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Enya - Flora's Secret

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Some of my flower pictures combined with Enya - Flora's Secret. Leave a comment if you got anything to say :)
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fwiffocd1 (3 months ago)
this is my alltime favorite song it is so moving
margit yeomans (1 year ago)
just loved it. ever . . .
E agora , a mesma canção , sem a letra, mas com um vídeo diferente e lindo , amo muito as flores , principalmente as roxas .Espero que gostem !!!!
Dale Rodberg (4 years ago)
I love flowers and Enya, especially the purple ones. Thank you for this beautiful video!
Andrew Richards (4 years ago)
الحمدلله ا (5 years ago)
Ithik this artist deeps spiritually inside the music and art
Demi Paine (5 years ago)
Awesome music!!!! Keeps me relaxed and happy!!!
Corey (5 years ago)
Soul music!!
Eugenia&Robert (5 years ago)
BGAMESBrasil (7 years ago)
Beautiful video! Congratulations!!
HamsterGaru (9 years ago)
I luv ur pictures ;3 And u no dat! :D

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