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How a Dior Dress is Made | Visionaire | Refinery29

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Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29 “Couture” is a magic word. It conjures thoughts of impeccable craftsmanship, visionary design, and legendary fashion moments. But, most of us don't encounter haute couture very often, unless we're looking at a celebrity on the red carpet, a model on a catwalk, or a mannequin in a museum case. We wanted to get closer to couture — and to get you closer to couture — so we partnered with the legendary fashion publisher Visionaire to create this video, which tells the story of one dress from birth to runway. It’s a unique look inside the Dior atelier, where the team has been hard at work bringing creative director Raf Simons’ ideas to life. While an individual couture garment can take half a year to produce, here you will see the story of one dress (“Look #53,” in fashion-speak) come together in just a few minutes — from the first muslin pattern to the final style model Kinga Rajzak wore during yesterday’s haute couture show. It’s an incredible revelation, and when you discover what goes into these garments, the crazy prices on couture start to seem at least a little less crazy. While Look #53 is the star of the show, the video gives us the chance to reconnect with the rarely credited artisans and seamstresses we saw in Dior and I, as well as a cameo from Simons himself. Think of this as a mini-trip to Paris or a crash course into fashion’s highest form; either way, enjoy your couture, concentrated. For more up close looks at global fashion, watch Style Out There: http://bit.ly/SOT-Amsterdam For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.com Like Refinery29 on Facebook: http://facebook.com/refinery29 Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/refinery29 Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: http://instagram.com/refinery29
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Text Comments (689)
Beautiful just Beautiful I love it and wish that I had the money and the figure to have a beautiful dress like that thank you for the share Hugs from Milton Keynes UK
:o (4 days ago)
The models are so FUCKING lucky
:o (4 days ago)
nat juffa (5 days ago)
wow this makes me want to study hard to bad
Mar (5 days ago)
Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like a bunch of bic pens
babyhols666 (8 days ago)
isnt sad to think these couture dresses (not just dior) only really get seen and worn on the runway, celebs dont even wear half of it and thats the only other time u would see them! nor do i understand how they make their money from couture dresses since theyd only be temporarily given to a celeb for an event
Victoria Liang (9 days ago)
Im so sorry, but i thought she was cutting cucumbers with a large knife in the thumbnail.
Это чудесно
Gérard Dimiglio (14 days ago)
Stellamac catnet
gtfovicky (16 days ago)
now this is how you make a dress
kevin montero aguirre (17 days ago)
please as the song is called
Cakey (17 days ago)
Meryl Ipek (18 days ago)
It used to be my job, and these dresses can take 100s of hours to make. At least this one was only adorned with ribbon and no hand embroidery, as it makes it even longer to make.
Dindin Yu (18 days ago)
That’s why they’re expensive
Five Ihza Marchiano (19 days ago)
The process tell the price tho 😁
Jezreil Porcal (20 days ago)
So whats the designer really do if all the works is credit to the staff/workers?? And ge gets all the credits after the show! Fuck!!
right spyder (21 days ago)
*Do celebrities even understand the weight of hardwork they are carrying? I doubt it*
I love Dale Cooper (29 days ago)
Why does it sound like a horror movie?
Nico Blackwood (1 month ago)
That’s why I hate when people say it’s too expensive. They don’t know the work behind it!
Weezer! (1 month ago)
The pleats - that part was fascinating (for me, at least!) :)
paperchain 123 (1 month ago)
Clothes are astounding, shame the models are so miserable
KlaraMandic (1 month ago)
this is my life!
Dominik Tynecki (1 month ago)
now the title should be 'how a Dior dress SHOULD be made' after seeing new collection. such a shame...
Tysen Belcher (1 month ago)
Another! Encore!
C’est absolument magnifique !!!
J. Bee (1 month ago)
I spy a piggy at 2:47...gross
Matthew Younghwan Lim (1 month ago)
For the record those stripes dying, factories do, not Dior. They just buy from tape shop and use it. And seriously use hands to sew them on fabric? no one does that. People use sewing machine. Or they are technologicaly backward.
space raider (1 month ago)
what a waste of humanity and potential, all these people could be doing something useful with their lives, like being doctors and scientists, instead they choose this. making ridicolous clothes noone is going to wear except anorexic models (most of whom are acually high end prostitutes) and maybe some rich people to show off how rich they are to the porrer classes, instead of spending all that money they dont need for feedeing the hungry and helping those who cant help themselves.... one word - disgusting
Anna Woods (1 month ago)
Damn good asmr
Mai Nhia Her (1 month ago)
The skirts remind me very much of Hmong skirts, especially Hmong green skirt.
i want to be a pleater
Alfredo Bernal (1 month ago)
this is great asmr
Autumn Blossom (1 month ago)
aah I love fashion and I just Love art, in any way or form 😍
Ibrahim Olamilekan (1 month ago)
Am sorry, I need more knowledge, and I need help
Tima Aldoseri (1 month ago)
They do the hard work n he get the appreciation ...
Esther P (1 month ago)
Elles ont faim!
G. Aloysie (1 month ago)
This is the best YouTube channel, I swear
basejump (1 month ago)
Ishita Singh (1 month ago)
And what happens after......?
Rene Mendoza (1 month ago)
All that work for an ugly ass dress
Rene James (2 months ago)
I can't stop watching this video. I had no idea how pleats were made. Those ladies and gentlemen are very special. I would love to see more videos like this pleeeeease.
Reece McCallum (2 months ago)
What did they use to make the pleating?
Rene James (2 months ago)
I am blown away!!!! I would do anything to work at Dior or Chanel. I would sweep the floors so long as I could see what was happening. Mindblowingly fantastic💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Cade Del Rey (2 months ago)
Couture is art.
ruhle65 (2 months ago)
Beautiful! For those folks who judge and moan about the high cost of couture, maybe this will put the bitching to rest. Yeah, one person can buy the dress but hundreds have good jobs because of that one person.
Maeve L (2 months ago)
The director did a phenomenal job.
Eva Phan (2 months ago)
Someone please bring Raf back to Dior. Please. 😩😍
Diana Riverjackson (2 months ago)
What's the song? I love the video as well
aldair lopez (2 months ago)
poor raf :(
Gucci Rubi (2 months ago)
The fashion shows look so culty
Christina Aquino (3 months ago)
wow pleat design awesome
ceciLOVEtaco (3 months ago)
Pretty boring if compared to Galliano's dress-making. Sew on stripes , pleat it , done.
Naya Han (3 months ago)
Kimberley Vallance (3 months ago)
Music was funky
Sebastian Reyed (3 months ago)
I’m so sorry and I apologyze in advance but I don’t think anyone would wear that on a normal basis or ever at all
Meghna Jakhar (3 months ago)
I never knew how much it takes to make these attires
Carolann Smith (3 months ago)
pavithra rajavelu (3 months ago)
But u hav tried fluorescent colours in dis model it wil b so nice to look
pavithra rajavelu (3 months ago)
I wonder that how this frizzed pattern was made now only I'm getting the answer... Looks so nic
Morgan Olfursson (3 months ago)
Galliano must be laughing so hard , watching this .
studio0991 (3 months ago)
On va devenir fou avec les bandes 😂
Rebecah Gorla (3 months ago)
It's just WOW!
nurul fazila (3 months ago)
Now, i understand why all the dress are expensive.. They worth it.. I love this video
Nazwa Nurputri (4 months ago)
Red velvet's skirt
MICHAEL CRASH (4 months ago)
Allison Garcia (4 months ago)
crazy a lot of hard work and dedication....they look like scientists with their lab coats
Shaik Jaffar (4 months ago)
Wind of Roses (4 months ago)
They are mere slaves for super rich people. They never help those who in need.
Puro Veneno (4 months ago)
*dude from vine voice* wow.
lucy beebee (4 months ago)
A lot of work ..They look like something a person would wear to a square dancing competition..
Geisha (5 months ago)
I wonder how much these talented people make? Because at the end of the day, they are the ones that make these visions come true. They are the real designers.
sakura_rain (5 months ago)
Wait a second, where are all the dressmaking pixies, fairies and elves? You would think that there would be some for the amount that these pieces sell for.
kase life (5 months ago)
I see why they charge so much. It's an lot of labor
giulia scarduelli (6 months ago)
This is one of the best videos I've ever seen
saltymey (6 months ago)
i cant never be in this work field because i cant cut straight.
David Juan (6 months ago)
Hate the music bro
Sinyo Oslo (6 months ago)
So beatyful... I love the poces
Giana Nur Fitria (6 months ago)
this is art,not just s dress
Nabila Alam (6 months ago)
This is love 💙
Brightstar Lavandula (6 months ago)
The dresses are wow..! Flawless... But the tops are too simple. And the boots are not suit with the clothes, at all.. Should put on shoes/heels with a light plain color...
Y Z (7 months ago)
I thought a designer created it?
Morgan Ariel (7 months ago)
I think the entire point of this Dior video is to showcase the artistic aspect that goes into creating a line for a run way show or any fashion line for that matter. Clothing and fashion are an avenue of self expression and being able to design and create a line of clothing that is able to generate emotion and present a story is an art in itself. For anybody to downgrade a creative genius such as Dior is a blasphemy. Art and creativity are a necessity that very few possess the capabilities of showcasing. I myself designing as my form of self expression. There are may different creative outlets for us all to use. I believe the world needs more creativity and less conformity. More art and creativity! Lets continue to break rules and remain innovative and un-relatable to the average mind. If you are someone who feels they lack creativity, I encourage you to utilize your mind to its greatest capacity and see how far it takes you. Lets go! Art over all!
Maya Bee (8 months ago)
OMG, the amount of work for the peated skirts - coloring the ribbons, attaching them to this organza in a specific order... the pleating by hand ,,, the sewing ! Amazing...
Sylvester Casareno (10 months ago)
Wow that was remarkably fantabulous😍😍😍
Gleichtritt (10 months ago)
So much effort and in the end it looks like a weird cover of a lamp... It surely is high quality fabric and so on, but it just doesnt look good.
renoir taetae (10 months ago)
Buat susah2, tp x tutup aurat pon😑😑
Ferdynand lie (10 months ago)
So what's the point of being recognized??? While you just love to make the art itself...are batman want to be recognized? Peoples that giving money to help others? Are them wanna be recognized??? You cant read all humans mind.
v a l (10 months ago)
this is porn to me
zay motorola (10 months ago)
i need to know the name of the played in the beginning
Dennis Limon (10 months ago)
Does anyone know the music playing?
Dennis Limon (10 months ago)
In the beginning
Vipul Gaonkar (10 months ago)
Love u guys who r all engaged in preparation of this masterpiece
kira lane (10 months ago)
I just watched the show. It sucked.
Strappo butchy (10 months ago)
When someone says fashion is dumb and shouldn't be taken seriously. Show them this.
Fida Aifiya (10 months ago)
aint nobody got tits
BaeKON (10 months ago)
The models were also lucky to wear these gowns
global.001 (11 months ago)
Great entertaining video but it's not as the title says How a Dior Dress is made, it's how a part of a Dior dress is made & part of the catwalk. 😎
elourryyt (11 months ago)
Wow. I never thought those dresses and gowns goes to so many things. Makes me want to be a Fashion Designer more.
Honey Khanum (11 months ago)
What is that tool at 2:20?
Shooketh Tracy Martel (11 months ago)
They look like curtains but fabulous AND THE MODELS
Shooketh Tracy Martel (11 months ago)

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