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Can I find a real Girlfriend on a Thai dating site? part 1 of 2

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Since i'm back single now, i wanted to know if it's easy to find a Thai girlfriend on a dating website. So i signed up with a few sites to try if it really works. I made a real profile and my intention is also to really have a date with one or more of them. And show it on video of course if they agree. I found out that Thaifriendly is the biggest in Thailand and also have the most real accounts. Because i stay near Pattaya and looking for a girlfriend in Pattaya, I noticed that there are also a lot of 'working' girls on the site. Maybe you can also find a fuck buddie on those Thai dating sites. But that's not my goal. Many parts will come up about this topic. In this first part i show you how i created a profile on the Thaifriendly. It's totally free to start with. You only have a limitation in the amount of sending messages. if you want the full options, it only cost you about 25 dollar. I think it's worth it. In the up coming parts i will have some conversations with the girls and try to find out if they have good intentions or not. If i can find a good match, i will date her eventually. See part 2 here already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6rQZAqsOWI You can subscribe to my channel to see more videos about Thailand and pattaya in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.
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Calvin Freeman (2 months ago)
Can you send messages on TF without paying? I am on Taicupid, and I got several messages, some were even hot...if you can believe that lol. There are some babes on TC! But also older ladies wanting to get married. But I can't respond, haven't upgraded yet. I am deciding on TF or TaiCupid... Any input is appreciated
Steff's Thailand Travel (2 months ago)
Yes, you can, but have to wait 5 min between each message or so.
vissen met Patrick (3 months ago)
as long as you dont sent her money when your back home she will not be true .
i woke up like this (1 year ago)
"Do not reach out for an angel;find someone who is equally patheic.," I didn't say this
still a good quote, i agree on this:)
Pyro Lon (1 year ago)
Great video man! I should try this site. I subbed you also for channel!
Kelvin Ray (1 year ago)
Yes. Of course, You will get a good thai girl. I am dating with one thai girl at https://www.mizzthai.com. Next month, I am gonna meet her which is arranged by MIzzthai. Really helpful if you are serious about having a good thai girlfriend.
HjerneStimulanz (2 years ago)
how old are you
+hjerneStimulanz Is that a real question or a statement? :)
Andy Crook (2 years ago)
Hi steff.. have you heard of Thaijoop it's better then the site your on..check it out..I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
+Andy Crook No, never heard of it, But i will check it out. Thanks
Drone-Age (2 years ago)
I dont understand!! You are asking the readers how to get a girlfriend and then you are giving lessons on how to apply with Thai friendly!!
Axalis Suintoyr (1 year ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel Lovely Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried - Parlandealey Numerous Relations Process (just google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to find a girlfriend online minus the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend after many years got excellent results with it.
+Gary Hawkes Yes, correct. How to get a girlfriend on a Thai dating site. Not in general. Thai friendly suited me the best. I thought i was very clearly on that. Sorry if you missed that. Seems you are a little bit negative about my videos. Maybe you should stop watching them :)
Drone-Age (2 years ago)
I think you are still very heartbroken. I can tell by your sadness. You need to get over her first before you go looking for a new GF. You are on the Rebound!!
+Marcel Chambers yes she was Thai.
PJ Pierre (2 years ago)
Was your Ex Girlfriend thai?
+Gary Hawkes I was a little heart broken yes, in the beginning. It's now 3 months ago. I'm ok. Maybe i sound always a little like this :)
Christopher Houghton (2 years ago)
Steff did u c this already? it was thrown up by UT Thai Dating System: How to get a Good Thai Girlfriend or Wife or Even Just Have Fun Nick Swift Published on 7 Dec 2014 to download his Ebook FOC - sure uve seen it cos UT shows it Up Next ;-)
+Christopher Houghton No i didn't see it. Everybody has a different ranking of video's on YT or google. It all depends on your past viewing behaviors.
Thai Lady Massage (2 years ago)
Good job and nice vlog ...Steff...I wish have wonderful life and happy with your nice Thai lady good take stay happy forever ....Thanks for sharing.
Ok; I will keep that in mind :)  say Hi from me.
Thai Lady Massage (2 years ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel ..I know nice lady in my hometown ....beautiful nice lady she is 30 year old...My best frinds in my hometown told me she still look foreigner boyfriend or be her husband...Other lady 45 live in my hometown too ..Con you contact me by email ?..I will give you email her.
+Thai lady Thanks Alina. Don't you have a sister or niece in the family who wants a BF ?, just in case this online dating will not work? :)
Fun4Emily in Thailand (2 years ago)
Good vlog Steff. Will be interessting to see how this is going on. Good luck with that Steff
+Fun4Emily I'm curious myself also. :) Thanks
I don't know if this really works. But you have to consider that most Thai girls are really shy. Bar girls and massage girls in touristic area's will surely approach you. They are not shy and it is their job. That would not be the perfect match for an honest and good relationship. But I think you can find the normal Thai girls also online. There are plenty of Thai girls witch not work in the bar scene but definitely want to date with a foreigner. You'll have to separate the professional money makers with the truly intended ones.
its very hit and miss. i got way to lucky finding my wife
PJ Pierre (2 years ago)
Really. Isit also got to do with skin colour aswell. The majority go for white & asian?
+Nomadic In The Philippines , Yes, It's no guarantee to success. But i'ts a good start, i think. Most normal Thai girls are shy. They will not approach you in real life.
craig vietor (2 years ago)
just look around there are lots of girls, but stay away from my girl Phet
Hey guys,  Please keep it a little friendly.  Nobody is ugly here, besides me. And no one is going to fool around with any Phet.   You can see part 2 witch is coming up very soon. 
craig vietor (2 years ago)
ugly stick does not even help you
craig vietor (2 years ago)
no way your ugly, need ugly stick
+craig vietor Euh, Ok. we will stay away from Phet :)
Mickey Foster (2 years ago)
sorry forgot I think thats where kev met his lovely lady
Kev-In-Thailand (2 years ago)
OK please do mate !
looks like a nice plan. i'm in Pattaya now. i'll sent you an email
Kev-In-Thailand (2 years ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel Hi Steff, Sorry for the late reply mate i have been a little busy and just catching up with everything ! Thai Friendly is very good and you will have fun looking Hahaha, It took me a while to find Fon and she is fantastic, If you are around in Pattaya i would like to meet up for a beer and chat Fon has lots of friends in good work that have never been bar girls they work during the day normal hours and are the best long term girl friends to have. Email me on [email protected] to arrange a viewing Hahaha !
+Mickey Foster Nice. Didn't know that. Kev, what was your experience?
Mickey Foster (2 years ago)
steff really brave of you to do this vlog especially splitting with your girl so good luck to you mate.you seem to have your head screwed on instead of looking for a bar girl with a dream life.
+Mickey Foster Yeah, I don't have much experience on dating sites. But a lot with Thai women :)

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