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6 Kinds of Teachers in Every School

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School days were fun, entertaining and at times stressful. Nobody can forget the different characters one had as a teacher. From the enthusiastic PT teacher to those that made you visit the toilet 500 times. Go down the memory lane with Naina and Mishka’s take on the different types of teachers in school.
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So funny
mantu kumar nikhil (6 days ago)
Please phir se videos banao 😔😔😔😔
Anjali Saini (12 days ago)
no it is not real
Payal Prajapati (15 days ago)
trisha mam is funny
Jitendra Nigam (16 days ago)
Bakwas video who agree. I agree
Fozia Kashif (20 days ago)
Tum log to abhi bhi school ka studebts lg ta ho 😂😂😂
Ad mire (21 days ago)
aur kuch nayi
Joje Kundi (24 days ago)
They said 6 teachers but showed 7
ALL IN 1 (28 days ago)
Gud 1
Ashish Tripathi (28 days ago)
Hau iam a kid
Syed Afridi (29 days ago)
thank u teacher s
Arundhuti Mazumder (30 days ago)
I love my teacher alot
Eram md ishaqi (1 month ago)
Always try to respect the teachers thy r pillars of ur future..... Without teachers n parents ur nthng .. ...
Vinita Chaudhary (1 month ago)
I love this
Rita Rani (1 month ago)
Neelam Sharma (1 month ago)
Miss kit kit hai mere school mai
Tara Gautam (1 month ago)
No but there was a very nice teacher I forget her name but she was very nice
I love my teacher yes my all teacher is funny and best video
gurbinder sidhu (1 month ago)
My hindi teacher is soooooooooooooooo stylish oh nooooo
sanjay Tripathi (1 month ago)
Very nice from today I am going to see your chanel☺☺☺☺☺
Abhi Honrao (1 month ago)
l have 2 types teacher in my school 🏫🏫 but😋😋 l love my teacher very very much 😊😊
Prachi Upadhyay (1 month ago)
In my school mr. kit kit
Srujan Sanjana (1 month ago)
I hote to you love too
Jatinder Kaur (1 month ago)
There were 7 teachers
Mamta Punjwani (1 month ago)
Lovely video
Manu Gill (2 months ago)
Adhishree Sharma (2 months ago)
Shilpa Patel (2 months ago)
The tittle says 6 but it was 7 how and why??????
minal shameer (2 months ago)
did u ever get like this teacher if so hit the like botton
Ravinder Parcha (2 months ago)
wrong.....there are many types of teachers. bad teachers and also good teachers.
kosar Ch (2 months ago)
l also love my teachers 😍
Rammana K. (2 months ago)
Tomorrow is teacher's day
pankaj chetani (2 months ago)
Punny teacher
pankaj chetani (2 months ago)
Yoga teacher
Mahak Kriplani (2 months ago)
what a boring video
Seema Kadel (2 months ago)
Sleeping sir is so good
Shipra kaura (2 months ago)
I don't like it all fatu lol
Riya angel (2 months ago)
Video contains more than 6. Teachers
Deepak Kumar (3 months ago)
My teacher is very intelligent
Shizuka Khan (3 months ago)
I have kitkit one
sanjib das (3 months ago)
Om Prakash Agarwal (3 months ago)
Vinay Kumar (3 months ago)
Yes yes
mastani. larki (3 months ago)
i love this vicdeo
Nayana Shibu (3 months ago)
We have same name naina my also name naina
Ashish Dharr (3 months ago)
Do a little better than nothing else in my opinion
sukhman tarnvir show (3 months ago)
My all teachers are the best,😊😊
Fidha Shawnaj (3 months ago)
I love my teacher very much
neeru arora (3 months ago)
Wow 😀😀
NT channel Tirthi (3 months ago)
It was amaze
Nikhil Jain (3 months ago)
my teacher is soo nice
Aradhana Tiwari (3 months ago)
Best viedeo
Arty bang (4 months ago)
Fantantic video of types of teachers.....
City Bus (4 months ago)
Princy mam was actually a kit kit
Hadia Iqbal (4 months ago)
Naina is so good
Cabbo Capochino (4 months ago)
I like naina more
Simpe Gugnani (4 months ago)
I love my teachers
Mahnoor Bukhari (4 months ago)
I love pop so :-) :-)
MONIS SITES (5 months ago)
I don't like 😞😞😞😞
hamida mansuri (5 months ago)
Very funny videos
Kanwal Gill (5 months ago)
My teacher is nice
Maria (5 months ago)
yah there are so many funny teachers
Fatima Qamar (5 months ago)
Amazing video
In my school there is a sleeping beauty teacher
dipanshu Singh (5 months ago)
Romit Patil (5 months ago)
Wow yes there is like that 7 teachers
Anindita Chand (5 months ago)
mere koi v aise teacher nehi the school me...
Babu Lal Sharma (5 months ago)
Are you mad or you are going to become a teacher
madhu shrimali (5 months ago)
There was 7 types of teachers
Kubair Khan (5 months ago)
Nice yar
Archna Verma (5 months ago)
I love your video
Tanmayee Mishra (5 months ago)
Very nice....i am still laughing
Tanhiya Alaam (5 months ago)
So funny yaar
Surekha Jadhav (5 months ago)
This is the worst channel 👎👎
sudikshya Lamichhane (5 months ago)
abhishek suman (5 months ago)
title me likha h 6types teacher but dikhaya 7 types teacher
Nida pansare (5 months ago)
Arsh Aulakh (5 months ago)
Sahil Hussain (5 months ago)
I thing it should be taken from real life
vivek zakarde (6 months ago)
yes u r right
Prince Jaiswal (6 months ago)
5 type of teacher is a same teacher in my school
Mamta Singh (6 months ago)
good. http://dia24.in/2018/05/gal-sun-lyrics-akhil-sachdeva/amp/
Goel (6 months ago)
No teacher is in my school like this
pinky kalsi (6 months ago)
Sampuran Singh (6 months ago)
I love yoga teacher❤❤❤❤❤
Sampuran Singh (6 months ago)
I love my teacher ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Manoj Kumar (6 months ago)
Sahi hai
Somdutt Verma (6 months ago)
Suhani Golani (6 months ago)
so sweet
I love my school
Rekha Mishra (6 months ago)
Rekha Mishra (6 months ago)
ranjesh singh (6 months ago)
You know what you are right mere school mai tum hare video se bhi Pa gal 🤡🤓teacher hai yak class main😴😴😚jata hair but really this video is very nice😘😍😋🤗
Clash Clams (6 months ago)
oh cute
Tuhin Chy (6 months ago)
I don't have any
pop go (6 months ago)
A nurse
Radhika Rathod (6 months ago)
you are right
I love my teacher and I miss my childhood teacher
Fara Hassan (6 months ago)
My math teacher is 1 of them

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