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Magic Affair - Give Me All Your Love (Max Cut) 1994

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O Magic Affair se destacou mais com a sua Omen III. porem para os amantes de um bom eurodance, Give me all your love segue a linha mais fiel da epoca , não deixando nada a desejar ao seu antecessor Omen III . curtam e vejam na integra,, Um video exclusivo e com otima qualidade .. vejam em nossa loja virtual .. ________________________________ UM ADITIVO EXTRA. A CADA MIL INSCRITOS NOVOS AQUI NO CANAL, EU VOU DISPONIBILIZAR PARA VOCÊS 10 VIDEOS EXTENDED MIX, AGORA É COM VOCÊS. AN EXTRA ADDITIVE. APPEAR TODAY 01/11/18. EVERY THOUSAND ENROLLMENTS HERE ON THE CHANNEL, I WILL MAKE AVAILABLE FOR YOU 10 VIDEOS EXTENDED MIX, NOW IT 'S WITH YOU. ______________________________________________
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Text Comments (28)
M Shane (15 days ago)
5 star song
Housemaster RMX (14 days ago)
thank you, subscribe to the channel.
Dan Radu (7 months ago)
Thats what m talkin about 👏👏👏
Aldair Gomides (8 months ago)
Que música é essa!!! Um dos hits que ouvi muito na época. Muito bom relembrar , muitas recordações, tempo pra lá de bom.
Housemaster RMX (8 months ago)
Aldair Gomides sonzão mesmo, obrigado pelo comentário.
Edina Várkonyi (8 months ago)
Koszonom! Ezt is nagyon imadom!!! Magic Affair!!!
Sasha Soul (9 months ago)
Hold up, hold up, check my linguistics Let me break it down to ya ! Afrolistic ! I ain't down with the love stuff kid Nothing but trouble, jet on double See ya got a habit, of keeping the brother broke I ain't the one, why ? Cuz I'm locked Pack your bags, and put down the platter You wanna chill with me cuz my pockets got fatter You want din-din, drive a new Benz then Suck me dry and spit me out again Romancin', dancin' and a fur coat Ah, ah, I don't play these jokes You can't fade me, run me through the maze I know about women and the mystic ways And my cash flow, you can't stop it Give up the props to the underground prophet Give me all your love I want everything, I can't let go Give me all your love If you ain't my friend, you'll be my foe Love ah... Give me all... Back again, I guess you didn't listen Open your eyes, homegirl, because you're missing The simple fact that a bank can get you stuck Caught between the wall and a mac truck All for the taking, not to be took 1-8-7 on the pocketbook Violations, grounds for terminations Mo'money, Mo'money, is what I'm facin' I paid the price before, now I'm through with it Don't even front on me, because you did it Instead of love, it's a business proposition So I broke on out on a new mission If you would've been straight from the get go Then you would not have to leave through the back door One strike is what you get, later See ya, and I wouldn't wanna be ya !
Вот музыка ранее была ништяк! И слушать и поглядеть приятно, люд работали над каждым треком и каждым клипом! Не то что на данный момент техно....., гавно а не музыка!
Th3DrunkGuy (1 year ago)
awesome just awesome, thank you.
Housemaster RMX (1 year ago)
Thank you, sign up for our channel, welcome.
Hiro Nakamura (1 year ago)
Concordo com você. E pra mim essa é a melhor canção que eles fizeram. Letra muito boa, a melodia é contagiante e o refrão é perfeito. Give me all your love "" I want everything, I can't let go Give me all your love If you ain't my friend, you'll be my foe ""
Housemaster RMX (1 year ago)
É isso ai Drika... agradeço o comentário.
Anna Javorska (2 years ago)
Just found it on spotify had to check the video :-)
Coeurone (3 years ago)
Question : what is love ?! Nice !!!!
voneout (3 years ago)
Best decade of year my life! 
stemider (4 years ago)
Great song, great times!
wizardmcs (4 years ago)
i like it since 1994
FlashBackHouseDance (4 years ago)
Excelente, Espetacular !!!!!!
Max Power (5 years ago)
paxonPL (5 years ago)
just perfect
vemzakaj (5 years ago)
Lost Place Hospitant (5 years ago)
That was good music! Good old times !!!
Anja Semling (5 years ago)
Coooooooooooooooool .......
Eugeniy Sirotkin (5 years ago)
LucasCoin1 (6 years ago)
Mam ten singiel na CD!!! :D
AleSiara (6 years ago)
Dobrze powiedziane to były wspaniałe czasy!!!!!!!!!
Max Xert (6 years ago)
To wideo wspaniale wpisuje się w cudowne lata 90'. Kochamy te piosenki bo wtedy mieliśmy naście lat!!! Pozdrawiam wszystkich tęskniących za tym czasem.

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