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What's Your Preferred Learning Style -Accelerated Learning

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Your personal learning style involves several factors, see our website to find out your style of learning http://www.acceleratedlearning.com/method/test_your_style.html Your personal learning style involves several factors, especially: Which are your strongest intelligences? What senses do you prefer to use as you learn? Your strongest Intelligences Research by Dr Howard Gardner at Harvard University in the USA indicates that we have, not a single fixed IQ, but several different forms of intelligence. They can all be developed, but it makes sense to use your strongest type of intelligence as you learn. Copyright accelerated learning UK 2008 video created by Robert Nichol AudioProductions video produced by Robert Nichol http://www.allcast.co.uk
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Paul Cook (7 years ago)
where did you get your chair? I want one:)
Mark Gorman (9 years ago)
great video pay close attention to the very end of the video and how it relates to the diagram he should earlier

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