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Enya - Flora's Secret

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A fairy tale is a secret parenthesis in which to loose and find yourself back again.. ... to fully live .. It doesn't matter if the one that tells or listens to it is 1 or a 100 years old; important is to believe in it.. Ageing starts when one stops believing.. stops being a child..
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Ron C (3 years ago)
Jelisaveta Djuric (6 years ago)
Simona D. (6 years ago)
:) cheers
hazmaar1634 (6 years ago)
WOW!!! What A Beautiful Video!! Thank You For Sharing Your Brilliant Talent. Enya; And her Beautiful "flora's Secret"!! Thank You. "Much Love To Our Little Angels Above" ... Gracias!!
Diomedea9 (6 years ago)
Deanna Radiant (7 years ago)
You made it? Wow.. You've got such a wonderful talent.. and I'm pretty sure you'll see your pretty little Angel Joe oneday.. and Yes.. she's now with loadz of Angels listening to the Flora's secret and I bet she wants to give you a big hug for making this awesome video... Thank you again! Keep smiling..!
Simona D. (7 years ago)
I've made this video thinking of my son Daniel and another little Angel, Joy.she's no more between us, she's in the golden garden rocked by an army of angels, listening to the Flora's secret
Deanna Radiant (7 years ago)
This's such a wonderful video! Thanks for sharing it!
valchiria1969 (7 years ago)
- Immagina un mondo che non hai mai visto, dove ogni giorno è un'avventura, un mondo in cui non dovrai mai crescere o invecchiare... (Peter Pan)
oltrelorizzonte (7 years ago)
Il massimo... una vita da fiaba.. Ed a volte succede anche quello !
Simona D. (7 years ago)
Una fiaba è una parentesi segreta da vivere...in cui perdersi e ritrovarsi....e non ha importanza che chi la racconta e chi la ascolta abbia uno o cento anni, l'importante è crederci... si inizia ad invecchiare perchè si smette di crederci...perchè si smette di essere bambini...

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