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Helmet Shell Testing of STEELBIRD sab se SAFE.

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Our Managing Director Mr. Rajeev Kapur is doing a Throw test of the Helmet Shell during his surprise visit to our Baddi Plant .... STEELBIRD sab se SAFE .....
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Amulya chandra Dash (7 months ago)
Steelbird is very oldest company of India. it's very popular with his good quality. I am using also. thanks to Steelbird.
Pushpender Kumar (7 months ago)
Strong and best quality
Prashant Vikal (1 year ago)
Ye aise cehck karte hai kya helmet steelbird waale ?
Loyed Santmajor (2 years ago)
is this how u check the quality of helmets? lol
Devesh Kumar (3 years ago)
Steelbird Known for Quality , Style and Comfort....
Ravi Kumar (3 years ago)
Steelbird Known for Quality , Style and Comfort.... matching Indian as well as foreign market demand in Helmets..
Satyendra Kumar (3 years ago)
unbreakable shell...........................
Shilpa Luthra (3 years ago)
Never compromise in quality , really a achiever steelbird helmets
Sanjay Mishra (3 years ago)
I love this helmet because it fits me PERFECTLY! I wear this in a small and it fits my head perfect. Slteelbirds is the king of helmet industry. 
Satendra Kumar (3 years ago)
never compromise with quality....
Chandan Sharma (3 years ago)
steelbird is the only helmet brand making best quality helmets
Satyendra Kumar (4 years ago)
steelbird helmets

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