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shoes purchased since my last shoe collection!

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Sharing the sneakers & boots I've collected in the past 9 months, enjoy! http://www.squarespace.com/lindseyrem Watch my last shoe collection | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Duk0RoSDoIc Subscribe to lindseyrem | http://bit.ly/2wuyqEm MERCH | https://shop.studio71us.com/collections/lindseyrem Follow me: twitter | http://twitter.com/lindseyrem instagram | http://instagram.com/lindseyrem tumblr | http://lindseyrem.tumblr.com vlog channel | http://youtube.com/lindseyremvlogs spotify | http://open.spotify.com/user/lindseyrem MERCH | https://shop.studio71us.com/collections/lindseyrem Watch more lindseyrem (here are some playlists): STYLE | https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEWtXLAX7lbadqfZ_Ly_9yIq5GQZbmyMh MAKEUP | https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEWtXLAX7lbYNA_W_qsMgT1WrbT8zQeyd COLLEGE | https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEWtXLAX7lbaV0WhfvMmydXBpZFg9YAL7 ------------------------------- // SHOES MENTIONED // Calvin Klein Maya | https://rstyle.me/n/de9xfscfqz7 Naked Wolfe Sporty sneaker | https://nakedwolfe.com/collections/vegan/products/sporty-white-leather Thrifted 90's boots Roc Lash boots | https://rstyle.me/n/de9xi7cfqz7 Roc Cowboy boots | https://rstyle.me/n/de9xiucfqz7 Roc Slides | https://rstyle.me/n/de9xiicfqz7 ^ get 20% off on princess polly with "LR20" Heeled oxfords from https://depop.com/internetgirl ------------------------------- // WHAT I'M WEARING // Top - Reformation Milk Makeup Kush brow (grind) https://rstyle.me/n/detegzcfqz7 TF Better than Sex mascara https://rstyle.me/n/detefccfqz7 Glossier cloud paint (beam) https://rstyle.me/n/detedjcfqz7 Glossier haloscope (quartz) https://rstyle.me/n/deteddcfqz7 Glossier lip gloss https://rstyle.me/n/detedqcfqz7 ------------------------------- + VIDEO DETAILS Camera⎥Canon 70D, Sigma 30mm lens Room Tour | http://goo.gl/5NZh3W Background Music | weirddough #shoecollection #shoes! ------------------------------- business inquiries: [email protected] ftc. This video is sponsored by Squarespace.
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Text Comments (100)
Cinda Quil (2 days ago)
I love the vegan sporty white naked wolfe sneaker!! but they're so expensive!! :(
Emanuel Monzón (4 days ago)
Hey! Are the naked Wolfe tts? Like the same as Nike or something ✨
RheeDee (6 days ago)
Okay Hi new sub I love your shoes and style my god
ladida4929 (10 days ago)
those boots are not crazy, wear them as often as u want theyre hot
Mimi Khamova (15 days ago)
I love how passionate you are about fashion! And how with risky/ statement pieces, you’re not afraid to rock them!
mrs_mistyeyed (15 days ago)
I wash mi shoes in the washing machine when the are super dirty. It maybe works for you. Have a nice day!
SHOES Collection (16 days ago)
Please collaboration my Chanel
Maddie Alexander (16 days ago)
nah air force 1s look good fresh and look good wrecked, they're just meant to be worn to death
Meg Sophie (16 days ago)
could you do a styling vid for the first square-toed boot pls. I also thrifted a pair very similar but struggling with a good look
Roxi Monje (17 days ago)
Look book or how to style lash boots pls!
Zoë Downhour (17 days ago)
You look like Jane from breaking bad and I feel that’s greatest compliment I can give someone
Yuxc (17 days ago)
I still think dirty AF-1s are cute af
Nichola Golding (17 days ago)
I love your style so much!😍
sarah e (17 days ago)
how im tryna be!!! i love all your shoes ugh
Holly Jefferies (17 days ago)
The 90s style boots are so cute!
ottilia (17 days ago)
we love consistency and black boots ^^
nina (17 days ago)
what is your natural hair color?
grace baird (17 days ago)
Love these:) tbh I think your Air Force 1s still look good! I like the way "dirty" or well loved shoes look ❤️
Isabella Meza (17 days ago)
I gave it a thumbs up for “buying more black boots” ur welcome
Megan Huntley (17 days ago)
my actual mom
Charlotte Admokom (17 days ago)
what eyeshadow are you wearing??? it's so cute, I need it.
lindseyrem (17 days ago)
Charlotte Admokom watch my last GRWM💜💜
em (17 days ago)
"adorable, chunky, amazing, amazing" great review. 10/10. love that.
Hiddlesbatch (17 days ago)
Literally every shoe Lindsey shows I’m just like Ehm yes *add to cart*
Elisso Gogibedaschwili (17 days ago)
Omg, so happy right now that you are uploading so many videos currently😍 Amazing style and shoe queen as per usual♥️💫
gaya ibelo (17 days ago)
Do a jewlery collection video!!
lapolie (17 days ago)
Those black lace up roc boots are the shoes of my dreams, but they are just way out of my price range and i tend to stay away from real leather 😭 If anyone knows a good replacement, please let me know...
Louisa Hauth (17 days ago)
you r really need to wear youe knee high lace up boots more often, they look amazing on you!! about your af1s: have you tried cleaning them with baking soda? it's supposed to help a lot, haven't tried it yet but I definitely will cause mine look a LOT worse than yours 😂💗
m 7498 (18 days ago)
Yesss the chunky heels at 5:19 literally what my mum wore in the 90’s
Rebecca Musie (18 days ago)
I love those big black lace boots
Sorcha Ryder (18 days ago)
As a graphic designer, how do you feel about a company such as square space? Just curious on your outlook, because from my point of view it seems like it’s taking a lot of potential jobs away from graphic designers/replacing them. not criticising, genuinely curious!! <3 loved the video as always 👟
lindseyrem (17 days ago)
since I don’t specialize in coding websites, it’s a life saver for me
Eva Amador (18 days ago)
The shoe obsession is real for me too! Literally want every pair you own 💖 I would love to see a decades lookbook from you! xx
Smooky mookii (18 days ago)
Is the Naked Wolfe one heavy?
lindseyrem (17 days ago)
Smooky mookii a little bit! but nothing that would stop me from wearing them
Shannon Beth (18 days ago)
I love all of your fashion videos so much. the first video I watched of yours was an ootw video that made me reflect on how I wasn't wearing any clothes that I actually loved, I was just dressing as a means to an end day to day. since then both of our styles have evolved so much and I still love coming back to these kinds of videos of yours so much! Thank you for giving me a passion back xxx
Lisa Liu (18 days ago)
I deadass just rewatched ur last shoe collection before i saw this omfg *conspiracy theory intensifies*
Cindy Palacio (18 days ago)
You look like a character out of a cheesy 90s movie. Love!
linh leto (18 days ago)
those crazy boots with white dress - SICKKK!!
Madison More (18 days ago)
I have so many pairs of black boots too, but I just can't get enough
Blake A. E. (18 days ago)
Lindsey why do you buy and wear leather if you are vegan?
lindseyrem (17 days ago)
Blake A. E. answered that at 2:50 ❤️
Leonor Leitmann (17 days ago)
I was just thinking’s that. She mentioned her shoes to have real leather and I was just like “isn’t she vegan?”
rachel (18 days ago)
omg yes i’ve been waiting for this 🤩
Christina Luo (18 days ago)
What eyeshadow is that? The purple's really great
lindseyrem (17 days ago)
I just posted a GRWM for this look!
CravingforGLAMOUR (18 days ago)
I made such a weird noise that sounded like a bird bc you uploaded lmaoo
- mariajosega (18 days ago)
Black boots rule🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 I have 5 pairs
Agustina Lopez (18 days ago)
I love shoes BUT I also love bags, so it's kind of problematic
Avery Reed (18 days ago)
More content to fuel the direction of my life thank you Lindsey time for me to buy some black boots xx
Diana Recio (18 days ago)
All your shoes are beautiful! Right up my alley 😍😍
Jennifer Hurtado (18 days ago)
Do the bratz challenge with the black chunky bootz!
Micaela CC (18 days ago)
If you throw your AF1s in the washing machine they come out looking super white! And just let them air dry
lindseyrem (18 days ago)
THANK U! will be trying this
Hoda Negahi (18 days ago)
omg love every pair. what a iconic queen
Rawlzzz (18 days ago)
Queen of consistency!!!
jazmin velasquez (18 days ago)
How has it already been 9 months since the last one?!
Kris Oneill (18 days ago)
Now I wanna know how you got scammed on DePop!!
Ally (18 days ago)
black boots are the superior shoe for sure 🖤🖤🖤
Sarah Dunk (18 days ago)
Shoe collection of my dreams 😍
GretaKrissy (18 days ago)
the black boot obsession is so real. please wear the lace up roc boots more -- they look amazing on you!
Carly Cimino (18 days ago)
Omg obsessed with the naked wolfe sneakers but how do they run!?
pluswun (18 days ago)
wow your af1s would look so clean next to mine
Hadia Ayyam (18 days ago)
what eyeshadow are you wearing??
chinafrog (1 day ago)
I wanted to know it as well hahaha. In this video she uses it!
chinafrog (1 day ago)
Yuri (18 days ago)
ughhh ur shoe collection is so lush <3
Soheehee (18 days ago)
I bought the steven madden black heeled boots from your last video and now they're my favorite!!! Thank you!
Hannah B (18 days ago)
I own so many pairs of black boots i'm glad to know i'm not alone
Liz Lemon (18 days ago)
Your makeup and hair looks especially cute in this video :) what you said about wearing those boots more because YOU like them is great, that's actually one of my goals for this year too. Just wearing things you like that makes you feel good and confident. For some reason I thought for years that I "couldn't" do that, like I don't have the right bc I'm not pretty. That's a sad way to think.
Britney Harris (18 days ago)
updated jewelry collection?
Willow Rush (18 days ago)
i have like 3 pairs of shoes... pls donate
Avani Tilekar (18 days ago)
Do you still have the red velvet Puma shoes? I’d love to hear a review on them!
lindseyrem (18 days ago)
just got them RIGHT after filming this. will post a pic soon ❤️
Erin Sullivan (18 days ago)
Wow! A shoe queen!
96213sam (18 days ago)
For your AF1s, you should try the Shoe MGK. They clean white sneakers really well and I use them myself
Ellie Bacon (18 days ago)
a content queen lately!!
wendyyx (18 days ago)
those black boots tho
Niki (18 days ago)
you are sooo classy and beautiful. just the way you speak and your mannerisms
lindseyrem (18 days ago)
thank you ❤️
Elena Taber (18 days ago)
omg the first knee high boots. just yes.
Alex Goh (18 days ago)
the quality content we've always been waiting for!!
Kayleyhasnolife (18 days ago)
omg when u pulled out the af 1s calling them dirty... mine r like gray now LMAO
Kayleyhasnolife (18 days ago)
+Emma Phillips they low-key look like my brand new pair that i wore twice that mysteriously got a black mark :(
Emma Phillips (18 days ago)
Kayleyhasnolife SAME mine are way worse than that and i still wear em all the time
Melody Tu (18 days ago)
love your style😍
Kristen (18 days ago)
we love a sustainable queen
marilyn garcia (18 days ago)
Haven’t finished the video yet but I already know that I need everything
sheyda (18 days ago)
i feel like you NEED the unif brat platforms and the dada boots
Madelyn Hostetler (18 days ago)
All of your chunky shoes remind me of Bratz dolls..? Definitely a compliment 😂😂
Kayleyhasnolife (18 days ago)
bratz were the fashion icons we needed but didn't deserve
Stephanie Colon (18 days ago)
👍🏽 for more black boots!
Maria Vasquez (18 days ago)
try swapmeets>?its like thrift hauling
ellie engel (18 days ago)
when lindsey uploads it’s a good day!!
jamie marie (18 days ago)
queen of owning black boots
Erin Morse (18 days ago)
Amber (18 days ago)
We love!!!
Paola Perez (18 days ago)
I STAN !!!!!
TJ (18 days ago)

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