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SOI 7 PATTAYA Perfect location for girls, Norwegian and Thai food

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OLALA in PATTAYA - Norwegian and Thai food - Soi 7 Perfect location in the middle of the nightlife. They serve plenty of European dishes, German, Austria and of course Norwegian food. The Thai food is very good. The restaurant olala is an open restaurant with a view-able kitchen. I like that set up very much. For some reason i don't want to sit in a bar or restaurant between 4 walls in Thailand. The kitchen looks very clean and professional. What more can i say? You can watch the nightlife scene pass along and enjoy a drink after your meal. Another Thai-Norwegian restaurant in Pattaya that i can recommend without a doubt. one of the best restaurants in Pattaya. I ate here so many times. And the food was always very good. This time i had a german bradwurst with mashed potatoes. I think it wasn't really a German bradwurst. The taste was ok. Overall a nice dish. My friend had a deep fried battered fish and chips. He said it was very tasty! LOOKING FOR AN HOTEL IN PATTAYA OR THAILAND? https://www.agoda.com/partners/partnersearch.aspx?cid=1775662&pcs=1&hl=en&city=8584 I recommend this site because i use it myself. (I get a small commission from Agoda and you don't pay anything extra) Look also at my other food reviews in Thailand: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOGUApka1AzxUZORoJPjXmkY2WpveEpXP facebook and location Olala restaurant: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Olala-Restaurant/134297273328014 Facebook steffs Thailand travel: https://www.facebook.com/steffsthailandtravel/ email me: [email protected] Cameras: SJcam 5000+ elite Sony RX100 V Zoom H1 dig. audio recorder. power director 14+15 You can subscribe to my channel to see more videos about Bangkok, Pattaya and Thailand in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below. Keep it civilized please, we are all grown ups :) Thanks.
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John Doe (1 year ago)
Steff, great video. Thanks. You are becoming a professional cinematographer. The initial touch, about the girl not being a squirrel, was great. The video ending segment, with you as a ventriloquist, was a great touch as well
John Doe (1 year ago)
It worked.
ohh, ok. Thanks for the input. I wasn't sure about the Monkey video. It's hard to judge myself if it was funny or silly. I came up with the monkey muppet after i made a video about a mic muffler for a camera. So I bought monkey in a 2nd hand store for 1 dollar. I cut a piece of hair from the back of the teddy monkey and then i saw an opportunity to put my hand in it :)
CandyGrooves (2 months ago)
Showed us food in depth but no girls change your title you liar
Steff's Thailand Travel (2 months ago)
You didn't see any girls? Sorry you are blind, my friend :)
You Are Dead (10 months ago)
The Tom Kha Gai here was the best meal I've ever had. Great video and great recommendation for a mid-range priced sit-down place with a great view.
You Are Dead (10 months ago)
LOL I am glad for both of those things too.
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Glad you liked the video and glad I'm not dead yet :)
Baz theblue (1 year ago)
Soi seven is Geoff Carters favourite area,wonder what happens to him,he seems to have disappeared.I like seven myself ,it's not so crazy as six.
Baz theblue (1 year ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel I saw the video yes,hopefully he'll be back soon,I miss his work.
Hi Baz. Yes, I like 7 and 8 also more. I had a nice talk with Geoff in the pandora bar soi 7, a few days before he left Thailand. If he wants to talk about it, he will surely do that on his own channel.
Vorrelo (1 year ago)
ich hatte ein wassermelonshake da getrunken,der ging grade so.die bedienung war komisch.
danke fur deine information. I might try it on 2nd road.
Vorrelo (1 year ago)
Essen habe ich auch probiert.Das Omlet mit Kartoffeln und Schinken war gut.Dann hatte ich noch ein Zigeunerschnitzel,war zu wenig Sosse dabei.Als Testabschluss noch eine Tomjangkung,die war Mittelklasse. Wenn Sie mal richtig gut Essen wollen,gehen Sie ins Italienische Restraurant nähe Alkazar an der Second Road,Richtung WS linke Seite.Dort bekommen Sie Bestes Essen,sowohl Westliches und Thaifood.nehmen Sie ein gericht mit Kartoffelmus(Fisch) das ist das beste von Pattaya.Und ein Dängmuban der seines Gleichen sucht.
Sie mussen das essen probieren :) so far my German skills . lol
Gordypats Gordypats (1 year ago)
The only Pattaya blog which does not cover only girlie bars. Patts is ok but easily the least attractive tourist place in Thailand. Ha but most Tourists are here for sex.
Gordypats Gordypats (1 year ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel really ? lol. lts undisputedly the no.l sex tourists destination. Great fun but surely bottom on the league for families. ko chang lipe mak kood lanta a million etc etc have far better beaches. Pattaya is not for families. lts for sex tourists. That said its still worth seeing for a laugh for a couple of nights. Sanuk.
Most are Chinese tourists :)
Brandon son (1 year ago)
very great videos Steff, i Always enjoy Watching  your videos. i will  visit all this restaurants in july. best regards from Sweden :)
thanks you like the videos, trist
Shocker CK (1 year ago)
Great videos. You should have a Paypal in case members want to buy you a beer. Id contribute a few bucks. In fact Id buy 2 drinks- but you would have to go to a Ladyboy bar and buy the. :) one for you, one for the "lady. It would make a fun video.
Thanks C! haha, i hope i will have fun :)
Shocker CK (1 year ago)
SENT! Have fun.
just type in the bar: PayPal.Me/steffsthailandtravel and add any amount you want. 6 us is ok. or sent me an email if it not works. should work normally [email protected]
Shocker CK (1 year ago)
You can count on me! It says i need your email or mobile to send funds thru paypal. Whats your paypal addie? I couldnt get the above "Me/steffsthailandtravel/6" to work.
i'll keep my word if you keep yours :)
Swaggerlot (1 year ago)
I thought that the menu numbers were the prices at first!
Ann Elisabeth (1 year ago)
They still have a Xmas tree late March?
yes, of course. In 2 weeks it's songkran new year in Thaiand. They leave the tree until after new year, like we do :)
Ann Elisabeth (1 year ago)
Probably my cousin missed this one. He tries all Scandinavian ones... Oh, love Pig & Whistle in Jomtien!
Ah, ok Barry. I should visit Jomtien some more :)
Barry Smith UCBC (1 year ago)
Pig and Whistle has been in Jomtien for quite a few years Steff, on Thrappaya Rd just before it turns towards Beach Rd.
I didn't know there was a Pig & Wistle in Jomtien. Looks they are making chains as the retox bars and restaurants
craig vietor (1 year ago)
yes show us the girls
Conor O Keeffe (1 year ago)
Nice one Steff .. we are hearing back home that things are fairly quiet over there .. that true?? or is it the usual pre songkran slump .. the banks here are only offering 35 baht for the euro.. iv never seeing it so low ! not good news
Yeah it's low season now. Just before songkran and back after. I'm not in Thailand at the moment, But i know from other years. yep 36-37 is still not good. I liked it when i got 50 baht for a euro :) Or at least 45 is still very good.
micky bang-bang (1 year ago)
looks like ya got a different bird on the go there steff ...nice one
john tomas svendsen (1 year ago)
if you want to try good norwegian food i recomend joy enjoy resturant behind the lindas resturant. thappraya road. better food and much cheaper. allso good thai food.
Martin Hatter (1 year ago)
you eat with some scary people stell lol but the food was good there when are you back in thailand then ?
Haha Martin. glad you liked the video. I was surrounded all evening with scary people on Geoffs party also :)
Martin Hatter (1 year ago)
steff i mean not stell, need to look when i type ha ha
Aussie Mark (1 year ago)
G`day Steff, yep I liked the monkey too, your and funny guy.. will the Monkey also be doing reviews???
Hi, Thanks. Yes he did already :) But not uploaded yet.
Tan Joseph (1 year ago)
Hi Steff, who would have expected a great restaurant in the middle of soi 7!, I didn't although I've been to soi 7 a couple of times.Nice work Steff! So soi 7 is not all about beer bars and working girls. You can have great food there too.
I'm afraid its 99% all about beers ans girls :) But i don't complain on that either :)
Nigel Old & Grey (1 year ago)
great video, brought back memories, thanks for posting
It's about memories, i guess. That' why we keep going back. :)
Choi Lu (1 year ago)
your videos make me miss Thailand that much more, cant wait til next vacation if there a chance I ll have a beer with you somewhere in Pattaya
Changes are very high :)
GooseHunter (1 year ago)
Nice vlog Steff the food looked very good in this place. and it is a nice place for people watching and relaxing, i really like the monkey it was very cool, nice job on the voice Cheers Steff!!
Thanks, J. glad you liked it.
Pique Dard (1 year ago)
hi Steff, "Prizes are average  in this tourist area"..i live in scandinavia (i'm not a scandinavian, though:-) and naturally i've visited norway and oslo, the capital city, numerous times. tell you what, you've  got to have big  and deep pockets if you want to have a decent meal in a local  norwegian restaurant ...not to talk about drinks. norwegians would drive hundreds of kms from their country to  a swedish town called karlstad, (near the borders)  in order to buy alcohol and beer (yet compared with belgium, alcohol&beer is very, very expensive in sweden). norway is an oil producer country...no wonder, indeed! now i must agree with many comments, your vlogs are getting more and more pro! (thump up #54 :-)
Pique Dard (1 year ago)
yeah, i read that too! well, i don't know, if you visit oslo  near by the train station (drug...)or read why and how the mass murderer  anders  breivik killed so many innocent teens, i have my doubts (but as usual, it's just my own opinion:-)
Thanks for the compliment. yes, i know Norway is expensive on alcohol and food. But i heard recently on the news it is the most happy country in the world. They are the most satisfied people in their Jobs, lives.
Warren Gerdes (1 year ago)
The monkey did bring a smile to my face, but I have no opinion on whether it will work Steff. Only time will tell.
Cheers Warren. glad it make you smile. I have no idea at all also. But i always try and create new stuff. As long as i enjoy to make them.
Pyro Lon (1 year ago)
Great video here Steff! After having a long stressful day at work and coming back feeling like I am living on another planet here in divided America, You made my day again man! Thanks a lot for this, I appreciate the excitement in all your videos Steff it's amazing. lol
Wow... thanks for the compliment. Don't know what to say now :) Fuck your boss? haha
dogfather69ful (1 year ago)
Hey Steff, I love your laid back, relaxed approach. The content is great, the food look good, the music is happy & uplifting. Then "POW", you hit us with you & monkey which is awesome & over the top (NO ONE IS DOING THIS RIGHT NOW) I hope you bring you & monkey back , at the end, of most videos. PEACE MY BROTHER.
dogfather69ful (1 year ago)
Hey Steff, trust your instincts. For me at least, your new format is exiting & innovating. Your videos are becoming second to none. Dare to be yourself. PEACE MY BROTHER.
hey, Glad you liked the monkey. I was proposing this new format on a Thai vloggers hub Facebook page, but i got no respond. Not even from 1 colleague vlogger. I'm happy to get some positive responses here. Critical responses are also welcome as long as they keep it civilized :)
Brummie Brink (1 year ago)
will try the restaurant next time when i visti pattaya
I hope you do and mention my video to the staff :)
Phenomaly (1 year ago)
Phenomaly (1 year ago)
Hi Steffens can you tell me where to get measured up and buy a good suit in Thailand
Phenomaly (1 year ago)
Thanks steff
Oh. Sorry, i never bought a suit in Thailand. I did knew some good places but i guess they are outdated now and might have new bosses. About every shop has a connection with 1 single atelier in the town who make the shirts and trousers for many Indian shops. It's not a matter of quality, it's a matter of price. Don't give a high deposit. max 200 baht. My advice is to buy what you intentional wanted to buy. 1 suit or 1 vest. Don't let them convince you to buy 3 shirts or anything more. A shirt long leaves 1000 to 1500 baht max. A suit between 2500 max 4500 baht. I guess 3500 is normal price if you don't buy a silk suit.
Very good video clip 👍🏻 from a real pro The food looks very delicious,i was houngry after seeing this video vlog haha,but i guess that's the intention of this clip 😉
Ik zal op messenger de gsm nummer van mijn vrouw geven,die haren telefoon staat altijd op
Volgende keer stap ik echt af in Herentals station :)
Thx Steff.normaly my wife is a chef cook,they did own a very good restaurant in Antwerp.one of the best asian restaurants,its been on tv in Belgium before.lots of celebrities from the States and Belgium did come eat there.(such as Whitney Huston,and Joe Cocker) and most of the Belgium singers and movie stars.i saw many of them in the restaurant.But now the restaurant is closed for good.because my wife her brother did stop.but !! I still have that chef cook as my personal cook 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah but once in a wile its great to eat outsite,its a diferent taste 😉
You have a great Thai wife and i know she cooks very good every day. You wouldn't be hungry, Dan :)
Plumpy (1 year ago)
If you go up to sailor bar on soi 7, you can get a wiener schnitzel for 100 baht. It's very tasy if you eat it with the potato salad. Nice video also... :)
Plumpy (1 year ago)
lol... Yup. Cool, make the video and I will watch it. :-)
Yes, indeed. Sailor bar has very good prizes. I eat there also sometimes. I will make a video there in a couple of weeks. Auf weder schnitzel ! :)
Plumpy (1 year ago)
Or maybe it's soi 8.
olala that looks a nice resaurant,yup the food looks good and not expensive,,the sausage is norwagian but they always eat it in a wrap.they sale that on every corner of the street in norway. but all the food is on the menu norsk looks familiar to me,,, the only good food they have is the fish i find,,,,do i like the thai food more,,,,,its a good vlog again Steff,,👍up.
Thanks Paul. I thought it was a German sausage because it said Bradwurst on the menu :) For me it tasted like a Belgian cervela. But i can't explain that in English :)
MR CRABS (1 year ago)
I've walked past this place hundreds of times and never really paid any attention to it. I've been in the pig a whistle many times. I will give a go next time. I'm there in 9 days now. Thanks for the info.
MR CRABS (1 year ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel . I agree but I do like sitting in an air conditioned restaurant for breakfast sometimes. There are so many places to eat in pattaya I'm still discovering them. I'm staying in soi lengkee which has some good places to eat. Keep up the good info vlogs Steff 👍👍
Glad you discovered this place. You will not be disappointed. Honestly i never been in the Pig and whistle. Shame on me :) but i don't like to eat between 4 walls in a hot country like Thailand.
Kevin 1981 (1 year ago)
Damn that food looks so good.. so glad you showed us the menu but you've forgot to show us the bathroom..lol.. Cheers
Hey kevin. I can assure you the bathroom looked very clean and even luxury for a Thai restaurant. No kidding If they show you the open kitchen, you will know they take hygienic a priority. Thanks for watching :)
Paul Elliott (1 year ago)
I've ate there a few times - great for people watching before deciding where to head out.
Yep. That was one of my points also :) You don't have to walk far on a full stomach :)
Mike Chef (1 year ago)
Good blog, did you bar fine after you eat? by the way I like your resturant vlogs they look cheap and cheerful. with tasty food!
+Funk That This was your most serious and convincing comment you have ever given. Thanks for that. You might be human after all :) I guess Warren needs to be defended...He is still a nice guy but he likes ladyboys and is gay also ? ( You asked for this... Sorry :) For the record, i have nothing against gays. My best Thai friend is a gay. Great guy but i'm still straight. I'm glad you remembered Rein. Rein was a good acquaintance indeed, More then a year ago. We speak the same language, Dutch. But I distanced from him because he was obsessed with Sunny's lifestyle and videos. I asked him many times to stop with his attacks on Sunny. But he still kept going on and trolling with many anonymous YT accounts. When i asked him to not put on a Shout-out video on me and he still did, i broke any contact with him. He is just a fool. Funk, If you want to have a real meeting and a talk with me in Thailand, Sent me an email. I'm sure you are a Thailand visitor also. But remember, I still like girls :)
Mike Chef (1 year ago)
Funk That I have one question for you. Are you gay?
Funk That (1 year ago)
+ Steff - I'm not sure where you are getting that I only defend Rob from ? In the Thailand vlogging genre I have made defending comments previously on Warren Gerdes , Cowboy Ray, InternationalP etc. In other genres I do the same. You may notice I do more on Robs channel due to the increased amount of Trolls there. I rarely watch your channel, the same with Kev. This goes back to the days where you budded up with the biggest YouTube Troll of them all ..... Rein. Long time viewers will remember this ! I do not give the bullies a free ride when they comment nasty, jealous, hateful comments. If you want to call me a troll for doing this then fine, that is your opinion. If you feel awkward viewing my comments then again this is fine, that is your opinion. Inferring I am gay for defending a channel is a little childish imoa, but again this is your opinion for all to see. Good luck with your channel.
OK listen... Rob isn't a bad guy. I think you aren't a bad guy either and i am not a troll or hater also. I only use my Steffs Travel account to comment on other related Thai videos. I have other Youtube accounts also. But they have their own channel and people can contact me there via email. These are for my other hobbies and surely will not be used for other reasons. It wouldn't be trolling anonymous if you have over 1000 subs, i guess. I never talked bad about Rob. I'm just giving opinions. He asks for opnions in the videos anyway. Ok, maybe 1 time when he was driving irresponsible without a helmet and no drivers license. But I never raise my voice. I stay polite. (I hope) I have to call you a troll also, my friend. You stay anonymous without a face and a voice. You give your opinions. But you defend only 1 guy, That is Rob. I never saw you defend me our Kev our anyone else. That makes it very awkward, don't you think? If Robs girlfriend was defending him, nobody would take offence on that, but if an anonymous guy is defending Rob on almost every bad comment, wouldn't that be weird? And you have to admit... Some of the bad comments are beginning to make sense. Rob is on the highway to make more and more controversial video's. Even weird... I'm still the same guy as i was 10 years ago before i came to Thailand. But i'm not a fool also. I have my own opinions and i will come up for it. It might surprise you but i have a high sense of justness. I always take the side of the bullied. Not the bully. But if the softy gets cocky and intimidating, It's up to him from then on. Rob has to fight his own battle. He has chosen for it (lately). He wants and needs the money by making disputable videos. I don't have a problem with that, but he must take the criticism also then. Cheers, Steff.
Funk That (1 year ago)
+Steff - Awkward as in sticking up for a content creator against the Trolls ? ... I don't know what happened to you Steff ? You used to be a decent chap. I think too many visits to Pattaya may be turning you into something not very nice.
Patrick Van Reusel (1 year ago)
TC Magic!!!
Patrick Van Reusel (1 year ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel Een goede Belg kent zijn klassiekers 555
HAHA. inderdaad. Ik dacht dat niemand dit zou herkennen :) I included some music from Arno before in my videos. https://youtu.be/kWmgeHftIBw?t=19m26s

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