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HEY GUYS! This week we have a laugh an try to recreate a "hijab" style that i call the Pillow Hijab tutorial. Hope you have a laugh and enjoy! Lets be friends :D: Facebook: Mishka attempting to be a Hijabi Instagram: Mishka_attempting_2_b_a_hijabi Twitter: Mishka_Hijabi24 Snapchat: Its.mishka New videos every Saturday, do not forget to like, subscribe and share! Love you guys and I appreciate your support! . . . If you reading this leave some sleeping emoji's!
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iamKomposed (1 year ago)
You're amazing 😂 Loved this video!
Tameka Williams (1 year ago)
Hilarious 😆 I love it!!!
Riefqah Mohamed (1 year ago)
AIMAN IMRAN (1 year ago)
this could be a new hijab trend:D I will try it myself too inshaAllah.

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