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Taylor Swift - Style AJW Extended Instrumental Remix

147 ratings | 17562 views
-Credit to BreakTracks.net for the backing track. -Completely rearranged. -De-emphasized main vocals -Added backing vocals. -Added effects. Hope you enjoy this remix!
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Text Comments (15)
Ivan Maldonado (3 months ago)
Serge Colicchia (5 months ago)
Bravo Andrew!
edisonsun21c (10 months ago)
yeah Vancouver No.1
Kent Gooddz (1 year ago)
Hey Andrew! I'm still chillin' with this mix you did. This will will never go out of style... - Kent.
Karla Núñez (1 year ago)
Awesome! Could I use it on a vlog background?
Andrew Wan (1 year ago)
karla nunez Please do! Just give credit. Cheers.
Kent Gooddie (1 year ago)
the big 10001 views...congrats! well deserved.
Andrew Wan (1 year ago)
LOL, thanks Kent!
Kent Gooddie (1 year ago)
best style instrumental out there on YouTube!
Helen Snow (1 year ago)
I love this version
Andrew Wan (1 year ago)
Thanks Fink!
Rachael Ross (2 years ago)
Hi my new friend. lol 😍😍😍
Andrew Wan (2 years ago)
Thanks Rachel!
Batman (2 years ago)
what city is this?
Andrew Wan (2 years ago)
Vancouver (Yaletown), British Columbia

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