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Ridiculous EXPENSIVE Things Floyd Mayweather Owns

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At 40 years old, Floyd Mayweather remains one of the most successful and well known boxers of all time--and he’s still in the game. If you’re one of the top athletes in your sport, you get paid the big money. And Mayweather makes sure you remember that. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 8. A Mansion In Miami So it seems a mansion and Penthouse in Las Vegas isn’t enough for one singular person to own. That’s fine, or at least, that’s fine for Mayweather, as he also has a Mansion in Miami that he calls his own. Mayweather dropped $7.7 million in cash on this little 5,200 sq ft modern pool property that would be extravagant for most of us, but is only the fraction of the size of his house in Las Vegas, so there’s that to keep in mind. And we’d like to reiterate, he paid in cash for this 5 bedroom house which is located on La Gorce Island on Miami Beach. 7. Shoe Closet No celebrity’s endless walk in closet is complete without a huge shoe collection. These shelves of sneakers are just a little part of Mayweather’s whole shoe collection and is a photo that he posted himself on his instagram, because if there’s anyone more willing to show off his belongings, it’s the man himself. According to Mayweather, only 80 pairs of shoes could fit into the picture, which leaves a lot to the imagination when someone says “only 80 pairs of shoes.” And it seems he also has a thing for Louboutins since that’s what all of these are. 6. Mercedes Party Bus Also referred to as a Land Yacht, aside from one of the most expensive cars ever, and 2 private jets, another mode of transportation Floyd Mayweather bought for himself is a Mercedes Party Bus whose interior is akin to the environment you’d find in a metropolitan nightclub. This customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cost the professional boxer $300,000 which is chump change at this point. It not only comes with a 55 in TV that features Direct TV and Apple TV, there’s also lots of seating room, a bar, heated massage chairs, and a surround sound stereo. It seems no matter he goes, it has to be in style. 5. More Cars Now that we’ve covered that Trevita, planes, and a bus, let’s go a little more into depth with the rest of his transportation collection, that being his horde of cars he keeps in that private garage. In an interview with ESPN, Mayweather stated that the cars he owns come out to about $15 million. It’s said that he’s owned hundreds of cars throughout the years and that a portion of those cars were 16 Rolls-Royces. And how does he pay for all these luxury cars? If you haven’t learned by now, then remember that Floyd Mayweather loves to pay in cash--cash that often comes in the protection of a designer duffle bag. 4. An Engagement Ring Okay, we’ll give him this one. If you had the money, it makes sense you would want to give your fiance one extravagant ring. Now split from Mayweather, on again off again partner Shantel Jackson was once presented with the $10 million engagement ring you see sitting on her finger. Jackson and Mayweather split not long after, and Mayweather was not holding back as to the reasons why, which he discussed on his social media pages. The terms of their split are pretty dark and messy, though no one is sure whether or not Jackson got to keep the ring. 3. Tickets To His Own Fight This sounds way ridiculous at first since, well, why would a boxer need to buy tickets to his own fight? It’s easily explained, however, that Floyd Mayweather bought the tickets to give out to friends and family, a cost that totalled to $605,000. The match was against Canelo Alvarez which took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. All that money came out to equal 300 tickets. All that seemed worth it, too, since he ended up beating Canelo that match. 2. That $6.4 Million Watch Collection We know that Mayweather is a man who loves jewelry. Okay, he loves anything expensive, but you’ve got to admit the man has an eye for not just cars but accessories. And that includes a collection of 8 Rolex watches, 8 Audermars Piguet watches, 1 Rainbow Tourbillion, 1 Piaget Galaxy, 3 Franck Muller watches, 2 Aximums, and 1 Hublot Big Bang King--all of which total to around $6.4 million. How do we know exactly how many of each watch he has and how much it all costs? Well he tweets it all out, of course. 1. Custom iPod First of all, who even owns an iPod anymore that they didn’t buy from at least the past decade? Floyd Mayweather, that’s who. He posted a photo on instagram of his custom-made diamond encrusted iPod. In the background, you can see that the Apple earphones are wrapped around a wad of $100 bills, which Mayweather posted with the caption “money is music to my ears.” It’s said to have a value of $50,000 and comes attached to a chain that has a gold plated, diamond encrusted pendant that reads “Mayweather.”
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Tindaon Vivo (1 day ago)
Ini pelari bkn petinju.
Tj Taylor (4 days ago)
Smgdh!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Roland Roland (7 days ago)
He is running man ever
LISA LEE (8 days ago)
He earned it so hey he got the right to spend as he please. I just hope he don't end up in the news for not paying taxes like some of these celebrities.
Dustin Surprises (11 days ago)
Does any think Mayweather is rich AF?😏
Senol Demir (14 days ago)
he is a slave he can not enjoy this life
Yehudah Benlewi (15 days ago)
Now this is not hate ties but the brother is out of his f****** mind and it shows you he's out of his mind not one time did I see his wife not one time did I see his children around him is only having cash he's out of his f****** mind this is how our people is we never had nothing so we get it we don't know what the f*** to do with it now was true m*********** true dude would have his wife around him and all his maybe like 20 kids around him because he can't take none of his riches with him and if he have children his bloodline live on put all of them do college make sure they don't want for nothing instead of renting a house by land in Africa and build your own kingdom I will people think we give out riches right back to our oppressive weird jokes and they know it I might hate you guys I'm proud of the brother that he made it but he can use wisdom in or everything you wants use wisdom we obtain riches but we don't have Tate wisdom
NBA Maree (15 days ago)
18 million dollar wacth
just unlimit (17 days ago)
When rich people don't know what to do with money
Ronnie Laxinto (21 days ago)
When he die he cant bring his money.Money is not so important.Give it to the needy.
Hovajz Hovajz (21 days ago)
But when you die🙏🏽 you broke as hell😢
Marichu De Guzman (21 days ago)
Sal Vong (22 days ago)
Money can buy your dreams
top 6 Jackson (23 days ago)
U sound like a real hater
Lipa Lipa (24 days ago)
Ludes pindah ke ak haha
Rodrigo Alquisola (26 days ago)
why ia Floyd Mayweather fight against Manny pacquiao in boxing and he win the fight becuse of running wihtout punching
J C (27 days ago)
Add the 18 million dollar watch from Jacob and co..he’s really got about 25million in watches
Yahweh rules (27 days ago)
That won't save him when he meets his maker. Temporary wealth. Heaven is infinite wealth. I'm richer than him. My wealth is heaven.
tote bwf (28 days ago)
He made it 👏
גבעת ציון 80 (29 days ago)
In the end everybody poor or rich get 1 meter on 1/2 meter...
mr king (29 days ago)
dont look money look hard work ???
Pabustan Rosalina (1 month ago)
Hes not the greatest boxer in the world
jpat gon (1 month ago)
Mb Naulak (1 month ago)
He have a lotta money but can't buy hair...lol😂😂😂
Mahdi Mabooti (1 month ago)
6:47 the bus is photoshop look at the bak wheels
Kevin Wheatley (1 month ago)
you work hard you get paided
MONEY MAN (1 month ago)
He's just living his life
Dakota Mazyck (1 month ago)
9:31 lol custom ipad. U mean i pod
Mike Neale (1 month ago)
There are people out there starving.
Sylvester Okafor (1 month ago)
Duck your my my sick head
Ritchel Sarmiento (1 month ago)
U cant buy your life once u lying in bed of sickness..goodluck fancy boy
Fuzzipiffen (1 month ago)
She said iPad then iPod
Jbonus28 (1 month ago)
He owns a 18 million dollar watch
Charles Whittington (1 month ago)
If i knock him out do i get all that
Dxxstiny- (1 month ago)
6:10 how does he decied what shoes too wear
Bibek Magar (1 month ago)
I am just thinking about the tax he pays
Lisa King (1 month ago)
He's good he worked hard. But come on man. You could do so much to help Africa. He knows what it's like to be poor so don't really understand how his mine works to blow so much
Thanks It (1 month ago)
It fack
ilyas khan (1 month ago)
hw much of it will be tax writeoff.
Travis Dueweke (1 month ago)
Compensating for his tiny dick. Enough said
martin ghaly (1 month ago)
Bought 10 million$ ring can't get airports smh Not hating
Black Andy II (1 month ago)
He’s living like a gta character
Banjie Lucman (1 month ago)
Jeff bezos better than mayweather
Kino Montana (1 month ago)
Banjie Lucman Jeff Bezos is up $140 Billion. Mayweather don't even have up to 1 billion
Darlene Worthy (1 month ago)
Great day enjoy more
camille hall (1 month ago)
I don't expect nothing else from a guy that's been hit at least a thousand times on his head
Da Da (1 month ago)
Dis nigga got stupid shmoneyyy💰💰
Nils Hälberg (1 month ago)
I kom from sweden
Verry good maniga
Don Ryan (1 month ago)
cj so cool (1 month ago)
NBA youngboy Kodak Black ynw Melly boy do not play with me ynw Melly is getting out of jail and white full Mayweather cannot fight he is poor
Mathew Hodges (1 month ago)
Worth 500 million and can't read. Only in America.
Khalzino (1 month ago)
He earned it
latasha boyer (1 month ago)
Ipod not ipad
XClappzz -_- (1 month ago)
Sedoue Bah (1 month ago)
Bravo champion tu es un grand. Je t'admire. Ta richesse est énorme, utilise la pour les nécessiteux plutôt que de l'exposer. Ça ne servira à rien tant qu'elle sera stockée dans les banques et gardée sur toi.
MrZep420 (1 month ago)
Its his cash....He EARNED it...He can spend it any way he wants...The goods and services this man buys employs many people, and those people and him pay taxes which keeps the system rolling....God bless him.
Mohamed Sofiane (1 month ago)
Il est devenu malade .... Quand on devient plus riche en devient plus pauvres
💟Beautiful and More!‼️🤩 Love A+!❗️
lewis lighting777 (1 month ago)
Never lost a dollar on mayweather
A .K.f (1 month ago)
I wanna die
Alex Lozada (1 month ago)
Tara Barnes (1 month ago)
Floyd took my idea lol puting a tv in the bathroom but one more think put a console in there
FALL YAARAM FALL (2 months ago)
1 homme avec une vie de paradis sur terre et d'enfer dans l"au dela ...Tu es 1 vrai porc pauvre imbécile,Va aider tes pauvres compatriotes qui vivent avec moins de 1 dollar /jour...On ne t"enterrera pas avec ces bling bling et ses liasses de billets...Pauvre égaré
Omar Cham (2 months ago)
I never see rad with two much biling biling
lil blessed (2 months ago)
Off course miss jackson is going to keep the ring thats 10 million lol gold digging like a mf
Eliyahud Ben Peretz (2 months ago)
He paid for it with money he won fighting for it,nothing wrong with it
Handyman 444 (2 months ago)
You botching all kinds of words
Sir Andy (2 months ago)
If I would be in Floyd may-weathers house I would legit stand up to him and ask for a map to the bathroom
Sandy Luis Gomez Acosta (2 months ago)
Excellent Pal' enjoy it all.
Marcell Iverson (2 months ago)
Sandy Luis Gomez Acosta yes I did not Igfhydfyett
TITUS TITUS (2 months ago)
F.M. has been Embezzling $ for a Cartel. That is his biggest money maker so far. He does have other investments. There are two P.I. reports that got leaked. They show 3 companies he is tied to are the ones embezzling the cash for the cartel. The question is which Cartel and why hasn't the Government been able to tie them together.
Estella Sudue (2 months ago)
With you guys are doing good guys so good you guys are doing good you guys are so good you guys are doing good bye bye guys love you guys so good you bye love bye guys love you guys so good 😊 tomorrow guys bye love you guys so much
Jenn Waahington (2 months ago)
Did you ever hear of hungry children or simple poor people. Have you ever heard of this man called. Jesus. We were all poor and hungry that’s why I m pissed. You really should squire better values.
Jenn Waahington (2 months ago)
Candice Perry (2 months ago)
Floyd MayWeather is an awesome fighter
boy brando (2 months ago)
Okin inam pangas kimag
Jamie Colasacco (2 months ago)
After looking at all this pretentious bulshit I wouldn't trade a place with this guy in the world I would rather be a short 60 year old broke white man who deep down is more happy than Floyd Mayweather could ever be
Ronan Cicuttin (2 months ago)
why is this woman’s mouth so wet
Ralphyboy (2 months ago)
dont forget this dude was poor one day...let him make wat he want wit his $$$$$ dont be jalous of his succes,no matter you poor like me !!!
Bold for Jesus (2 months ago)
Bible says it's hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God
Dianne Forbes (2 months ago)
Wonder if has been robbed flashing all that cash
YAHUWEHISMIGHTY (2 months ago)
Talltanic. God allows poor people to be on earth to test rich and middle class people to see if they would help them and do charity. Earthly riches are not true riches because they are temporary and decays and those who possess them will leave them behind when they leave this world never to repossess them again. That is why God allows those who don’t know him to possess them. And poor people are also being tested to see if they will refuse to steal or do any other wrong thing because of their poverty. We are on this earth to be tested. And when the holy ones get to heaven, GOD will give them rewards for everything they suffered on earth, for their holy living and righteous deeds and for their humbleness. And GOD will wipe away every tear from their eyes
ByCoco GR (2 months ago)
get into your life and stop criticizing the famous and successful people who make their living with hard work, I do not understand why you should be behind people who do not even buy bread for your children the day of your death
Amar Gaikwad (2 months ago)
Hope he eats food🤣😂
Mohammed Khalifah (2 months ago)
Buy all the expensive things that will make you happy cos you hustle for it when no one was ready to help you. Am a student no any family member is ready to help me. Emaging I succeed in life hmmm
Learn To Trade JA (2 months ago)
I am a very good trader.
Martin Szoke (2 months ago)
All that fame and he still can't get enough attention....sad really...
tes Good (2 months ago)
You should help poor people instead of overreaction
Frank Frank (2 months ago)
What You Think and Know About Money Are (2) Different Things. Floyd is in The THINK mode. GOD is in The KNOW mode.
Tony Bennett (2 months ago)
It makes sence to invest in land and realestate and solid gold to me.
Jay 420 (2 months ago)
Plus your a bigger boss then 50cent you can do that no problem like buying a pair.of shoes
Jay 420 (2 months ago)
Or just send me one Of you old espencive things you dont want nemore. I can start.with that lol
NECE'S STAR T'S (2 months ago)
Andrew Thomas (2 months ago)
My Soul is Worth way-more Then all his possessions. I get to spend eternity with my Father in Heaven while he Burns in Hell for Eternity
Jamie Whitaker (2 months ago)
Freya my dog is the best boxer in the world
Joel Viveros (2 months ago)
I would buy all that stuff too if...I only had the kind of Money
GQ Rugged (2 months ago)
You forgot his one 18 Million Dollar watch.
Infamous Gaming (2 months ago)
This video was out before he brought the watch
Eric Reid (2 months ago)
Floyd scammin
What ya ya got a (2 months ago)
Who’s mans
Sparta Gaza (2 months ago)
I really rate dis guy he work really hard in life
Maxwell Sam (2 months ago)
who is here in 2019?

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