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Magnat ad 380 & Hardstone hs q480.2 max power 600+watts rms..flexing the entire car!

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Hi guys! this is my first video with this amplifier in action with the magnat sub.. video quality is not the best,but the picked up good flex.. rate,hate,comment and i hope you like the vid..
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draco136 (5 years ago)
Good luck man, this is very nice sub...good choice :)
Tobias Ernstsson (5 years ago)
Im building a ported box with 2 of these :)
draco136 (7 years ago)
@TheLordofscorpion tnx brother,setup is kickin the ass now and i'm very pleased with it..anyway i build the new box now,sealed..it has 50 liters and i'm going to see how it's gonna sound when comparing BR and closed box:) vids coming bro;) stay loud!
King ABS (7 years ago)
that's really awesome bro bass is verry deep that shake everythings :) have fun with your new amp ;)
draco136 (7 years ago)
@seeeeergiu box is not finished yet,i don't have much time for building it because i work all day long,but i will figure it next week when i capture the time and then the sealed video is coming hehe:)
seeeeergiu (7 years ago)
@Braco136 you should do a comparison video. i`m very curious how it will sound un sealed enclosure.
draco136 (7 years ago)
@seeeeergiu yeah man,thanks! hu stands still good,later i will replace him with newer one:) for now he does the job very well...anyway i have a lot of power now and switching to sealed,i wanna see the magnat how is gonna work in different box..stay loud man!
seeeeergiu (7 years ago)
damn, your new amp rocks! now you should get a new head unit... i bet it will make a difference
draco136 (7 years ago)
@LilNeku thanks man:) it's working really good now!

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