yesterday too.
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
That's craziness. It would be hard to buy shit if shipping was that expensive haha
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
It's sick!
Koopa (6 years ago)
all great brands! My favorite was crooks and castles!

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