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MLP Fighting is Magic Main Menu Theme

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Crystal (6 months ago)
R.I.P. Fighting is Magic, the ponies will live on in my Mugen roster.
Moon Flower (6 months ago)
Beautiful track which connects right to the one after the title screen. Wish I could find out who made it for archiving purposes. Probably Stuart Ferguson (RC88) but no trusty source to confirm this. You also hear similar instruments and styles in Them's Fightin' Herds main theme, though.
Dogman15 (7 months ago)
Who wrote this music? RC88 or PeppyCracker or someone else?
PeppyCracker (7 months ago)
not me. Someone from the original Mane6 team. If RC88 is the one who made the other MLP tracks, then most likely it was him/her.
Earleen John (10 months ago)
This is the mlp's real theme song.
Paloma Pseudoautista (1 year ago)
KrazyDashie (1 year ago)
oh my gosh... after like a hundred times listening to it... I realized that at 1:42 they worked in the extended theme song into it... if you don't know https://youtu.be/4By8YHOnILo?t=22s
this music is fricking awesome
Magicdolphin30 (2 years ago)
1:03 my fav part
Well the community is strong
Guilmon35249vr (2 years ago)
I like now that YouTube Gaming says this is related to Them's Fightin' Herds.
Jay gaming (1 year ago)
Its the same game after hasbro shut them down, lauren faust loved this idea and wanted to see it happen...but because of hasbro they had to change it, so lauren faust helped them.
The Arcane Brony (2 years ago)
+MikeYoshi Productions Them's Fightin' Herds = MLP: Fighting is Magic after the attach of hasbro
AtomicCatacombs (2 years ago)
Umm, it is
KrazyDashie (2 years ago)
really sad hasbro shut this down... but hey. i got tribute edition. so im somewhat happy
Liane Animatromo (9 months ago)
KrazyDashie maaaan. Hasbrooooo. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.
Tesert (1 year ago)
Could just get on the TFH train :^)
Revkor (2 years ago)
+KrazyDashie yeah why couldn't they work a deal. Past Sins is an actual published work so there is a way.
Kim Taezy (2 years ago)
eu amo esse jogo :3
LunarServant (2 years ago)
It makes sad that I will never have a chance to see "press any key to start" under that logo while hearing this Q-Q
Flutterbaws 95 (2 years ago)
+Flutterbaws 95 *isn't finished
Flutterbaws 95 (2 years ago)
+LunarServant Forgot to mention that there is the "Tribute Edition" of this which is playable. It just doesn't contain all of the planned content (only the mane six are playable by default, and Fluttershy's animation is finished).
Flutterbaws 95 (2 years ago)
+LunarServant You may be able to see it under the logo for Super Smash Ponies though. Apparently they've been making some headway in it's development.
TheNoobofHearts (3 years ago)
Dear princess Celestia. Today I learned kicking ass is awesome and hasbro won't let us have nice things!
James Vega (7 months ago)
uhmmmm no that wasnt even the case XDD they shut it down because of fucking copy right due to mane 6 asking for donations to help with production with characters from a licensed product...although in truth we all know that wasnt their main intent to begin with for they just wanted to do this game because why the fuck not
A Mitten For Kitten (1 year ago)
well, actually they shut it down because a lot of people were complaining about them fighting
Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that Fighting is Magic + TF2 is FUCKING SWEET.
Nord (2 years ago)
Does anyone know why Hasbro shut down this game?
Moon Flower (8 months ago)
Just to add my 2 bits. There is a functioning version of the game, but it is dead as of now, nobody plays it anymore. On the other hand "Them's Fightin' Herds" is released on 22nd February 2018 - in a few days. http://store.steampowered.com/app/574980/ And yes, the similarities are obvious, you can recognise several sounds and moves which are identic.
Liane Animatromo (8 months ago)
andymac4883 yeah. Anyways, thanks for telling me about this. Have a nice day/night
andymac4883 (8 months ago)
Liane Animatromo More than just some fighting game, then! Funny how we forget these things, isn't it?
Liane Animatromo (8 months ago)
andymac4883 OMG it's all coming back to me now! I saw that couw like a while a go and was like "what's this?" And my sister told me it was some fighting game but I just brushed it off. I remember this now
Liane Animatromo (8 months ago)
andymac4883 ok. Thank you for the information. It's nice to know they didn't drop it all the way. I'll give it a looksies
Mebro (3 years ago)
Wish I could download
zanzibar (2 years ago)
or yt red
CartoonDove (3 years ago)
+Giovanni Dobber Or youtube to mp3
Aiko / DV (4 years ago)
Where's rainbow and flutters?
会チー順子 (3 years ago)
they weren't in the original fighting is magic sadly
Matt D (4 years ago)
I swear i hear "get ready to die" in bits of this
+Matt D Am I deaf? I literally can't hear it xD
Gladion The Edgelord (3 years ago)
+Matt D Yes xD
Katelynn Gray (3 years ago)
+Matt D I thought the same in the start
ViciousVinnyD (4 years ago)
Best song ever :D
elouise_willems (4 years ago)
Love the Cupcakes HD theme at the beginning :p
FFleek (4 years ago)
so much swag
Guilmon35249vr (4 years ago)
@Doom Squared The game wasn't really in Mortal Kombat style, it was more like Street Fighter/Smash Bros combined. I'm glad to see that a version is still playable though with the entire Mane 6.
Aedan Cushman-Reynolds (4 years ago)
this song is bloody brilliant a great mix of the main mlp theme, and rock tones its a masterpiece
MrBronydash (4 years ago)
Holy shit this is amazing.
Lucios1995 (4 years ago)
Better remix than the beginning of Equestria Girls. WHAT THE FUCK!
MCcarlos235 (4 years ago)
Wade Leppien (4 years ago)
I have this idea for a Hasbro arcade style fighter, something along the lines of Marvel vs Capcom, I put the Mane Six as one character, you would mainly control Twilight while the rest of the ponies play a huge part in her combos and specials, this would be their theme. 
Wade Leppien (4 years ago)
have the same idea
Archer-Bro (4 years ago)
+Wade Leppien  The final boss is Unicron.
Wade Leppien (4 years ago)
any other suggestions?
Wade Leppien (4 years ago)
Here's my full roster: (Transformers) Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Scarscream, Soundwave, (MLP) Twilight Sparkle/Mane 6, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, (G.I. Joe) Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlette, Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, (Littest Pet Shop) Blythe Baxter, (M.A.S.K.) Matt Trakker, (Kaijudo) Tatsurion, (NERF) Shane, Action Man, Mr. Monopoly, Cavity Sam, Lord Licorice, Colonel Mustard, and Mr. Potato Head,
Tree Dragon (4 years ago)
Kazi Wind (4 years ago)
It was used there yeah
Toms Blue (4 years ago)
+Kazi Wind I believe its from cupcakes HD?
Kazi Wind (4 years ago)
+Apple's Life Secrets huh alrighty then.
Tree Dragon (4 years ago)
The bit in the beginning of this song is the same as the beginning of the other song.
Kazi Wind (4 years ago)
um.. I think you got the wrong song...........
高雄刮痧拍痧 (4 years ago)
Fresh Stug wiggly (4 years ago)
dont forget a knife
Arty23 (4 years ago)
Actually,her best special technic is turning into Pinkamena,which is something awesome and frightening at the same time.
Timo Pines (4 years ago)
standing right there, by Fluttershy
Sylveon (4 years ago)
I do hope they keep this soundtrack, it's wonderful.
XXMinecraftTutorialsXX (4 years ago)
not in the game yet
Robert Binnie (4 years ago)
Where's Rainbow Dash?
LMel (4 years ago)
When I said no ponies I meant the ones that actually appear in the show. And I don't quite understand how hasbro allowed them to keep the songs, Mane6 announced that hasbro said "not allowed to use any content created by Hasbro or used in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". But oh well, glad they kept the music then.
Kerzerk (4 years ago)
I knew you liked this song as much as i do :)
LMel (4 years ago)
It had a complete makeover, no ponies (at least any official one) is used anymore, and all the soundtracks were deleted and remade from scratch since they used songs from the show as basis.
Squint (4 years ago)
The game's gonna be continued. Faust said she'd make original characters for the game.
lee seokmin (5 years ago)
it's not the same thing however
TaiMamizou (5 years ago)
Oh yay.
H. Gallo64 (5 years ago)
You do realize it's still alive don't you? It's being worked on at the moment.
TaiMamizou (5 years ago)
Fuck you Hasbro. I mean.. you have all the rights, but.. but, still.. We waited so much for this :(...
* Machineseven * (5 years ago)
I think Pinkie's Special move has Pinkamena in it..
* Machineseven * (5 years ago)
Yes, MLP: Fighting is magic is a fighting game based off of MLP FiM. But it got C&D'd by Hasbro and was canceled... :c
Batman (5 years ago)
you just show the same pic
Karissa Gaddy (5 years ago)
Where's Rainbow?! :(
Kerzerk (5 years ago)
Yea!!! Share the love :))
Jonas Boel (5 years ago)
wait is it up!?
Kazi Wind (5 years ago)
See when Pinkie said "Nopony breaks a Pinkie Promise" she never finished that last part is "and lives to tell about it." 'Nopony'
kingofsapi (5 years ago)
actually... she changes into her Pinkamena form, flat hair, sad face and all, and the screen turns black and you can move her towards your opponent, press any action button and she will give that poor pony the hug of death before changing back into Pinkie Pie! its powerful, but I found it kinda creepy... o.0
0hNoFlyingMonkeys (5 years ago)
Where's Rainbow Dash? XD
porcupineracer2 (5 years ago)
I now Hasbro had to pull legal moves but is the game still being worked on? I wish they'd formally promote the game like they've done with some student video projects.
Giles Blackmore (5 years ago)
heh you can hear the friendship is magic tune sometimes in this song :)
ViciousVinnyD (5 years ago)
I have the version without RD and FS and I really want the full thing... ;_; Hasbro needs to allow things like these. They don't benefit anyone financially, all they do is make people happy. ViciousVinnyD.exe is not responding... Reason: extreme_nostalgia_overdose [Close program] [Wait for program to respond] [Help]
stacy p (5 years ago)
but I still want this game its so awsome
stacy p (5 years ago)
thank you all who replyed
noname665 (5 years ago)
wow i dont know how i got in here ,but this music is so epic, i guess, pony things arent boring as i tought.... (sorry about my english)
srinath patil (5 years ago)
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GuidedArms (5 years ago)
like i said, check your facts and quit being stupid :P
GuidedArms (5 years ago)
you know that twilight is already playable in the last leaked version of the old game? anyway, yes i'd like to see some kind of pony in the game, although i doubt they will do so. i dont think they wanna handle with hasbro again :/
GuidedArms (5 years ago)
just like your picture: "quit being stupid" XD (had to do it)
GuidedArms (5 years ago)
have you seen the silhouette spoiler?, to me just one of those three (kinda) looks like something close to a actual pony
GuidedArms (5 years ago)
they are currently working on a game similar to fighting is magic, it wont be with actual pony's, but will still have 4 legged creatures as characters. and you know what, LAUREN FAUST IS HELPING THEM TO CREATE THOSE CHARACTERS!
stacy p (5 years ago)
dear Hasbro get this up again because I want to drive my firnds NUTS
jake kretz (5 years ago)
It would have been very cool to see this game go all the way with the mane characters from the show. It still doesn't make sense how the animators for double rainboom got the rights but the game didn't for shame. A great game with awesome music could have been a thing but instead we got a lack lustre rainbow dash fan service fake episode of mlp. For shame
Solv (5 years ago)
They can't use ponies o: They're making it with a similar cutesy art style, but with other 4-legged mammals.
Chara (5 years ago)
but she is so beautiful...
hearty mia (5 years ago)
Pinkamena ;-;
Flower Pot (5 years ago)
I want fighting is magic full version to use RD or Fluttershy
Gordon Weedman (5 years ago)
Anybody got a clue as to where I can acquire the full official soundtrack of Fighting is Magic?
fredener1 (5 years ago)
They could create a "Pony Editor" for own creations with color, own pics as cutiemarks etc. Problem with Hasbro´s charakters solved ^^
Doom Squared (5 years ago)
The reason Hasbro tore this project down is because they didn't like the idea of a Childrens show (more of an adult male show) characters fighting each other mortal combat style. yes it is stupid that they did this. I think a good way for the mane 6 to continue on is to make all the characters the antagonists. ex. Timberwolves, sombra, discord, the hydra, nightmare noon, etc...
Starlene Seaton (5 years ago)
Wheres Rainbow Dash shes the star?!
Chara (5 years ago)
what Icon? :3
Rockloin (5 years ago)
Nekona C. (5 years ago)
Apparently something about copyright and such. I don't really understand it, since Mane6 blatantly pointed out that Fighting is Magic was not for money purposes and gave complete credit of MLP: FiM to Ms. Faust and such.
Kerzerk (5 years ago)
there is no like button on this video. Like this comment to show your love to the video. (See How much i will get)
throni (5 years ago)
It would appear that they are still doing ponies, if you look around the site and the comments they post. I can't find any specific comment which definitely confirms this, but they're still calling it "fighting is magic" whilst it is in development (They say they can't keep the name permanently as it's too close).
Kevin Browning (5 years ago)
This came on during class and I nearly jumped up and started dancing.
triixta1 (5 years ago)
rfgdfgdf (5 years ago)
Only Fighting is Magic will never exist under legal terms. Faust offered to design them completely new characters. It is rather clear that these new character will not be My Little Pony related due to the legal restraints. So no, Fighting is Magic will not rise from the ashes. It will be replaced. Arguably by something much better. Honestly i'm glad it got cancelled. This gives them a chance to make something a little more original.
AngieGandalf6 (5 years ago)
Where are Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy???? :S
throni (5 years ago)
Mane6.com. I was talking about how Lauren Faust and the Mane6 team are working on NEW ponies. They didn't claim they made the original canon ponies either, Hasbro just gave them a cease and desist, because for some reason they're cracking down on a lot of MLP related fan work.
Ethan (5 years ago)
Untrue. Where do you get this information? They aren't saying they made the ponies. They made a game about them, like everyone else does.
Tao Kaka (5 years ago)
(sigh) good bye Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, I hardly knew ya. :'/
Bacon Lord (5 years ago)
That's unfortunate, but still amazing that Lauren cares that much about the community to do something like that.
Cool Breeze (5 years ago)
Not mysteriously, there was no theme for those two ponies yet, so the title artwork reflected that, it's almost like a tally for the developers "hey we dont have X and Y done so lets remind ourselves endlessly while we test!"
Persona N (5 years ago)
Is there a download link out there?
Persona N (5 years ago)
Rainbow could easily be fit into the left side of the image, and Flutter on the right.
Persona N (5 years ago)
Rainbow and Flutter are mysteriously absent from the title artwork.
Persona N (5 years ago)
Mane6 got a cease and desist, Lauren Faust is helping them put their efforts to use in a new game. At least the music is still around (and awesome).
Bacon Lord (5 years ago)
wait, what happened? @[email protected] I've missed the news.
kiltrofilms (5 years ago)
damn hasbro burocrats
throni (5 years ago)
None of these ponies will be in the final game, Lauren Faust and the team are working on new ponies, as these are owned by Hasbro, and if they are used, Hasbro will sue.
RandomSKProductions (5 years ago)
Why isn't RainbowDash there D:
Matthew Marinata (5 years ago)
Omg aj looks so fucking cool!
theDartrunner (5 years ago)
Download link?
midair (5 years ago)
The Ballad of the Crystal Empire at 1:43 and again at 4:30 Following the ballad both times seems to be what could be hints of Winter Wrap Up. :)

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